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Stocking.exe Stocking.exe 14 minutes ago

Ouroboros the Voracity

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Powers and Stats
  • 3 Others
  • 4 References

Tier: Unknown, at least High 4-C likely 3-C possibly 3-A to 1-B

Name: Ouroboros the Voracity

Origin: Honkai: Star Rail

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Classification: Aeons, The Voracity, Star Gods

Powers and Abilities: Honkai Energy, flight, Forcefield Creation, Reality Warping, Existence Erasure, Creation (Aeons can create stars, planets and realities), Dimensional Travel, Higher-Dimensional Existence, Madness Manipulation (Type 3, Aeons can drive sentient beings insane and brainwash them to folllow their orders), Abstract Existence (Type 1, Aeons are the embodiment of a philosophical concept as a force, invisible to the mortal plane and form an avatar to descend into the physical world. Akivili embodying the concep…

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Stocking.exe Stocking.exe 46 minutes ago

Shinza back up kek

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Jamesthetaker Jamesthetaker 2 hours ago

Toei Multiverse

Note: This blog is still a work in progress so there might change in the future.

In Toei multiverse, it's no strange to see characters from different franchises like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Metal Heroes, Kikaider, etc to meet up in various occasions. This blog is dedicated to explain the crossover between these franchises and how they are connected in one way or another.

Back in 2009, Kamen Rider Decade first introduced us to the concept of multiverse in Kamen Rider. One of many worlds that appeared there was World of Shinkenger, which based on the Super Sentai team, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. This heavily implied that Kamen Rider and Super Sentai has share the same multiverse ever since the beginning.

Starting since 2012, the first Super H…

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Aguywhodoesthings Aguywhodoesthings 3 hours ago

Spider-Man The Animated Series: Doc Ock survives an explosion

in Episode 5 of Season 1 we are shown a flashback of Doc Ock causing a chemical explosion which fuses the tentacles to his back

Door: 132 pixels

The standard door height is 80 inches or 203.2cm

203.2cm : 132 = 1.53939cm

The explosion is shown covering roughly the width of the screen

Explosion Diameter: 1440 pixels

Explosion Radius = 1440 : 2 = 720 pixels

720 x 1.471014cm = 1108.36cm or 11.0836m

Explosion Yield = 11.0836m^3 x ((27136 x 1.37895 + 8649)^(1 : 2) : 13568 - 93 : 13568)^2 = 0.1094 Tons of TNT

Doc Ock: 354

Doc Ock should have a similar height to Spider-Man who is 177.78cm tall

177.78cm : 354 = 0.502203cm

Doc Ock's head: 46

46 x 0.502203cm = 23.1cmDoc Ock's head: 140 pixels

Panel height: 1080 pixels

Distance from point of view to object = 23.1cm …

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Amelia Lonelyheart Amelia Lonelyheart 8 hours ago

TMNT IDW Calcs, Volumes 11-15

Feat here

An enraged Slash punts Hun through a thicc wall. Hun is incaspitated, so it probably doesn't scale to him, but still


Assuming Slash is 7ft, 2m

587 divied by 519 = 1.13

2m divided by 1.13 = 1.76m, 0.88m radius

587 divided by 62 = 9.4

2m divided by 9.4 = 0.212m

Volume of cylinder = 5.11×10^5 cm^3

5.11×10^5 * 8 = 4088000 J

Still not 9-A grumble grumble

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CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 8 hours ago

Wii Play Motion: Mii Lifts Comical amounts of ice cream

So mainly we just need the radius of the ice cream itself since the height should be comparable to low satellites such as the TSUBAME which reaches 167.4 km or 167400 meters

So using a scan for the diameter

Mii 234 px = 1.8 meters

Ice cream Diameter 165 px = 1.26 meters

Divide that by two for radius gets us 0.63 meters so treating this like a cylinder

π*0.63^2*167400 = 208730.74 cubic meters

Ice Cream is 727 kg/m^3 so

727 * 208730.74 = 151747247.98 kg or 151747.24798 metric tons Class M neat!

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CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 9 hours ago

Wii Party U: Gamepad destroys large stone wall

So first Let's get two measurements for this in one scan that being the width and thickness so

Mii 183 px = 180 cm

Wall Width 788 px = 775.08 cm

Wall thickness 291 px = 286.22 cm

Now the Height of this wall

Width 583 px = 775.08 cm

Height 373 px = 495.89 cm

so now volume which we'll find by treating this like a rectangular prism so 775.08 * 495.89 * 286.22 = 110009922.436 cc

we should be able to apply the vfrag value for sandstone which is 95 j/cc so

95 * 110009922.436 = 10450942631.4 Joules or 2.49 tons of tnt Large Building Level neat :)

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Amelia Lonelyheart Amelia Lonelyheart 11 hours ago

Marvel: Street tier recalcs

  • 1 Feat #1 - Kingpin busts a rock
    • 1.1 Lifting strength
  • 2 Feat #2 - Sam Wilson breaks a wall
  • 3 Feat #3 - Wilson breaks a statue=

Feat here, Punisher Vol 2 15


Frisk is 2.01m, whch would make hs head 0.3m

116 divided by 58 = 2

So 0.6m, that would make the radius 0.3m

Gonna use radius of sphere, not a perfect fit but good enough

That gives us avolume of 0.11 m^3, 110,000 cm^3

Honestly looks like regular fragging since the pebbles aren't that smol, but just in case, two ends

110,000 * 8 = 880000 J (9-B)

110,000 * 69 = 7590000 J (9-B+)

As per M3X's info

Method here

I'm assuming the 10^6 value is the volume, in cm^3 I guess

Using Frisk's height of 6'7 and weight of 450 lbs, I get a surface area of 3.41 m^3 (jfc), with the hand being 0.83% of that, so 0.02 m^2


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Rikimarox2 Rikimarox2 15 hours ago

Warm Snow: Eclipse

Here's the feat.

We can't really pixel-scale anything, as we don't see the moon before hand. I'll just assume the moon moved the distance of its diameter.

Diameter of the moon = 3474km = 3,474,000 meters.

It begins at around 2 seconds and ends at 7.

7-2 = 5 seconds.

Velocity = 3,474,000/5 = 694,800 m/s

KE = Mass of the moon (7.34767309*10 ^ 22) * 0.5 * 694,800^2 = 1.7735337175425768e+34 joules, or 4.238847... Yottatons of TNT, Low-End Large Planet level (5-A)

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Therefir Therefir 15 hours ago

One-Punch Man: Evil Ocean Water

In One-Punch Man, Evil Ocean Water grows so large that it dwarfs its own Grand Ocean Cannon. I will be calculating its size and potential energy.

The Grand Ocean Cannon's width doesn't seem to grow the more distance it travels, on the contrary, , so I'll be using that to measure EOW's size.

Scan 1

Grand Ocean Cannon Width = 3.3 km

Evil Ocean Water Height = 198.7 km or 198700 m

Scan 2

Evil Ocean Water Height = 198.7 km

Evil Ocean Water Length = 930.4 km

Evil Ocean Water Radius = 465.2 km

We put these values on this Spherical Cap Calculator to get the volume of EOW.

Volume = 210852003.40 km^3 or 210852003400000000 m^3

Density of salt water is 1020 kg/m^3.

Evil Ocean Water Mass = 210852003400000000 x 1020 = 215069043468000000000 Kilograms

Now that we have tha…

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Wrath Of Itachi Wrath Of Itachi 15 hours ago

Naruto Storm 4: Adult Naruto's Ultimate

Panel Height = 1075 px

Explosion Diameter = 395 px

Planet = 2113 px

Planet Curvature Formula = sqrt(1-(tan(35)*(2113/1075))^2/((tan(35)*(2113/1075))^2+1))*12742 = 9324.45864951 km

Explosion diameter: 9324.45864951/(2113/1075) = 4743.86798307 km

W = 2371933.99154^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 = 1.0724901e+15 Tons of TNT

1.0724901e+15 Tons of TNT = 1.07 Petatons

1.07 Petatons (Continent Level)

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Wrath Of Itachi Wrath Of Itachi 15 hours ago

Naruto Storm 4: Adult Sasuke's Ultimate Jutsu

Screen Height = 169 px

Earth Size = 348 px

Blast Diameter = 80 px

Planet Curvature Formula = sqrt(1-(tan(35)*(348/169))^2/((tan(35)*(348/169))^2+1))*12742 = 9120.23802594 km

Explosion diameter: 9120.23802594/(348/169) = 4429.0811103 km

Using the ground base explosion formula

W = 2214540.55515^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 = 8.7284359e+14 Tons of TNT

872 Teratons (Continent Level)

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Wrath Of Itachi Wrath Of Itachi 15 hours ago

Naruto Storm 4: Momoshiki's Ultimate Jutsu

Planet Diameter = 1861.12 px

Panel Height = 640 px

Explosion Diameter = 390 px

Planet Curvature Formula = sqrt(1-(tan(35)*(1861.12/640))^2/((tan(35)*(1861.12/640))^2+1))*12742 = 7484.32239984 km

Explosion diameter: 7484.32239984/(1861.12/640)= 2573.70096281 km

I'll be using the ground base explosion formula for this feat.

W = 1286850.4814^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 = 1.7126546e+14 Tons of TNT

1.7126546e+14 Megatons of TNT = 171.26 Teratons (Large Country Level)

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Rikimarox2 Rikimarox2 15 hours ago

Warm Snow: Lu destroys an entire roof

Here's the feat

Ba's height = 42 pixels, 1.76/42 = 0.04190476190... meters for each pixel.

Length of the room = 1618 pixels = 67.80190... meters.

Width = 532 p = 22.293... meters.

Height, well, I just googled average ceiling thickness, and I got 7 inches, ie 0.1778 meters.

Rectangular prism = l x h x w = 268.75 m3, ie 268750000 cc.

I was initially gonna go with v. frag, but then I noticed that the debris are from the walls, not from the roof, as the debris have rocks and shit. Not to mention, if the roof was destroyed, then the entire floor would've been filled with debris. And when the attack happened, none of the debris from the roof were on the floor. So Imma go with pulv.

268750000 x 51.297 j/cc = 13,786,068,750 joules, or ~3.3 tons of TNT, Hi…

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Therefir Therefir 16 hours ago

One-Punch Man: Ocean Grand Cannon

In One-Punch Man, Evil Ocean Water shoots its Ocean Grand Cannon towards Garou, destroying a large portion of Z-City. I will be calculating the power of this massive water jet attack.

As we can see in this panel, the crater that Tatsumaki first created is still there, and I'm gonna use it to measure the level of destruction caused in the city.

Scan 1

Crater Diameter = 2025 m

Destruction Diameter = 14 km

Destruction Radius = 7 km

Water Jet Width = 3.3 km (This can be used for other calcs by the way)

Scan 2

Water Jet Width = 3.3 km

Destruction Depth = 1.5 km

It's really hard to discern what kind of shape resembles the area destroyed, so I will put these values on Ellipsoid Calculator and half the result to get an approximated volume.

Volume = 307.876/2 =…

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ElajRuengies ElajRuengies 19 hours ago

Jungle Juice: Character Heights

Okay so this got way too long in the original blog, so I had to move it to a separate page.

This assumes that Suchan Jang is the height of an average Korean dude, which is 174.6 centimeters according to Wikipedia.

  • 1 Huijin Park
  • 2 Hyeseong Cha
  • 3 Daun Jeong
  • 4 Dohwa Cheon
  • 5 Jun Ji
  • 6 Jihwan Eom
  • 7 Stag Beetle:
  • 8 Antlion Agent

Compensating for heels as best as I can; Images Here.

  • Suchan: 794 pixels
  • Huijin: 729 pixels
  • 174.6 / 794 * 729 = 160.3065491

Huijin's about 160.31 cm tall.

Images Here.

  • Suchan's head: 228 pixels
  • Bottom of level where Suchan's head was to top of Hyeseong's head: 338 pixels
  • 338 / 228 = 1.48245614, 1.48245614 - 1 = 0.48245614
  • Hyeseong is about half a head taller than Suchan
  • Using 8 heads tall- 174.6 + ((174.6 / 8) * 0.48245614) = 185.1296053

Hyeseong's ab…

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ImposingTiger ImposingTiger 22 hours ago

One Punch Man verse

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Mariogoods Mariogoods 23 hours ago

Magical Kids Doropie: The Explosion

The diameter of The Earth is 157 px. The diameter of The Earth is 12756000 m. Assuming the explosion is cuboid.

Explosion height = (12756000 * 78) / 157 = 6337375.80 m

Explosion length and width = (12756000 * 46) / 157 = 3737426.75 m

Cuboid volume = l*b*h = 3737426.75*3737426.75*6337375.80 = 88522738464711644690.8875 m3

If I use this volume to find the radius of a sphere, I'd get 2764747 m.

W = R^3*((27136*P+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2

W is energy yield in tons, x is radius in meters, and P is pressure in bars.

2764747^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 = 1698445836272412 tons Continen level

Since the Gokuraku Kisin Tei has nearly dominate the world with her robot army, the conventional military weapons are ineffective against her ro…

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Aguywhodoesthings Aguywhodoesthings 1 day ago

Spider-Man The Animated Series: Punisher survives an explosion

Feat here

The Green Goblin fires a missile at the Punishers battle van and destroys it (Fragments of the van are shown and the van is nowhere to be seen after the explosion), The Punisher also survives the explosion

  • 1 Explosion Yield
  • 2 Van size
  • 3 Distance from explosion
  • 4 Energy taken by Punisher
  • 5 Punisher survives a different explosion

An average van weighs 1984kg

the density of steel is 7850kg/m3

1984kg : 7850kg/m3 = 0.252738m3 or 252738cm3

The fragments look fairly small so i'll use V.frag, which for steel is 568.5j/cm3

252738cm3 x 568.5j = 143681553 joules or 0.03434 Tons of TNT (Small Building level)

Punisher: 302 pixels

The Punisher doesn't have an official height to my knowledge so i'll just assume he's of a similar height to Spider-Man who is 177.78…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 1 day ago

Character Draft - Nahid

Nahid is a major character in Masada Takashi's newest Web Novel project, Avesta of Black and White. She is the sister of Sirius, the fiancé of Varhrān, and the intended Holy Queen of Wahman Yasht. She possessed great power through her Commandment, acting as one of the most powerful and beloved individuals within the Holy Kingdom. She was sealed away for twenty years following the Day of Collapse.

Tier: Low 2-C

Name: Nahid

Origin: Avesta of Black and White

Gender: Female

Age: 23 (When Frozen), 43 (Currently)

Classification: Ashavan, Star Priestess, Everyone's Hero

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Creation, Weapon Mastery, Non-Physical Interaction, Curse Manipulation, Corruption, Soul Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Fu…

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Leafbladie Leafbladie 1 day ago

A Highball of the "Literal" 1/10th Second

Eugeo describes the mirror lasting in the air for 1/10th of a second before liquefying. If we assume that the beam Fanatio fires for her attack is 10 meters long. Then that means 20% of it would be 2 meters long. So in the span of "1/10th of a second", 2 meters of the beam is reflected by the mirror before it melts. Taking 2 meters and dividing it by .1 seconds, we get that the beam of light travels at a whopping 20 m/s.

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 1 day ago

Character Draft - Alma (Shinza Bansho)

Alma is one of the main characters in Masada Takashi's newest Web Novel project, Avesta of Black and White. She is a powerful Yazata assassin, and the closest person Magsarion has to a childhood friend. During an infiltration in Zahhāk for five years to assasinate Archdemon Kaikhosru, she becomes one of his Eighteen Favorite Mistresses.

Tier: At least 7-A, Higher with Vohu Manah's Blessing.

Name: Alma, Alma Arnavaz

Origin: Avesta of Black and White

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Classification: Ashavan, Yazata, assassin, mistress

Powers and Abilities: : Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Teleportation (through Sewatir), Enhancement of physical statistics and high-speed flight (through Vohu Manah's Blessing), Regeneration (at least Low-Mid), Healin…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 1 day ago

Character Draft - Varhram

Varhram is a major character in Masada Takashi's newest Web Novel project, Avesta of Black and White. An esteemed Yazata warrior and hero, he was beloved by many, and feared by the Dregvant. Though he tragically passed away during Khvarenah's attack on Wahman Yasht. While he is introduced as Magsarion's older brother, towards the end of the story it's revealed that he's actually Magsarion's father.

Tier: High 1-A

Name: Varhram

Origin: Avesta of Black and White

Gender: Male

Age: 27 (By the time of his "death")

Classification: Ashavan, Yazata, Hero

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Power Absorption via his commandment, Regeneration (at least Low-Mid), Retrocognition via a taken commandment, Summoning

Attack Potency:

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Aguywhodoesthings Aguywhodoesthings 1 day ago

Spider-Man The Animated Series: Kraven snaps a lock

Feat here

Line: 372 pixels

the line is 6 feet or 182.88cm

182.88cm : 372 = 0.491612cm

Kravens index finger: 8 pixels

8 x 0.491612cm = 3.932cm

Kravens pointy finger: 120 pixels

3.932cm : 120 = 0.0327666cm

Cam height 1: 41 pixels

41 x 0.0327666cm = 1.3434cm

Cam height 2: 33 pixels

33 x 0.0327666cm = 1.0812cm

Cam width: 23 pixels

23 x 0.0327666cm = 0.7536cm

Cam area 1 = 1.3434cm x 0.7536cm = 1.0123cm2

Cam area 2 = 1.0812cm x 0.7536cm = 0.8147cm2

Total area = 1.0123cm2 + 0.8147cm2 = 1.827cm2

Kraven also snapped the area twice

1.827cm2 x 2 = 3.654cm2 or 0.0003654m2

Cam locks are made of steel

i'll use the lowest tensile strength for steel i found which is 400MPa or 400000000Pa

0.0003654m2 x 400000000Pa = 146160 Newtons, 14899.0825kg or 14.89 Metric Tons of force (Cl…

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Dark-Carioca Dark-Carioca 1 day ago

Venom destroys a section of a tower


First we need the proportions of some characters (mainly Shocker running up the stairs) and the tower itself.

538 px = 6 ft = 1.8288 meters

523 px = 1.77781115 m

540 px = 1.83559851 m

62 px = 1.83559851 m

346 px = 10.2438239 m

45 px = 1.33228924 m

Around where the bushes are is where the ground is, and it seems like this wall is thicker than what we see in the previous screenshot (inconsistent art in Spider-Man TAS? Naaah).

504 px = 10.2438239 m

425 px = 8.63814518 m

164 px = 3.33330779 m

Now, we find the volume.

294.95653321928 cubic m = 294956533 cubic centimeters

294956533 x 6 j/cc (frag of cement and concrete) = 1769739198 J (422.9778197897 kg of TNT, Building level)

294956533 x 17-20 j/cc (v. frag of cement and concrete) = 5014261061 to 58991306…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 1 day ago

Character Draft - Ferdows

Ferdows is one of the main characters in Masada Takashi's newest Web Novel project, Avesta of Black and White. He is a young male Yazata who highly respects Magsarion and is concurrent with Quinn. He first appears as a caretaker for Nahid who was frozen in a Freezing Seal, and after a short mission, ultimately joins Magsarion, Quinn, Samluch and Zurvan in their struggle against the Dragvant.

Tier: At least 7-A, Higher with Vohu Manah's Blessing.

Name: Ferdows

Origin: Avesta of Black and White

Gender: Male

Age: Late teens-Early 20s

Classification: Ashavan, Yazata, Next Cycle's Nadare (before being killed)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Teleportation (through Sewatir), Enhancement of physical statistics and high-sp…

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Tanuchi Tanuchi 1 day ago

eli shane's abilities

by making this blog entry i just want to ask to vsbattleswiki's staff if i can enlarge eli's list of powers and abilities.

so the thing about eli is that his abilities come from his slugs, little creatures that eli shoots like ammo with his blaster ( a tool similar to a gun): all slugs have elemental or magical abilities, and transform into dangerous creatures when they reach 100 miles an hour, and eli has obtained a lot of them, so it's understandable if the guy that made eli's profile just listed the abilities of eli's main slugs, so here's some more of the abilities that eli "has" thanks to his slugs;

  • fear inducement: one of eli's slugs is spooker, a slug that can induce fear thanks to his frightningrod attack, wich makes the target un…
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Amelia Lonelyheart Amelia Lonelyheart 1 day ago

TMNT IDW Calcs, volumes 1-10 (side stories)

  • 1 Micro-Series
    • 1.1 Feat #1 - peak human
    • 1.2 Feat #2 - Peak human, 2
    • 1.3 Feat #3 - Bebop busts a wall
    • 1.4 Feat #4 - Rocksteady ACTUALLY busts a wall
    • 1.5 Feat #5 - Bebop tips a train cart
    • 1.6 Feat #6 - Rocksteady says ACAB
    • 1.7 Feat #7 - Ochi vs Yoshi

After Hun gets in peak human shape, he does some wild stuff.

Like busting down a chimney for literally no reason. Scaling

The chimney si comprised of 5 bricks, 1 being a half briick, s 4.5

Standard American brck is 8in long, 20.32 cm

20.32 * 4.5 = 91.4 cm

181 divided by 124 = 1.45

91.4 * 1.45 = 132.53 cm

And have a breadth of 112.5 mm, 11.25 cm, this is both the width and breadth of the structure

132.53 * 11.25 * 11.25 = 16,773.3 cm^3

Shear strength of bricks ar 25-65, so I'll assume 35.

16,773.3 * 35 = 587,065.5 J


He's just …

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Amelia Lonelyheart Amelia Lonelyheart 1 day ago

TMNT IDW Calcs, volumes 1-10

Splitting my previous blog to be more digestible

  • 1 Main series
    • 1.1 Feat #1 - Splinter vs Karai
    • 1.2 Feat #2 - Leonardo cuts a robot
    • 1.3 Feat #3 - Krang destroys a pillar
    • 1.4 Feat #4 - Zak destroys a tank
    • 1.5 Feat #5 - Raphael breaks down a door
    • 1.6 Feat #6 - Mikey jump
    • 1.7 Feat #7 - G R A V I T Y, part 1
    • 1.8 Feat #8 - G R A V I T Y, part 2
    • 1.9 Feat #9 - Slash busts down a wall
    • 1.10 Feat #10 - Donnie tanks an explosion
    • 1.11 Feat #11 - Koya destroys a roof
    • 1.12 Feat #12 - Bludgeon sinks a ship
    • 1.13 Feat #13 - Shredder bombs a boat

Feat here


2atan(tan(35deg)*(456/2105)) = 0.301072797 rad

0.301072797×180°/π = 17.250200594°

Karai doesnt have an offocial height so I'll assume 157cm based off her first actress

Angsizing yields 5.1752m, i'll subtract 1m since Splinter is a bi…

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DarthSpiderr DarthSpiderr 1 day ago

One-Punch Man: Evil Natural Ocean and Metal Bat


Let's start

Metal Bat was able to jump onto the Centipede in one jump in a short timeframe.

Centipede Width:

According to my old calculation = 4.70149019608 km.

Centipede angular size = 2 × atg(tg(70 / 2) × (18.4 / 211)) = 6.98837021972 degrees.

Distance to it from the frame = 38.498 kilometers.

The angular size of the building (Metal Bat started jumping from it) = 2 × atg(tg(70 / 2) × (37.6 / 211)) = 14.2247944549 degrees.

Width of buildings = 18 meters.

Distance to it from the frame = 72.129 meters.

Distance traveled = 38.498 − 0.072129 = 38.425871 kilometers.

I believe he covered that distance in 1 second because it's a very short jump scene. Hence, the speed = 113.017267647 Machs (MHS). This should raise his stats.

Lifting strength.

This method…

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Kulf Boba Kulf Boba 1 day ago

Marvel Comics - Shaking the Universe

  • 1 Base
  • 2 Energy
    • 2.1 Magnitude 1
    • 2.2 Magnitude 2
    • 2.3 Magnitude 3
    • 2.4 Magnitude 4
    • 2.5 Magnitude 5
    • 2.6 Magnitude 6
    • 2.7 Magnitude 7
    • 2.8 Magnitude 8
    • 2.9 Magnitude 9
    • 2.10 Magnitude 10
  • 3 Results

In this blog I'm going to calculate the energy needed to shake up the Marvel Universe. The Marvel Universe has thousands of mentions of being infinite, but in this case I will assume it is finite and use a distance that was mentioned by writer Jason Aaron and apparently also by Stan Lee.

Formula: 4 * (Earthquake energy on the planet)* ((Radius of the universe)/(Radius of the planet))^2 = Energy in Joules

Earthquake energy on the planet in different magnitudes.

Universe: 1,000,000,000,000 Light Years | 9.4607304725808E+27 meters

Radius of the Universe: 500,000,000,000 Light Years | 4.730…

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Apex PredatorX Apex PredatorX 1 day ago

The Creator (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)

The Creator is the supreme being that stands beyond all restrictions, including that of one's 'meaning' and 'will', as the endless sea of zero. It's the ultimate state of being a Witch reaches as it evolves through the infinite layers of the Witch and 3rd Domain, losing restrictions with every step, and gaining freedom as it ascends towards godhood.

The Creator is a sacred being who can create 1 out of the sea of nothingness. It can give birth to 1 from 0, give birth to the endless, and then return it to 0 again in a flash. Freed from all restrictions, the voyagers in particular even call him God.

In that sense, perhaps the Witch of Origins, Maria, is the "chosen one" promised to be The Creator...

Voyagers fear that the end of their own journ…

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Naito-desu Naito-desu 1 day ago

Genshin Impact: Shenhe lifts a giant chunk of rock

Link to feat

This is going to be a rough calculation and a very low estimate using a trapezoidal prism calculation given the very irregular shape of this rock, but it should give a good lowball of what Shenhe is capable of lifting:

So according to the wiki measurements, Aether is 163.1cm tall

h = 1027.91 cm

w & b1 = 447.58cm (equal lengths for base was assumed)

b2 = 144.13cm

Volume for Trapezoidal formula:

v = {h/2(b1 + b2)} * w

v = 136 114 589.0749 cm3 or 136.1146m3

VsBattle standard for rock density: 2 700 kg/m3

v * d = m


2 700 kg/m3 * 136.1146m3 = 367 509.42 kilograms or 367 tons (Class K)

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 1 day ago

Character Draft - Samluch

Samluch is one of the main characters in Masada Takashi's newest Web Novel project, Avesta of Black and White. Originally a stray warrior of Ashavan, she was later summoned to become one of the Yazata.

Tier: At least 7-A, Higher with Vohu Manah's Blessing.

Name: Samluch

Origin: Avesta of Black and White

Gender: Female

Age: Early 20s

Classification: Ashavan, Yazata

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Teleportation (through Sewatir), Enhancement of physical statistics and high-speed flight (through Vohu Manah's Blessing), Regeneration (at least Low-Mid), Healing (through Haoma), Chi Manipulation (via her commandment)

Attack Potency: At least Mountain level, Higher with Vohu Manah's Blessing (Can raise her physical statistics…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 1 day ago

Character Draft - Quinn (Shinza Bansho)

Quinn is one of the main characters in Masada Takashi's newest Web Novel project, Avesta of Black and White. She is an Automaton created by Khvarenah to gather miracles from the side of Good so that her creator can understand them. Originally nameless, she takes the name of a mother who committed suicide in order to kill her child.

Tier: At least 7-A, Higher with Vohu Manah's Blessing.

Name: Quinn

Origin: Avesta of Black and White

Gender: Female

Age: 20 (From the day she was created)

Classification: Ashavan, Yazata, Automaton, Copy of Divine Sword

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Teleportation (through Sewatir), Enhancement of physical statistics and high-speed flight (through Vohu Manah's Blessing), Regeneration (…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 2 days ago

Blaze Fielding

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Powers and Stats
    • 2.1 Blitz Attacks
    • 2.2 Defensive Special Attacks
    • 2.3 Offensive Special Attacks
    • 2.4 Air Special Attack
    • 2.5 Star Moves

Blaze Fielding is one of the main protagonists in Sega's beat 'em up series Streets of Rage (also known as Bare Knuckle in Japan). She is an ex-cop, dance instructor, and private investagator who loves lambada and is best friends with Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Max "Thunder" Hatchett, also getting along well with Eddie "Skate" Hunter.

A former police officer/detective in the first game, she later moved out of the city and followed her passion of becoming a dance instructor. (although in the Japanese Bare Knuckle III storyline, she rejoins the police force).

In Streets of Rage 4, after the fall of Mr. X in the previous g…

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Creaturemaster971 Creaturemaster971 2 days ago

Nobilis profiles

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H3110l12345I20 H3110l12345I20 2 days ago

Major Average Human Profile Revisions

Due to this thread (Archived), it's broadened my view on how real life profiles are treated & the potential changes that may come in the future. I've edited the page multiple times for quality, but these will be new.

Here's the potential changes:

  • Removal Of Disease Manipulation: The Mosquito (Archived) & Rat (Archived) have been lax with allowing disease manipulation from being carriers of diseases, but human mouths, human nails, & animal bites can carry diseases. I get that Mosquitos & Rats are the big deal from having human diseases, but what about the other animals? This is why I'm removing or even downgrading it since bacteria & viruses are literally everywhere.
  • Catering to physical blows: The Real World's tiers & stats are determined by …
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User Name 2 User Name 2 2 days ago

Pre-Awakening Garou's Power

So, this feat happens in chapter 155 of the manga. Garou stomps at the ground which sends thousands of rocks flying into the air. I'll be calculating the feat. DarthSpiderr already calculated this, but I feel like there is some problem with pixel-scaling. I'll be addressing that.

I'll be breaking this down into three parts:

1) Mass of Stones

This was the original blog where Darth calculated this. I do not see any problem with the average mass of stones, so I'll be using that, i.e. 66570 kg.

2) Average Space Between the Stones

Again, I see no problem as the the average space can be found just by simple angsizing. Hence, I'll once again use the original blog as reference and the average space in which once one stone lies is 54 302.9394143 cubic me…

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DragonBlueFire1 DragonBlueFire1 2 days ago

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint: Terminology & Cosmology

This blog will cover Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Terminology and Cosmology.

This blog should not be considered a complete explanation of the verse's cosmology, since the novel has not yet provided a complete explanation of the cosmology, and has already hinted at the cosmology being greater than what is currently explained.

This blog will likely be updated if any new or relevant information is acquired.

A few statements in this blog will be machine translated.

' system—the broadcasting was designed to relay its contents to the entire universe. The subscribers were constellations at the top of the distant galaxies, the actors were humans like me, and the storyteller that connected the two sides was the dokkaebi before me.



Ways of…

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MinecraftHater2011 MinecraftHater2011 2 days ago


Agatha Trunchbull, also known as Ms. Trunchbull, is the primary antagonist in the 1996 live-action film Matilda. In said film, she's the cruel headmistress of Crunchem Hall Elementary School, and aunt of Matilda's teacher, Ms. Honey.

At the end of the film, she is scared by Matilda, using her telekinetic powers to pretend to be the ghost of Magnus Honey, demanding that Ms. Trunchbull had to hand over Ms. Honey's house and money. After said events, Ms. Trunchbull runs outside to her car and drives away, being never seen again.


Name: Agatha Trunchbull, Ms. Trunchbull

Origin: Matilda

Gender: Female

Age: Likely in her 40s-50s

Classification: Human, Olympian Athlete (Formerly), Headmistress of Crunchem Hall Elementary School (Formerly)

Powers and Abilit…

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FanSyst FanSyst 2 days ago

(New) Shenhe freezes a large wave

This time I will use the measurements of the Jade Chamber.


Some clarifications:

  • Combat scenarios are explorable in the game.
  • The battle covers the following scenario.


The Jade Chamber measures 106m

Relate the size of the Jade Chamber to the wave:


Latent heat of fusion (L)=328400j/kg

Specific heat (c)=4007j/kg°C


Calculate the temperature change:

  • Heat=m*c*T
  • Heat=1.015e10kg*4007j/kg°C*(-2°C-20°C)
  • Heat=8.948e14j

Calculate the change of state:




The amount of energy is equal to the sum of the values obtained above:


Energy=4.2278e15j [Low 7-B]

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DragonBlueFire1 DragonBlueFire1 2 days ago

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Power of the Verse
  • 3 Supporters/Opponents/Neutral
    • 3.1 Supporters
    • 3.2 Opponents
    • 3.3 Neutral
  • 4 Characters
    • 4.1 Main Characters

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (also called Omniscient Reader and often abbreviated to ORV) is an apocalyptic fantasy fiction webnovel, written by a Korean author duo writing under the pen name Sing Shong. It was originally written in Korean, and has been translated to English by Webnovel translators RainbowTurtle and A_Passing_Wanderer.

A novel called Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World (written by the anonymous author tls123) has been written and published over the course of a decade, and Kim Dokja is the sole reader who has followed it to its ending. When the real world is plunged into the premise of Ways of Survival,…

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DragonBlueFire1 DragonBlueFire1 2 days ago

Kim Dokja

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Powers and Stats
  • 3 Others
  • 4 References

Kim Dokja is the main protagonist of Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint. He is the sole reader of the webnovel Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World, an apocalyptic fantasy story written by tls123.

Near the end of the novel, he is revealed to also be the Oldest Dream (also known as the Most Ancient Dream), the constellation sponsor of the Yoo Joonghyuk, the protagonist of Ways of Survival.

Tier: 9-B | 8-A, higher with The Immortal King | 5-B, High 4-C with Watcher of Light and Darkness, 4-B with Prisoner of the Constrictive Headband | At least 2-A with the oldest dream | At least 2-A with the oldest dream, Possibly Low 1-C with final wall

Name: Kim Dokja, The Oldest Dream

Origin: Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

Gender: Male


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Maverick Zero X Maverick Zero X 2 days ago

Super Mario 64 Translation Comparisons

This blog is a summarization of this thread.

Translation excerpted from here.

Western localization - Bowser is creating his own worlds in the paintings

JP - Bowser is going into the paintings and establishing a monster kingdom in them

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Maverick Zero X Maverick Zero X 2 days ago

Super Mario Galaxy Story Translations

Here’s a complication of scans relating to Bowser’s plot in Super Mario Galaxy, as well as short summaries of their connotations based on how this site’s profiles currently interprets them.


  • The Prima Guide’s statements were deemed inconsistent with primary canon and thus unusable in this thread.
  • The guide directly misquotes Bowser, stating he revealed his plans to destroy and recreate the universe when in actuality he reveals no such plan in the game.

Official translation (NA): Bowser’s plot was to create a galaxy at the center of the universe and conquer the cosmos (3-C)

Original text (JP):

[Rejected] Prima Guide: Bowser’s plot was to collapse and recreate the universe (3-A)

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RoTt35 RoTt35 3 days ago

Valyrian steel sword cuts through steel plate armor

In this video it is stated that a Valyrian steel sword can cut through steel plate armor. According to Wikipedia, a complete suit of plate armor would weigh around 15 and 25 kg. I used this calculator to find the volume of the armor. The fragmentation of steel is 208 J/cc:

Low-End (15 kg):

1906 cc * 208 J/cc = 396,448 Joules (Wall level)

Mid-End (20 kg):

2541.3 cc * 208 J/cc = 528,590.4 Joules (Wall level)

High-End (25 kg):

3176.6 cc * 208 J/cc = 660,732.8 Joules (Wall level)

According to this replica, a breastplate (cuirass) has a length of 19 inches (0.4826 m) and a width of 13.25 inches (0.33655 m). A pauldron (shoulder pad) has a length of 16.5 inches (0.4191 m) and a width of 10.5 inches (0.2667 m). The breasplate would have an area of: 0.4826*…

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Dalesean027 Dalesean027 3 days ago

World Trigger ability additions

WIP blog for a CRT

Currently the pages for Osamu, Chika, and Tachikawa are heavily outdated and are missing many abilities which I'm here to rectify. Most of these ability additions will apply to both Osamu and Chika but ofc I'll specify either way so its not confusing.

Since all of them utilize triggers they should all receive Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Inorganic Physiology, Resistance to Pain Manipulation this is because their bodies are composed entirely of trion energy and thus cannot feel pain.

Tachikawa should receive Weapon Mastery for being able to consistently fight Jin on equal footing as well as Energy Manipulation for being able

Osamu and Chika should receive Energy Projection and Energy Manipulation for being able to

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Arc7Kuroi Arc7Kuroi 3 days ago

Multiple Bijuudama Disperse Air Recalc

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 8 Tails Tiddie Twister
  • 3 Air Dispersed
  • 4 Results

This is a recalc of this, but done better.

Mountain Size: 609 m | 83 px

Crater Diameter: (1201.1 px) * (609 m) / (83 px) = 8812.89 m

8 Tails Twister Crater: 8812.89 m | 31 px

Air-burst Diameter: (806 px) * (8812.89) / (31 px) = 229135.149 m

Air Mass: (4/3) * (pi) * {[(229135.149 m) / 2]^3} * (1.225 kg/m^3) = 7.71631e15 kg

Omni-directional Kinetic Energy: (1/12) * (7.71631e15 kg) * {[(229135.149 m) / 2] / (0.18 s)}^2 = 2.605e26 joules

Half Kurama's Contribution: (2.605e26 J) / 2 = 1.3025e26 joules

Individual Bijuu's Contribution: (1.3025e26 J) / 5 = 2.605e25 joules

Half Kurama = 31.13 Petatons (High 6-A)

Individual Bijuu = 6.226 Petatons (High 6-A)

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TheRustyOne TheRustyOne 3 days ago

Vigilantes: Number 6 Destruction Style

In My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Number 6 becomes a giant made of plasma or something.

He uses this giant body to destroy a building Koichi is hiding in. I'll be calculating the power of Number 6 Giant Form.

Scan 1

I'll use both the average window and storey height I seen many calcs use to find the size of this building.

Window Height = 1.5 m or 150 cm (47 px)

Storey Height = 4.3 m or 430 cm (107 px)

Building Height (Window) = 2275.53 cm (713 px)

Building Height (Storey) = 2865.32cm

Scan 2

Car Length = 14.7 feet, or 448 cm (24 px)

Building Length = 1530.66 cm (82 px)

Building Width = 1306.66 cm (70 px)

Volume (Window) = 2275.53 x 1530.66 x 1306.66 = 4551178772.65 cm^3

Volume (Storey) = 2865.32 x 1530.66 x 1306.66 = 5730789557.1cm^3

Building Hollowness 8…

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