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The manipulation of the blood - the ability to allow one way or another affect the blood, modifying it, transforming, using an attack, protect or enhance the body and affect the body as a whole, rewriting the genetic code of blood cells.


  • Manipulation of blood as the liquid - a kind of manipulation of the water / liquid, allowing the blood to control as any other liquid material, changing its shape, partly even changing the structure (for example, increasing density), or even giving some unusual for normal blood properties (eg, creating Blood from the sharp blades). Also, due to the manipulation of someone else's blood, this ability allows you to kill the enemy at a distance, just tearing it their blood vessels.
  • The manipulation of the blood as a source of energy - can transform the blood into energy, replenishing their strength at the expense of other living beings. Usual vampire's ability.
  • The manipulation of the blood as an information object - allow both read information from the blood (learning everything about the victim), and change it by acting directly on the genetic code. Due to this, you can turn a person into something fundamentally different.
  • Blood Magic - due to increased energy and information capacity of the blood, it can also be effectively used for the creation of certain spells. In particular, even a drop of blood summon creatures enough to carry out the summoning. Also, if you have some enemy's blood, you can be remotely to impose a curse on him, or even to kill.