Norse Berserkers are examples of fighters who were naturally bloodlusted in real life


Bloodlust refers to a state where a character is fighting without any inhibitions, and cares about nothing other than defeating the enemy.

Bloodlusted characters fear nothing, and won't hesitate taking injures if it leads to a higher probability of winning a battle.

A bloodlusted character will not be victim to Character Induced Stupidity, and will be much more likely to speed blitz opponents (if doing so is within their powerset).

Some characters are naturally bloodlusted, and act this way in their own fictional continuity.

Some Examples

It should be noted that there are differences between natural bloodlust (the kind that exists within fictional continuities) and induced bloodlust (the kind used in a vs. thread). Induced bloodlust means the character is free from Plot Induced Stupidity, whereas naturally bloodlusted characters are still vulnerable to this, and are often hampered by it even more than level-headed characters. For example, they may simply attack recklessly, without planning or thinking, or using their powers creatively.

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