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Lightning XXI Lightning XXI 6 hours ago

Rebellion (Devil May Cry)

Rebellion is Dante's trademark magic sword. It is a magical blade originally created alongside the Sparda and Yamato when the Dark Knight Sparda split his power into three pieces, and was named by him to embody "retaliation". To complement the Yamato, which can separate man from devil, the Rebellion can instead unite the two forces.

During the events of Devil May Cry 5, it was broken by Urizen, and later fused with Devil Sword Sparda in order to awaken Rebellion into its new form: The Devil Sword Dante

Tier: At least 6-C, likely High 4-C normally, 2-C at its strongest | 2-C

Name: Rebellion, Devil Sword Dante

Origin: Devil May Cry

Age: At least 2000 years

Classification: Sword

Wielders: Originally Sparda, Dante (Most of the series), Vergil (Temporarily, against…

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USklaverei USklaverei 9 hours ago

Class S and Dragons dodge Homeless Emperor's Energy Ball


First I will find the size of the ball:

  • Homeless = 1.75 m = 99 px
  • 1.75 / 99 = 0.01767676767 m/px
  • Ball = 677 px = 11.967 m

Now I will find the distance between the ball and Homeless:

  • Homeless = 1.75 m = 117 px
  • Ball = 11.967 m = 383 px
  • Screen = 1145 px

Homeless - Screen

  • D = 1.75 * 1145 /(117 * 2 * tan(35deg)) = 12.229 m

Ball - Screen

  • D = 11.967 * 1145 /(383 * 2 * tan(35deg)) = 25.546 m

Ball - Homeless

  • D = 25.546 - 12.229 = 13.317 m

Taking advantage, I will already find the distance that Fuhrer traveled to avoid this:

  • Furher distance = 275 px = 8.592 m

 With all this, we see that the ball crossed a certain distance before the Fuhrer deflected:

  • Homeless = 1.75 m = 128 px
  • Screen = 394 px

  • D = 1.75 * 394 /(128 * 2 * tan(35deg)) = 3.8465 m

However, as we see in th…

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Whycantinamemyself Whycantinamemyself 9 hours ago

My first(cool)calculation

aaaand didn't read there was also non nuclear explosions, same result but heres calc ig

I was bored and decided to calculate a important scaling explosion in the series AKIRA(the manga)

(sorry for bad quality, the bottom number is 57 if you cant see it well)

Finding Diameter

So for this section I got the diameter of the explosion in pixels(911 pixels), but now I have to convert it to a real-life measurement. I used a skyscraper in the bottom left of the panel for scaling, I found it was 57 pixels.

Average skyscraper height=247 meters=810.367 feet

810.367/57=14.2169649123 (now it should be easy)14.2169649123*911 =12951.6550351

now we have diameter


12951.6550351/2 =6475.82751754

taking this and putting into km we get 1.9738322273461 km, using U…

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KingTempest16 KingTempest16 12 hours ago

Bellamy's Spring Hopper

  • 1 Explanation of the feat
  • 2 Distance of Building to Building
    • 2.1 Distance Between the Buildings
    • 2.2 Left Window From Screen
    • 2.3 Right Window From Screen
    • 2.4 Left Side of Street vs Right Side of Street
    • 2.5 How Many Times Did He Move?
  • 3 Timeframe
  • 4 Bellamy's Speed
  • 5 Results

Bellamy badly blitzed a bunch of pirates to the point where they said he disappeared.

Bellamy goes from right to left or vice versa a bunch of times. I'm gonna calc the distance for it then multiply it by the amount of times he moved.

The doors the characters walked through are comparable in size to the red window/door things on the buildings

Bellamy could walk through one, so i'm assuming it's his height.

Bellamy is 2.40 meters tall

Red window is around that

2atan(tan(70deg/2)*[object size in pix…

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TheRustyOne TheRustyOne 16 hours ago

MHA: Gran Torino vs Nomu

In My Hero Academia, Gran Torino defeats a Nomu and destroys the road underneath it.

I'll be calculating the strength of his attack.

Endeavor Height = 195 cm (205 px)

Road Diameter = 483.219512195 cm (508 px)

Road Radius = 241.609756098 cm

Road Depth = 46.6097560976 cm (49 px)

Volume = 8547825.28 cm^3

Now I'll use both concrete and reinforced concrete, since roads can be made of both materials.

Concrete is 6 J/cm^3

Energy = 8547825.28 x 6 = 51286951.7 Joules, 51286.95 Kilojoules, or 0.01 Tons of TNT (Small Building level)

Reinforce Concrete is 10 J/cm^3

Energy = 8547825.28 x 10 = 85478252.8 Joules, 85478.25 Kilojoules, or 0.02 Tons of TNT (Small Building level)

Let's commit a crime by calc stacking. Assuming Gran Torino is around the same weight as an av…

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Dark-Carioca Dark-Carioca 16 hours ago

Magmion effortlessly dodges lightning

This is an attack from the Lord of Air who can create thunderstorms as it's her element and she's one with that part of nature, so you can't get a more natural lightning attack than this (it's being boosted by a strong gust of wind but I'll just use the average lightning speed for this).

Magmion is roughly as tall (in that pose) as the Lord of the Sea, whose height I calculated here: 273.35 cm

While he has been transformed as you can tell, his height hasn't really changed.

Because the lightning is off-screen, I calculated its speed frame by frame, and it moves roughly 172 px every frame, meaning it's likely 172 px away out of the frame, and that's precisely how I measured the distance between the off-screen lightning and Magmion.

Formula: (Di…

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Jackof noTrades068 Jackof noTrades068 18 hours ago

Kaiju No.8: Mina shoots No.10

In Kaiju No.8 Mina blew a gigantic hole through giant kaiju number 10 so I will calc it.

Building story - 4.3m | 80px

Hole diameter - 395px | 21.23m

Hole thickness - 220px | 11.83m

Cylinder volume = 4187m^3 / 4187000000cm^3

Mina's bullets are already accepted as vaporization, plus there's tons of steam residue from the shots even in this scene

Energy = 4638.75j/cc (Flesh vaporization) x 4187000000

= 1.942244625e13 Joules or 4.6 Kilotons (Small Town level+)

Just a random supporting feat

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Braking Braking 18 hours ago

Zamasu (SDBH)

Fusion Zamasu (合体 ザマス, Gattai Zamasu) is a fusion born of the union between Goku Black (Present Zamasu in Goku's body) and Future Zamasu through the Potara earrings. After being erased by Zen'ō he made a deal with Hearts to defeat the Omniking and continue his "Zero mortal Plan".

Tier: 2-A

Name: Fusion Zamasu

Origin: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission

Gender: Male

Age: Unkown

Classification: Shinjin/Sayian Hybrid , Potara Fusion of Goku Black and Future Zamasu

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master at Martial arts, Acrobatics, Flight, Spaceflight, Accelerated Development (Training; Physical Stats, Abilities), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 and 2), Ki Manipulation (Can be used defensively and offensively, to strengthen his skin …

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Monkey Dunno Monkey Dunno 19 hours ago

Miraculous' Calc: Purple Tigress' Collision

You know what, I'm doing this.

Purple Tigress uses her collision against Captain Hardrock, launching her and Guitar Villain through clouds

  • Green Line = Hole = 789 px
  • Black Line = Screen Height = 1152 px

Nimbostratus can be found up to 3000 meters in altitude

* 2atan(tan(70/2 deg)*([object size in pixels]/[screen height in pixels]))
  • 2atan(tan(70/2 deg)*(789/1152)) = 0.894339614 rad or 57.2958 degrees
  • Size = 3.2778e+3 meters

Nimbostratus are between 2000 meters and 4000 meters thick, going by 3000 meters.

  • V = 25314889608.384 meters^3

Density of air is 1.003 kg/m^3

  • M = V * M
  • M = 25314889608.384 * 1.003
  • M = 25390834277.2 kg

Going frame by frame, it took 15 frames for the cloud to open, so:

  • 15/25 = 0.6 seconds
  • 1638.9/0.6 = 2731.5 m/s
  • 1/12*25390834277.2*2731.5^2
  • KE = 1.578…

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Yar R ağı 7k Yar R ağı 7k 21 hours ago

El Primo's Meteor Recalc

Orange Line = 47 px = 1 m

Meteor Height = 269 px = 5.72340425531914893617 m = 2.86170212765957446808 m Vertical Radius (Major Axis)

Meteor Width = 241 px = 5.12765957446808510638 m = 2.56382978723404255319 m Horizontal Radius (Minor Axis)

Volume of Ellipse is 78.8 m^3.

Rock density = 2750 kg/m^3

Mass = 78.8*2750 = 216700 kg

I will use low end (4000 m/s) and high end (11000 m/s).

Ke (Low end): 1733600000000 J, or Multi-City Block Level

Ke (High end): 13110350000000 J, or Small Town Level

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MarvelFanatic119 MarvelFanatic119 21 hours ago


  • 1 Demon Physiology (Shin Megami Tensei)
    • 1.1 Contents
    • 1.2 Summary
    • 1.3 Low Tier (Below Tier 2)
    • 1.4 High Tier (Tier 2 and above)
    • 1.5 Resistances

Updated version of this page here.

  • Summary
  • Low Tier (Below Tier 2)
  • High Tier (Tier 2 and above)
  • Resistances

Demon Physiology is an approximation of the natural powers demons have due to their unique existence. All demons have a certain amount of power due to their form and connection to The Axiom. In the Megami Tensei franchise, a demon is used in the classical context, "demon" refers to any supernatural entity that can bring harm to human beings or interfere with their lives in one way or another. This includes more conventional malevolent demons, folktale creatures, deities, and Judeo-Christian angels. Despite the …

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CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 1 day ago

Wile tanks an explosion that destroys a large section of rock

Wile tanks a large explosion that destroys a section of rock 4:11

Wile 356 px = 116.48 cm

First axis 515 px = 168.503370787 cm

Second axis 722 px = 236.231910112 cm

Thickness 209 px = 68.3829213483 cm

Dividing the two axis’ by two so 84.2516853935 and 118.115955056 cm

Putting that into this calculator I got 2,137,886.7028433 cc

Pulv for sandstone is 144.7 j/cc

144.7 * 2,137,886.7028433  = 309,352,205.901 or .07 tons of tnt Small Building Level the highest 9-A feat in the chuck jones era

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Kulf Boba Kulf Boba 1 day ago

Common FTL Feats

This blog comes with my proposals for two new speed levels to be called Hyper FTL and Hyper FTL+.

I use the term Hyper for these levels because this term denotes superiority or excess.

1c - 10c
10c - 100c
100c - 1000c
1000c - 1,000,000,000,000c
1,000,000,000,000c - 10,000,000,000,000,000c

  • 1 View a Laser in Slow Motion
  • 2 Traverse the distance between the Moon and the Earth
  • 3 Traveling an Astronomical Unit
  • 4 Travel 1 Light Year
  • 5 Traveling an interstellar distance
  • 6 Traverse half of the Milky Way galaxy
  • 7 Traversing the Milky Way
  • 8 Traveling an Intergalactic distance
  • 9 Traverse the Local Group of Galaxies
  • 10 Traversing the …

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Yar R ağı 7k Yar R ağı 7k 1 day ago

Queen Velverosa one-shots Axel

  • 1 Explanation
  • 2 Calculation
    • 2.1 Step 1
      • 2.1.1 Speed
      • 2.1.2 KE
    • 2.2 Step 2

I'm doing these calculations at the request of Shizuka (to the Calculations Requests Thread)

Window = 44 px = 3ft = 0,9144 m

Yellow Line = 798 px = 16.5838909090909090909 m

I will calculate the free fall time of the most prominent stone there to determine the duration. As you can see on the panel, the stones haven't fallen to the ground yet.

Height = 79 px = 1.64176363636363636363 m

With this calculator, the time is 0.58 second.

16.5838909090909090909 / 0.58 = 28.5929153605 m/s

I will use average Europe person mass. (156.1 lbs, or 70.81 Kg)

KE = 0.5 * m * v²

KE = 0.5*70.81*28.5929153605^2 = 28945.528006014 J, or Wall Level... (let's skip this part, count step 2 right 🙄)

Window = 44 px = 3ft = …

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MajineRe566 MajineRe566 1 day ago

Red Demon Destroys The Top of The Sacred Tree

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Measurements
    • 2.1 Destruction values of wood
    • 2.2 Destruction values of Steel
    • 2.3 Conclusion

In this Panel, We see The Tree's height is significantly above that of the low level clouds.

According to this scan Low Level Clouds has an Altitude of 2km

Altitude Of Low Level Clouds: 2km

Diameter of the Top Part of the Tree: 30.99km or Approximately 31km

Height Of the Selected Part( The other Line): 11.04km

Radius of Tree: 15.5km

Volume using a Cone: 2.78e+12m3

Converting That To Cm3 the new Volume is: 2.78e+18cm3

Since its safe to assume the wood being destroyed is a White Oak, I'll be using the Pulverization Value if it which is 51.297j/cc

(Since there is no vaporization value)

Here,Here For The Destruction of The Top Part



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CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 1 day ago

Wile Coyote Tanks an explosion that created a 111 star constellation, Travels to the moon in a short period of time, and Jumps up to the top of a cliff side

So each star is 1.517x10^41  according to this calc for war hammer by Assaltwaffle I found on a barney calc by bobsican

There’s 111 stars in this constellation

Now (1.517x10^41)(111) = 1.68387e+43 Joules or 0.168387 foe Large Star neato but probably an outlier

The distance to the earth to the moon is 238,855 miles or 384,399,861 meters

This took him 7.78 seconds

So 384,399,861/7.78 = 49,408,722.4936 m/s Relativistic very neato and probably not an outlier seeing that wile before has traveled fast enough to set the ground on fire using Leg Muscle Leg Vitamins

First i’m gonna have to find wile’s weight

Using this ideal weight chart and assuming he’s probably 20 on a wiki page he’s stated to be 70 but this is how long he’s been around in the real world a…

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Aguywhodoesthings Aguywhodoesthings 1 day ago

TF2: Heavy lifts a bear

Heavy: 478 pixels

Heavy is 195.5cm tall

195.5cm : 478 = 0.4089cm

Heavy's head: 63 pixels

63 x 0.4089cm = 25.76cm

Heavy's head: 108 pixels

25.76cm : 108 = 0.2385cm

Height bear was lifted: 651 pixels

651 x 0.2385cm = 155.26cm or 1.5526m

So for the weight i'll use two ends, 1000kg since that's the weight required to reach Class 5, and Heavy has a Class 5 rating for lifting this bear for the next i'll use 600kg since that's apperently the highest weight for a brown bear according to a quick google search

(High-End) GPE = 1000 x 9.81 x 1.5526 = 15231.006 joules (Wall level)

(Low-End) GPE = 600 x 9.81 x 1.5526 = 9138.6036 joules (Street level+)

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MajineRe566 MajineRe566 1 day ago

Lanky Albions

  • 1 Intro
    • 1.1 Measurements
      • 1.1.1 Inverse Square Method
      • 1.1.2 Kinetic Energy

I Have seen Calculations about Large Beings from Different verses like the Ancient Demon From Black Clover and Big Gajeel from fairy tail so I thought I would give it a shot with Albions in Seven Deadly sins in Particular the Lanky one

We have a statement of a shorter albion being as big as a Mountain. In Britain, an Average Mountain has a Height of 610m

We Also have this panel showing the difference in height between the two albions( The Lanky one is only has the top part of its body shown)

Height Of Smaller Albion: 610m

Top Part of The Tall Albion: 309.34m

The Rest of The Body: 1955.21m

Average Height Of A Human: 1.684 Meters

Human Striking Strength = 70 Joules

(70 )*(1955.21/1.68…

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Dark-Carioca Dark-Carioca 1 day ago

The power of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform

The QEP is a giant alien gun from the game Subnautica, it deters any ships from entering the planet's atmosphere and leaving in case they spread the kharaa bacterium that is all over the planet. It does so by shooting them down from orbit, and given that the ships are over a kilometer long, that's a pretty strong gun.

First, let's find the size of the gun. While the concept artist says it's as big as a small mountain and the piece shows a Cyclops which is 54 m long, the first statement is a big too vague and the model in-game looks bigger than it does in the image (it could be accurate, but I'm not sure). Either way it's best not to use concept art for this.

  • 1 Size
  • 2 Speed
  • 3 Yield
  • 4 Final Tally

I'll calculate the size of the gun based on this image …

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Zackra1799 Zackra1799 1 day ago

Alta Face's casual KE

In chapter 85 and 86 of 100 Years Quest, Alta Face sends hands through the ground all throughout Elentir. I will calculate the KE needed to do so.

First we have to answer how many hands did he create at once. However they aren't all the same size so we will break them down into groups based on the panels shown

Number of Hands:

Group 1: 1

Group 2: 12

Group 3: 4

Group 4: 3

Group 5: 4

Group 6: 6

Group 7: 12

Group 8: 3

Group 9: 2

Now that we have all the hands counted, lets find their diameter

Group 1:

1 Story: 4.3m or 4.47px

Meters per Pixel: 0.96197m/px

Hand Diameter: 192px or 184.69824m

Group 2:

Mountain height: 6px or 609.6m

Meters per Pixel: 101.5m/px

Hand Diameter: 39px or 3958.5m

Group 3:

1 Story: 4.3m or 5px

Meters per Pixel: 0.86m/px

Hands Diameter: 128px or…

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Aguywhodoesthings Aguywhodoesthings 1 day ago

Tankmen: Thugmen truck causes an explosion

Captains head: 133 pixels

Captains head is 22.34cm

22.34cm : 133 = 0.1679cm

Tank thread: 308 pixels

308 x 0.1679cm = 51.71cm

Tank thread: 493 pixels

51.71cm : 493 = 0.104888cm

Explosion diameter: 930 pixels

Radius = 930 : 2 = 465 pixels

465 x 0.104888cm = 48.772cm or 0.48772m

Explosion yield = 0.48772^3 x ((27136 x 1.37895 + 8649)^(1/2) : 13568 - 93 : 13568)^2 = 9.32389e-6 Tons of TNT or 39011.16199 joules

the explosion is non-nuclear so i'll devide the result by two

39011.16199 : 2 = 19505.580995 joules (Wall level) although barely

obviously scales to the Thugmens truck, and maybe the tank since it should be comparable

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Amelia Lonelyheart Amelia Lonelyheart 1 day ago

DC: Green Lantern Legacy feats

  • 1 Feat 1 - Meter stuff
  • 2 Feat 2 - Moon flight
  • 3 Feat 3 - Kim lifts a boat

Feat here. So this is kind of a stretch but the whole point of GL's powers is whatever he can imagine, he can do. Since him making and throwing a meteor isn't too outrageous, I think he can scale to his imagination.

Tai is 809 px, the meteor is 968 px. Tai has no official height, but he's 13, so I'll use 1.56m.

968 / 809 = 1.196

1.5 * 1.196 = 1.794m (/ 2 =0.897m)

Volume of sphere yields 3.02 m^3. I'll se 3,500 kg/m^3 as density for meteors.

3.02 * 3,500 = 10,570 kg.

The meteor is 30px and the panel height is 900px.

2atan(tan(70deg/2)*[30/900]) = 0.04667 Radians = 0.04667×180°/π = 2.6739940299° Degrees. Distance is 38.562m after angsizing.

Low end is assuming this happened in 1s real time, high e…

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Saksham Gopal Saksham Gopal 1 day ago

Solar Opposites Feats

Korvo builds a drilling machine and travels to the heart of the Earth in search of vital metal for his spaceship's repairs. However, in doing so, he unintentionally shocks the planet, resulting in not only a massive tsunami, but also the destruction of major historical structures such as the Big Ben and the Great Wall of China.


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Yar R ağı 7k Yar R ağı 7k 1 day ago

Sousei no Onmyouji Speed Calculations for Manga

  • 1 Explanation
  • 2 Feats
  • 3 Calculation (Feat 1)
    • 3.1 Moviment
    • 3.2 Timeframe and Speed
  • 4 Calculation (Feat 2)
  • 5 Conclusion

I'm doing these calculations at the request of Nelliels (to the Calculations Requests Thread)

  • Yuto speedblitz to Juzo.
  • Y*?!to speedblitz to Rokuro and Benio.

I use the Pythagoras theorem because the people behind it are a bit far from the person in the front, so I don't think that only the angle from the formula will give a completely correct result, another reason is that the distance of those people is much more obvious in the next panel.

Yuto = 444 px = 5'4 = 1.6256 m

Juzo = 136 px = 6'1 = 1.8542 m

Panel = 579 px

2atan(tan(70deg/2)*[444/579]) = 0.985532579 rad = 1.5137 m

2atan(tan(70deg/2)*[136/579]) = 0.326021564 rad = 5.6369 m

4.1232 m clo…

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GreatIskandar14045 GreatIskandar14045 1 day ago

Dai-Gunzan bullets

Viral shows Kamina the power of their capital, Dai-Gunzan.

The length of Dai-Gunzan/Dai-Gurren Gunmen is 285.1555 meters from here. Scene.

  • Dai-Gurren = 615.3763
  • Dai-Gurren = 285.1555 meters
  • Deck Gun = 341.2294
  • Deck Gun = 158.1202 meters

  • Deck Gun = 158.1202 meters
  • Deck Gun = 7.6158 pixel
  • Height = 768 pixel
  • Distance = 158.1202*768/[7.6158*2*tan(70deg/2)]
  • Distance = 11,386.1334 meters
  • Timeframe = 00:02:31:10 to 00:02:34:05, 67 frames (it is 24 fps)
  • Timeframe = 67/24 = 2.7917 seconds
  • Speed = 11,386.1334/2.7917 = 4078.5662 m/s, Mach 11.8909

Bullets from Dai-Gunzan deck gun = 4078.5662 m/s, Mach 11.8909 or Hypersonic+

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Lormac CC Lormac CC 1 day ago

Magi Possibly Higher

This is current Magi Verse, It is an infinite Hierarchy with Infinite dimensions and gods, the difference between Layers is R/F. In these Infinite dimensions every god is bounded by destiny set by a higher god. Destiny has an absolute Flow, Rukh is also Fate. Destiny is the force governs the action of everyone. Then there are Singularities, this are chosen existence that can see the flow of Destiny and choose to deviate from it. According to Sinbad, neither good or evil exist since every god is bounded to a destiny set by a higher god. This is the current Magi Hierarchy. Destiny and gods are key factors in the Hierarchy as for where every there is Destiny, there is a god controlling it.

Now David made a Statement that caught my attention.…

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Emirp sumitpo Emirp sumitpo 2 days ago

One Punch Man - Homeless Emperor's Energy Ball Speed

I'm bored. Let's do this. Pretty simple calc. Requested by Tetsucabrah. Basically, Homeless Emperor yeets a large ball of energy in a straight line at a bunch of people. Multiple people dodge it.

For distance, I'll just borrow the accepted distance of the crater from OurosBoros' calculation because I'm a hack and it makes my life easier, and also I don't see anything wrong with this. So we have the crater's distance at 36596m.

For our timeframe, I'm gonna assume anything around 5 seconds or below. Why you ask? Well, the ball is shown to move at so fast that many heroes started dodging it in a hurry. So it wouldn't make sense for the timeframe to take something like 10 seconds or higher, which at that point they'd likely have seen it coming. …

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Zamasu Chan Zamasu Chan 2 days ago

Ben 10 lifting strength recalcs


Four Arms height: 132 px or 3.6576 meters

Pillar's height: 796.46 px or 22.0691825455 meters

Pillar's radius: 104.45 px or 2.89421454546/2 = 1.44710727273 meters

Volume of a cylinder: 145.19028975868^3 meters.

Mass of concrete: 2,400 kg per cubic meter

2,400 x 145.19028975868 = 348,456.695421 kg (Class K)


Vilgax height: 249.58 px or 3.861816 meters

Base edge of prism - 227.74 px or 4.2321596438 meters

Height of prism: 358.58 px or 5.54840123921 meters

Volumeof octagonal prism: 479.8413^3 meters

Mass of steel: 7,900 kg per cubic meter

479.8413 x 7,900 = 3,790,746.27 kg (Class M)

Mass of pillar

Scales to RoidGax.

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Kulf Boba Kulf Boba 2 days ago

Masters of the Universe - He-Man Moves a Moon

  • 1 Angsizing
    • 1.1 Angsizing 1
    • 1.2 Angsizing 2
    • 1.3 Distance
  • 2 Time Period
  • 3 Speed
  • 4 Kinetic Energy
  • 5 Force

  • Moon: 1182px | 3475000 meters
  • Panel Height: 1080px
  • Distance to Panel: 3475000 * 1080/(1182 * 2 * tan(70deg/2)) = 2267275.57923 meters

  • Moon: 175px | 3475000 meters
  • Panel Height: 1080px
  • Distance to Panel: 3475000 * 1080/(165 * 2 * tan(70deg/2)) = 16241937.7858 meters

Distance traveled: 16241937.7858-2267275.57923 = 13974662.20657 meters

Set here to 25 FPS.

From frame 27280 to 27325.

Time Period: (27325-27280)/25 = 1.8 seconds

  • S= Distance/Time
  • S = 13974662.20657/1.8
  • S = 7763701.2258722222222222 m/s

  • KE = 0.5 * (mass in kg) * (velocity in m/s^2)
  • KE = 0.5 * (7.349E22) * (7763701.2258722222222222^2)
  • KE = 2.214807E36 Joules

I will divide it by two to find out how much power it c…

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CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 2 days ago

Beavis and butthead tank an explosion at stewarts house

So beavis and butthead blow up in the banned episode stewart's house after snorting oven gasses

Beavis is 5’4

Beavis 285 px = 162.56 cm

First axis 591 px = 337.09 cm

Second axis 461 px = 262.94 cm

Wall thickness 21 px = 11.97 cm

Divide the first and second axis by two which gives us 168.545 and 131.47 cm’

Putting that into a elliptic cylinder calculator which gives us 833,246.84057364 cc

Violent fragmentation for wood is 13.7895 j/cc

So 13.7895 *  833,246.84057364 = 11,490,057.3081 Joules or 0.002746189605186424 tons of tnt Wall Level + Neato

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Dragonstitch Dragonstitch 2 days ago

Nipponverse: big bang recalc

Before I used the size of the observable universe but on further research this should be at least 2 times the size of the observable universe as the carnage dimension is described as being on the other side of the world/timeline, and in disgaea 5 has a copy of the disgaea 5 netherworld which netherworld being treated as there own universes, and their own pockets of space/time. This should make the physical part of the universe at least 2 times the size of the observable universe, as it is shown in most disgaea games that each game has its own carnage dimension.

and big bang is stated to "travel though space and time to rock the universe again"

I will use 2 ends. The 2.5 seconds it takes for the black hole’s suction to consume the physical pa…

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Zamasu Chan Zamasu Chan 2 days ago

Humungousaur throws Mav's house at Aggregor


Humungousaur height: 99 px or 3.6576 meters

Rectangular portion of house

Height: 251 px or 9.2733090909 meters

Length: 479 px or 17.6968727273 meters

Width: 311 px or 11.4900363636 meters

Volume of a rectangle: 1885.6134454106^3 meters

Triangular portion of house

Height: 214 px (465 px - 251 px) or 7.90632727274 meters

Length: 479 px or 17.6968727273 meters

Base: 311 px or 11.4900363636 meters

Volume of a triangular prism: 803.8^3 meters

Total volume: 1,885.6134454106 + 803.8 = 2,689.41344541^3 meters

268.941344541^3 meters

Since 4 houses were broken

Total volume of all 4 houses: 268.941344541 x 4 = 1,075.76537816^3 meters or 1,075,765,378.16^3 cm

Using fragmentation of wood: 7.3774 x 1,075,765,378.16 = 7936351500.84 1.8968335327055663 tons (8-C+)


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MajineRe566 MajineRe566 2 days ago

Destroying Britannia

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Calculations
    • 2.1 Destruction Values
    • 2.2 Ground explosions
  • 3 Conclusion

So there has been a couple of statements of the destruction of Britannia first being implied when Indura Monspeet and Derieri first arrived and latter the combo move that was used to kill Demon King Britannia.

Since Britannia is based of modern UK, I'll be using the land area of UK

Land Area of UK: 242,495 km² or 2.42495e+11m^2

Volume= Land Area x Elevation

Average Elevation of UK : 1,345 m

Volume: 2.42495e+11x1345=

3.2615578e+14m3 or 3.2615578e+20cm3

Fragmentation: 3.2615578e+20x8=2.6092462e+21 (High 6-C)

Violent Fragmentation:3.2615578e+20x69=2.2504749e+22(6-B)

Pulverization:3.2615578e+20x214.35 =(6-B)

Vaporization: 3.2615578e+20x25700 =(6-A)

I have seen calculations of a similar …

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TheGatememer TheGatememer 2 days ago

Mirage Abilities

  • Incorporeality, and Invulnerability: Mirages do not have a physical form, due to existing beyond the physical world. This renders conventional weaponry against them completely useless.
  • Inorganic Physiology: Mirages are created from Performa, which is the power of a human soul to express itself.
  • Invisibility: Mirages are naturally invisible to outsiders, and with the exception of other Mirages, can generally only be seen by mirage masters.
  • Extrasensory Perception: Mirages are capable of sensing Performa within beings.
  • Non-Physical Interaction: Due to existing on the same plane, Mirages are naturally capable of interacting with each other.
  • Absorption, Statistics Amplification, Empathic Manipulation, and Death Manipulation: Mirages can absorb Performa…
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Dark-Carioca Dark-Carioca 2 days ago

Subnautica Revision

I'm gonna revise the KE of various Leviathans from Subnautica, correcting some of the mistakes made here.

I'm also gonna add some Below Zero creatures since they need profiles as well.

  • 1 Glow Whale
  • 2 Chelicerate
  • 3 Reaper Leviathan
  • 4 Shadow Leviathan
  • 5 Ice Worm
    • 5.1 Redo
  • 6 Ghost Leviathan
    • 6.1 Redo
  • 7 Ventgarden
  • 8 Sea Dragon Leviathan
  • 9 Sea Emperor Leviathan
  • 10 Reefbacks
  • 11 Ancient Skeleton
  • 12 Frozen Leviathan
  • 13 Gargantuan Fossil (Gargantuan Leviathan is a fan name)
  • 14 Bonus: The Floaters
    • 14.1 Juvenile
    • 14.2 Adult
  • 15 Bonus 2: Stalkers' Lifting Strength & Ryley isn't a 100-tonner
  • 16 Final Tally

No calc is gonna be necessary for the Glow Whale. At 30 m long, it's about as long as the longer blue whales. However, when put side by side, we see that the Leviathan is much girthier in comparis…

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Dark-Carioca Dark-Carioca 2 days ago

RoK Kong smashes some ruins

In Reign of Kong, the titular ape smashes some ruins. Differing from his 2005 counterpart, on all fours this Kong stands three storeys or 42 feet/12.8 m tall, with a head as big as an automobile (most modern cars average 4 to 5 m in length, and RoK takes place in a more modern setting). The footage is a little blurry so I did the best I could.

Kong's height atop the remains: 128 px - 12.8 m

Length of the top column: 256 px - 25.6 m

Height of top column: 22 px - 2.2 m

Thickness of top and bottom column, as well as the five pillars supporting both (there are six but one isn't destroyed by Kong): 23 px - 2.30000001 m

Height of the five pillars: 62 px - 6.2 m

Length of the pillars: 33 px - 3.3

Length of the bottom column: 188 px - 18.8 m


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Dark-Carioca Dark-Carioca 2 days ago

Kong tanks a volcanic eruption

Aside from Kong being inside a volcano when it erupts, this feat is a bit complicated.

Using this image and these statistics for the average height of a 1930s man, I can find Kong's height. He's somewhat consistently portrayed with this size, absolutely enormous compared to most incarnations. And he doesn't die from falling off the Empire State Building, too.

We see the volcano spewing out lava here, and we can find the proportions of all that lava.

We can only find the speed of the lava from the initial eruption inside (coming off an inner "mini-volcano" or something), but it should work.

It runs at 30 fps and the lava crosses that height in 5 frames.

5/30 = 0.166666667 seconds

1330.7859 cm per 0.166666667 seconds = 79.8471538 m/s

Density of lav…

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Baubawang11 Baubawang11 3 days ago

Toneri Small planet level

Verse: Naruto

Toneri moving the moon

because actually toneri is also able to move the moon with a normal moon mass, "the power to move the moon". because the power of toneri is the same as the power of hamura (Tenseigan). Then toneri is equivalent to Hamura which is able to move the moon which is not a hollow.

Toneri Moves the Moon

In the previous calc, it was stated that the there was a 60-minute timeframe before the Raikage would fire his Moon-busting weapon. So, let's go with that. At 1:31:03.666, Gaara asks Raikage to wait for one hour before firing his Moon buster.

Also, all of this event happened way before the Raikage decided to fire his Moon busting cannon, so the timeframe is probably less than that. So, let's find out how much time ha…

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MajineRe566 MajineRe566 3 days ago

Domain Of God

  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 Calculation
    • 1.2 Extra(Experimenting)
    • 1.3 Conclusion

I'm relatively new to vsbattle and i have seen this particular feat calced and recalced again so I'll try to add my own calculation to the mix. For most of the accepted calc currently being used, it only accounts for the water so I'll try to find the GPE of the Entire Dimension ( Ocean+ Thunderstorm)

In this Calculation, The mass found for the body of water is 1.928e+15 kg.

The Dimension is also shown to contain a thunderstorm (here) so I'll be finding the mass of the storm

Standard viewing point: 20km

Cloud Thickness: 8000m(cumulonimbus)

Volume: pi*(viewing distance)^2*(cloud thickness)


Density of Clouds:1.003kg/m3


Total Mass:1.007…

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Monkey Dunno Monkey Dunno 3 days ago

Ghostforce Sandbox

Liv Baker is a New York resident and a student at NYC School. With her Ectocap, when inhabited by Octocat, Liv gains the powers of speed and transforms into the superhero Myst.

Tier: High 7-C

Name: Liv Baker (Civilian), Myst (Superhero Identity)

Origin: Ghostforce

Gender: Female

Age: 14-18 years (Attends to High School)

Classification: Human, Superhero, Ghost-Hunter

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, True Flight, Skilled Arrow Wielder, Electricity Manipulation (Able to fire lightning infused arrows), Selective Intangibility, Non-Physical Interaction, Portal Creation, BFR, Can redirect attacks with her portals, Resistance to Extreme Temperatures

Attack Potency: Large Town level (Comparable to Krust). Higher with Octocat

Speed: Relativistic…

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Kulf Boba Kulf Boba 3 days ago

Hancock - Hancock draws a heart on the Moon

  • 1 Pixel Scaling
  • 2 Volume
  • 3 Energy
  • 4 Attack Potency

  • Moon: 234px | 33475000 meters
  • Diameter: 98px | 14019444.44444444433 meters
  • Depth: 2px | 286111.1111111095375 meters

Cylinder Volume: 44165811366735507420425862 cm3

I will assume pulverization since no traces are seen anywhere.

  • Energy: Rock Pulverization (214 j/cc)
  • E = 44165811366735507420425862 * 214
  • E = 9.4514836e+27 Joules | 2.25 Exatons (Multi-Continent level)

Since the feat occurs over a period of time long enough for people not to notice it, I will create three ranges.

  • Low Range (1 h): 9.4514836e+27/3600 = 2.6254121e+24 Joules | 627 Teratons (Large Country level+)
  • Mid Range (30 min): 9.4514836e+27/1800 = 5.2508242e+24 Joules | 1.25 Petatons (Continent level)
  • High Range (10 min): 9.4514836e+27/600 = 1.575247…

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Nullflowerblush Nullflowerblush 3 days ago

Akira (1982) Calculations


Now, we use a soldier as a reference. Ryu, Colonel Shikishima, and the armed soldiers all appear to stand at the same height, with Shikishima being 2.03 m tall.

  • Soldier: 74.42 px | 2.03 m

(286/72.42)*2.03 = 8.01684618 m
(185/72.42)*2.03 = 5.18572218 m
(52/72.42)*2.03 = 1.4576084 m

The formula for the volume of a rectangular tank is "lwh".

8.01684618*5.18572218*1.4576084 = 60.5973538 m^3
60.5973538 m^3 * 2400 kg/m^3 = 145433.649 kg
145433.649 kg * 6 slabs in total = 872601.894 kg (Class K)

Having been shot by Kaneda, leaving a bullet in his stomach, Tetsuo furiously retreats into the warehouse behind. Kaneda chases after him and attempts …

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Red Hood - a LS and a speed feat

Red Line = 709pxl | 1.64

Blue Line = 276pxl | 0.63842031029

Red Line = 54pxl | 0.63842031029

Blue Line = 64pxl | 0.75664629368

Volume = 0.22681791273224m^3

I will reduce 15% of the volume, since the chain is hollow. But since it is said that the ball has several pieces of wood in it, I will compensate that 15% is wood

Volume of steel = 0.17011343454m^3

Volume of wood = 0.0340226869m^3

The material is denser than lead. Density of lead usually ranges at 11350Kg/m^3 and the wood that is currently used for Red Hood houses is Oak, which has a density of 660Kg/m^3

Mass = 1953.24245538Kg (Class 5) Red Line = 24pxl | 0.63842031029

Blue Line = 1728pxl | 45.9662623409

Grimm managed to move the chain ball before the werewolf moved his arm, which a page earlier ha…

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KingTempest16 KingTempest16 3 days ago

Buffalo becomes a Lightning Beyblade

User blog:The Calaca/New World fodder's speed

Recalc of that because the owner of the calc told me to recalc it. Thanks Cal. Thanks Kobster for giving me the idea of it too.

  • 1 Buffalo's Dimensions
  • 2 Buffalo's Movement
  • 3 Lightning Movement
  • 4 Results

Buffalo's Height: 6.96 m

Buffalo's Height: 1022 px

Buffalo's Wingspan: 125.3 px + 303.1 px + 526 px + 290.6 px + 144.8 px = 1389.8 px

Buffalo's Wingspan: 9.464782778865 m

First buffalo was at a 0º angle and rotated.

Assuming he rotated 75º first

9.464782778865 * 75 * pi/180 = 12.3893716858 meters

And he also covered that other distance (green line)

Buffalo's Wingspan: 130.7 px

Green line: 90.4 px

Green line: 6.5464144086411 m

6.5464144086411 + 12.3893716858 = 18.9357860944411 m

Green line starting point to lightning:…

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CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 3 days ago

Dale busts a small hole in a steel door, and tanks a propane explosion

Dale wears size 9 shoes so his feet would be 25.1 cm

Dale’s foot 113 px = 25.1 cm

First axis 106 px = 23.5451327434 cm

Second axis 74 px = 16.4371681416 cm

It was pretty hard to see how thick it would be generally I see 3/16” or 0.47625 cm https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/threads/hows-my-trailer-design.135733/

Divide the axis by two for the semi axis which gives us 8.2185840708 and 11.7725663717 cm

Put that in this handy dandy elliptic cylinder calculator and we get 144.76147882675 cc

This is most likely only fragmentation so 208 j/cc

One thing first is we have to subtract the volume of the 3 bullet holes he kicks through

Hole 6 px = 1.33274336283 cm

Divide that by two for radius which is 0.66637168141 cm

Using volume for a cylinder is π·0.67^2·0.…

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CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 3 days ago

Wile Coyote destroys huge sections of rocks, tanks an explosion, and lifts a large rock

  • 1 Wile Coyote takes earthquake pills which allowed him to destroy large portions of rock
  • 2 Wile destroys a larger rock right after
  • 3 Wile tanks a massive explosion in hip hip hurry
  • 4 Wile lifts a larger rock 3:10

which means he's canonically a drug abuser seeing that he's also taken steroids but aside from that

The first section destroyed is the same height as Wile which is  116.48 cm

Height 46 px = 116.48 cm

Length 107 px = 270.942608696 cm

Width 12 px =  30.3860869565 cm

Alright volume 116.48 * 270.942608696 * 30.3860869565 = 958,966.522615 cc

There is nothing left behind so pulv and for sandstone this is 144.7 j/cc

144.7 *  958,966.522615 = 138,762,455.822 Joules or 0.03316502290200764 tons of tnt Small Building Level but higher than last time

He’s a lil…

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DemonGodMitchAubin DemonGodMitchAubin 3 days ago

Fairy Tail: Irene vaporizes some clouds

In Fairy Tail Chapter 484, Irene casually vaporizes a snowstorm and gets rid of all of the snow on Mount Zonia. The snowstorm has continued ever since it started from the White Maiden and Black Maiden's fight, so it is a very intense snow storm. The storm extended towards the horizon.

Snowstorm Cloud Radius (Average Horizon Distance) = 20000 Meters

The type of clouds that produce snow are Nimbostratus, which are 3000 Meters tall on average.

Volume = (Pi)*(Cloud Radius^2)*(Cloud Height)

Snowstorm Cloud Volume = (Pi)*(20000^2)*(3000) = 3.7699112e+12 Meters^3

So then we multiply the volume by 1 Grams/Meters^3 to get Mass

3.7699112e+12 Meters^3*1 Grams/Meters^3 = 3.7699112e+12 Grams = 3769911200 Kg

Vaporization of Clouds is 2264705 Joules/Kg


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Orochi feat, revisited

So there are a few problems in this image

Distance: As shown here the original poster added 7 km to the distance of Orochi's pull despite 6371 being the center of the Earth rather than the outer part of the inner core, which is what he grabbed from.

So the ball is a tad smaller

Distance=506 px total

506=6371 km


642.136 km

Radius: 321,068.18 m

V = (4/3)πr^3

V = (4/3)π(321,068.18)^3

1.39e17 m^3

12,200 kg/m^3 (bottom of outer core/top of inner core)

1.6914e21 kg

Mass was likely lost as inactive volcanoes erupt, which would only happen if they had a lot of magma in them to an unquantifiable degree however real examples can help

This source states the average magma volume leaving during an eruption is 0.064 km^3 or 64000000 m^3

Mass lost: 12,200…

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Armorchompy Armorchompy 3 days ago

Demon Slayer - Assorted Feats

First off before getting into the new feats the current LS stuff has to be downgraded, unfortunately, as they're based off pushing boulders but don't account for friction, instead scaling the entire weight to the characters. Hard rock on soft rock is 0.65 so that should do.

Tanjiro Boulder: 17199 x 0.65 = 11179.35 kg/11.18 tons

Gyomei Boulder: 81621 x 0.65 = 53053.65/53.05 tons

Both in the same class as before.

Feat here. Average hand volume is roughly 375.6 cm^3, which I will increase by 15% to account for the various cracks it made. Wall seems made of rock (Vfrag value = 69 j/cm^3).

431.94 cc x 69 j/cc = 29803.86 J, Wall level, less than twice baseline, yikes.

You ever think about the fact that this guy could have been called Daddy Longlegs? Wha…

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Jasonsith Jasonsith 3 days ago

Super Duper Sumos Ass-orted Feats

  • 1 Executive Summary
  • 2 Episode 1 - Binky slaps off a portion of a building
  • 3 Episode 1 - Binky dodges tank fire
  • 4 Episode 1 - Base sumotori spar

Assorted feats for Super Duper Sumos


Refer to the upper part

Height of 4-storey building = 4 * 4.3 m = 17.2 m = 540 px

Side of building = 263.0532266 px = 8.378732401 m

Volume of building = 8.378732401 m * 8.378732401 m * 17.2 m = 491.94212 m^3

Volume of building material (assume 10% hollowness) = 491.94212 m^3 * 10% = 49.194212 m^3 = 49194212 cm^3

Yield = Attack potency = destruction value of concrete * volume of materials destroyed

Level of destruction
Attack potency (J)
Attack potency (ton TNT)
Attack potency (tier)
Small building
Small building+
18.5 …

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