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Blood Lad is a manga seires created by Yuuki Kodama and serialized in Young Ace. The series follows Staz C. Blood, a vampire and territory leader, as he attempts to revive Yanagi Fuyumi after her untimely death in the demon world. Staz's character subverts normal shonen manga tropes by being a shonen manga otaku himself. Because of this many manga and anime references are made including that time Staz tried to preform the Kamehameha.

Power of the Verse

The main villian of the series possibly caps out around multi-city block level while most top tier characters are around building to large building level. While the series doesn't have a lot of hax, what hax it does have tends to be unique and interesting.


Mazo, Maryoku and Magic - The air of the demon world in Blood Lad is saturated with a miasma called Mazo, and this Mazo is absorbed by demons and monsters and converted into Maryoku, which is this universe's equivilant to Ki, Chi or other spiritual energy and also seems to function as a soul equivilant for demons. Maryoku is then used to manifest a demons specific ability or magic. Maryoku is also a quantifiable resourse and can be measured, drained and given, most notably in the case of Staz who has both given Fuyumi Maryoku to maintain her form and drained Maryoku from enemies in fights. In Blood Lad when a human dies, notably in the human world only, the human's soul travels to the demon world, converts into Mazo and then disperses into the air. When a demon dies, their Maryoku travels into the human world and becomes a soul to be reborn in a new human baby. Should a human die in the demon world though, their soul would be totally converted into Maryoku and they would become a ghost, a weak type of demon unique to humans.

Dispensations/Privilege Magic - Dispensations, or Privilage Magic, are unique abilities granted to or achieved by high caliber demons as a means to assert some manner of control over lower level demons. An example would be Beros' Privilage Magic: Underdog Choker which she uses to restrain demons she's currently arresting.


Akim 'splodes a mountain






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