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The Imp-ress The Imp-ress 4 hours ago

Guilty Gear: Japan becomes a shadow of its former self

Mostly an approximate, I don't feel you can get completely accurate results for this

An attack vaporizes Japan and leaves a 1200 mile scar on the ocean floor, considering 1200 miles is a dimension of Japan, this implies the attack was strong enough to vaporize the landmass till the oceanic crust

Basing my calc off this blog, just substituting the elevation to consider the distance from oceanic crust, which would be 1,752 metres on average

Hence total elevation = Average elevation of Japan + Average elevation of oceanic depth = 438 + 1752 metres = 2190 metres

Total Volume = Total Elevation × Area of Japan = 2190 × 3.77962e+11 cubic metres = 8.2773678e+14 cubic metres = 8.277367799999998e+20 cubic centimetres

Now, using the general vaporization v…

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Snek34 Snek34 7 hours ago

Giant Squid (Spellstone)

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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Yar R ağı 7k Yar R ağı 7k 9 hours ago

Shiny Chariot scars the moon.

I'm doing these calculations at the request of MaidRips (to the Calculations Requests Thread)

I will use this method to find the depth on the moon.

Moon = 431 px = 3 474 Km

Red Line (AB) = 31 px = 249.87006960556844547563 km

Yellow Line = 47 px (BC)= 378.83526682134570765661 km

Orange Line = 49 px (AC)= 394.95591647331786542923 km

BC/AB = 378.83526682134570765661/249.87006960556844547563 = 1.51612903226 Tan = 56.59217541 Degree

Tan (56.59217541)* 378.83526682134570765661 = 574.363146472 km deep

It may look complicated in the picture, I'll calculate it as four triangles and a cylinder (middle on crack)

Blue Line ( bottom triangle base )= 42 px = 338.53364269141531322505 km

Pink (side of isosceles triangle) = 113 px = 910.81670533642691415313 km

V = 87007…

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Nerd Tracker Nerd Tracker 17 hours ago

Gina lifts a water

Gina lifts a body of water with her unchange ability

Gina: 1.55 m

Axle 1: 30.166 m

Axle 2: 29.7025 m

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TimmyTurnero TimmyTurnero 18 hours ago

Yo shindo caused earthquake

Based on several reasons Yo Shindo’s attack had a much larger effect that shown. I’ll use several scenes and showings to quantify it.

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TimmyTurnero TimmyTurnero 18 hours ago

Deku and All Might disperses a big ass cube

Deku, All Might, and all MHA top tiers have been city level+ for scaling to Deku and All Might’s cube feat, butttt the size of the cube has been yanked by the throat and slammed on it’s ass. Damn you Rusty.

Since I just couldn’t handle the feat being butchered, I decided i should try another form of calcing it, when All Might and Deku causes it to disperse.

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ArkhamDC06 ArkhamDC06 18 hours ago

Zeus (Blood of Zeus)

Zeus is the Greek God of the Sky and Thunder and KIng of Olympus.

Banding together with his fellow gods, Zeus defeated the last titan. But as the last titan fell, he swore a curse on the gods, and when his blood struck the sea the giants were born. A hellish war known as the Gigantomachy then begun. The gods swore to defeat the giants and rid them from the earth. and both gods and giants fell alike. Until one day, Zeus convinced two of the giants to take up arms with the gods. Zeus ordered Hermes to gather their souls while their remains were cast into the ocean, to be forever swallowed by the tides. The smith of the gods Hephaestus forged the grand automaton Talos to stand guard over the cauldron, forever sworn to keep it shut so that this …

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Earthyboy Earthyboy 19 hours ago

Two Heroes: 5% Lifting Strength

In My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Deku breaks out of some steel poles Wolfram controlled with brute force alone at 5%. I'll be calculating the amount of force this requires.

For scan 1, we'll need something to compare the pole too. That will be Deku himself.

  • Midoriya height = 589.68 pixels | 166 centimeters.
  • Height of steel pole = 24.60 pixels | 6.92 centimeters.

For scan 2, I'll now use the height of the steel pole to scale it's length.

  • Diameter/width of steel pole = 3.83 pixels | 6.92 centimeters. Radius of steel bar would be 3.46 centimeters or 1.36 inches.
  • Length of steel pole = 327.62 | 5.91 meters or 232.67 inches.

Now we can solve for cylindrical surface area.

  • I will use this calculator
  • Surface area = 2,000 square inches.

Assuming that these bars are mad…

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MaidRips MaidRips 20 hours ago

Darkness (Kingdom Hearts Power)

Darkness is the opposing element to Light in the Kingdom Hearts universe, birthed out of the evil of people's hearts. It is known to consume them and eventually overtake them to the point where they become a Heartless. It is a force sought after and controlled to varying degrees by the main antagonists of the series, though in nature, not completely evil.

  • Maleficent was able to bestow powers of Darkness upon Riku, which allowed him to travel across worlds and create AntiSora.
  • Those who follow the path of Darkness are able to manipulate it in various forms.
  • Corruption (Type 2): Should too much Darkness reside in one's heart, they will eventually overtake the wielder and corrupt them into a Heartless. Experienced users like Maleficent are able to …

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Therefir Therefir 20 hours ago

My Hero Academia: Metal Beam

In My Hero Academia, Deku manages to lift a steel beam with one hand. I'll be calculating this feat.

Let's start calculating the volume of the beam's web (the middle part of the beam).

Scan 1

Deku's Arm = 0.08 m

Beam Flange Thickness = 10.6 cm or 0.106 m

Beam Web Thickness = 10.6 cm or 0.106 m (The same as the flange)

Beam Web Height = 44 - 10.6 - 10.6 = 22.8 cm or 0.228 m

Now we have to find the length of the beam.

Scan 2

Deku's Arm = 0.08 m

Beam Length = 4.8 m

We put these values on this Rectangular Calculator to get the volume of the beam web.

Volume = 0.1160064 m^3

Now we need to find the volume of the flanges. The width of the flanges is very inconsistent throughout this chapter, so let's measure it using this panel where Deku is lifting the beam.


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Scottycj256 Scottycj256 21 hours ago

Mobile Suit Gundam - Zaku Explosion, and RX-78-2 durability

Credit goes to Willy Vereb, on FanVerse, original post is here


From 21:22 till 22:15

Amuro learns the hard way what happens if you use a blazing source of heat to cut apart a highly volatile reactor.

It results in an explosion which tears off portion of the space colony in Side 7.

Not bad at all.

Let's see how powerful that explosion really was!

Spoiler: Colony Scaling

But before measuring anything related to the blast, I need to know the size of the colony for comparison.

Unfortunately, there isn't good side view for this colony, either.

So I'm going to take a more complicated route, involving even angular sizes.

Here we go:

Red line, dock entrance = 30 pixels

I tried but sadly I can't find any good images to scale the exact size of that gate.

All I…

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RethPo RethPo 23 hours ago

Some power level fun

Im just gonna try to make a list of the baseline for each tier and what pl it would give trying to stay as close to the show as possible

I really tried to find a pattern here. Best (headcannon) idea i could think of is that below tier 5 small pl jumps get you huge power increases (this is sort of refuted by oozaruu goku in the daizenshuu being 100 and large building level... but then you have 139 being moon level, ill get on to it), probably because scouters were meant for measuring tier 5 characters. At the saiyan saga pl's become seemingly linear, then at the early namek saga small jumps get you higher actual power again (though not as drastic). Then at friezas level they start looking somewhat linear. Then after that power levels become …

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Sebastian Hayward Sebastian Hayward 23 hours ago

Space-G Tosses M.O.G.U.E.R.A. Like A Sack Of Potatoes (Remastered!)

This is a remastered version of my calc of SpaceGodzilla lifting & tossing M.O.G.U.E.R.A. "several hundred meters" via sheer tail strength. Spoiler alert: the values here will not be NEARLY as impressive as last time, but at least the Attack Potency values will be right this time, since I used Kinetic Energy.

  • 1 Requirements For The Calc
  • 2 Distance
  • 3 Speed
    • 3.1 250 Meters
    • 3.2 500 Meters
    • 3.3 750 Meters
    • 3.4 900 Meters
    • 3.5 1 Kilometer
  • 4 Acceleration
    • 4.1 250 Meters
    • 4.2 500 Meters
    • 4.3 750 Meters
    • 4.4 900 Meters
    • 4.5 1 Kilometer
  • 5 Lifting Strength
    • 5.1 250 Meters
    • 5.2 500 Meters
    • 5.3 750 Meters
    • 5.4 900 Meters
    • 5.5 1 Kilometer
  • 6 Attack Potency (KE)
    • 6.1 250 Meters
    • 6.2 500 Meters
    • 6.3 750 Meters
    • 6.4 900 Meters
    • 6.5 1 Kilometer
  • 7 Conclusion
    • 7.1 250 Meters
    • 7.2 500 Meters
    • 7.3 750 Meters
    • 7.4 900 Meters
    • 7.5 1 Kilometer

The req…

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Armorchompy Armorchompy 1 day ago

DC Comics - Post-Flashpoint Carter Hall List of Feats

The Hawkmen are in a really weird spot in the DC Comics power rankings, at least from what I've read, so I'm gonna calculate a couple of the feats for the last Hawkman, Carter Hall. They are all from his 2018 solo run.

Here's a gallery with all the feats

Fair warning, this one and the next feat are performed in Captain Atom's microverse. From what I've seen it behaves like a completely normal universe and AP seems to scale linearly in it (It definitely isn't treated as a power boost or anything in this run) so I'm gonna calculate them as if they were in the normal world.

Anyway, in this one feat Hawkman just smashes the ground as hard as he can and causes some pretty impressive destruction.

Carter is 185.4 cm tall. I'm going to use the thickne…

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TimmyTurnero TimmyTurnero 1 day ago

Grand Torino blitz again

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Keeweed Keeweed 1 day ago

Steven Universe’s famous mountain split

I’m surprised this has never been calculated considering how important and famous this feat is.

In Steven Universe the characters split a Himalayan mountain. Usually for these feats we would go for the smallest mountain height possible, but the Himalayas smallest mountain is cartoonishly small. It’s a barely one hundred meters, which doesn’t line up with the mountain in the show at all.

Considering the average mountain in this area is over 30 times larger using the smallest is way too big of a lowball.

Looking it up I found an average height of 3700 meters for Himalayan mountains. Also the site I’m using actually gives us an average width, but the mountain in the show is a perfect cone so I don’t think the average width matches. I’ll use the …

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ByAsura ByAsura 1 day ago

Red-Blue Shifting Space Monster

Red-Blue Shifting Space Monster

  • 1 Calculation
    • 1.1 Wavelength Change
    • 1.2 Velocity
    • 1.3 Light Green
    • 1.4 Some Notes Here
  • 2 Final Tally

Scene here.

I'll be using the blue wavelengths to calculate the speed because it's less feint than the red light, which blends into the blackness of space, we see as the Space Monster moves away from the Exelion.

This is a High Speed Cruiser, but I think the profile actually shows Heavy Cruisers, unless I'm missing something from the CD-ROMS (they're confirmed as Heavy Cruisers in guides, anyway, which take canonical precedence). I'll assume for now that the Space Monster is light purple, which is one of the most common colours for them.

The most common shade of purple is 81506D, or 512.05 nm.

Now for the colour shift. The exact…

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Chariot190 Chariot190 1 day ago

JoJo - Dark Blue Moon

Fish monster Stand drags Jotaro underwater, Jotaro tries to escape, so the Fish monster, waggles his arms with pure physical strength, creates a violent whirlpool, that's the feat.

  • 1 Stand Scaling
  • 2 Diameter
  • 3 Depth
  • 4 Volume
  • 5 Mass of whirlpool
  • 6 Speed of the whirlpool
  • 7 Moment of Inertia
  • 8 Rotational KE.

His Stand User is around the same size as Jotaro Kujo (if not a few cm taller) and as such I'm going to get Jotaro's forearm length and use that as DBM's forearm length as it'll be the same size more or less. Jotaro is 195cm tall at 412px (obviously not counting bottom of shoes and top of hat).

And thus, his forearm is 40px at 30.7+cm approximately.

Obviously I could do this better nowadays, hell I even have a DBM model from a shitty mobile game I could ta…

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Zamasu Chan Zamasu Chan 1 day ago

Rojo destroys a tank


Rojo height: 504 px | 1.6256 meters

Rojo face: 56 px | 0.18062222222 px

Rojo face 20 px | 0.18062222222 meters

Main gun: 67 px | 0.60508444443 meters

Tank diameter: 462 px | 4.17237333323 meters

Tank length: 520 px | 4.69617777766 meters

Tank diameter: 182 px | 4.17237333323 meters

Tank height: 104 px | 2.38421333327 meters

Tank volume: 46.716769411673 meters3

Main gun: 162 px | 0.60508444443 meters

Half sphere thing diameter: 354 px | 1.32222156374 meters

Radius: 0.66111078187 meters

Volume: 1.2103509887946 meters3/2 = 0.60517549439 meters3

Main gun diameter: 211 px | 0.60508444443

Radius: 0.30254222221 meters

Main gun length: 638 px | 1.82959182723 meters

Volume: 0.52610940961686 meters3

Handle diameter: 95 px | 0.27243138493 meters

Radius: 0.13621569…

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GodlyCharmander GodlyCharmander 1 day ago

Gems disperses clouds

The feat

The angle is kind of awkward, but the mountain there seems good for pixelscaling.

1st Pixelscaling

Garnet: 59px/234.5cm

Ship's finger: 129px = (129/59)*234.5 = 512.72cm

2nd Pixelscaling

Ship's finger: 24px/512.72cm

Mountain: 274px = (274/24)*512.72 = 58.5355333333m


3rd (and last) Pixelscaling

Thanks to my great buddy photoshop, I was able to get the very first frame of the dispersion, and I know it took 8 frames to get the edge off the screen, so that's gonna be useful.

Mountain: 121px/58.5355333333m

Radius of Revolution (R): 304px = (304/121)*58.5355333333 = 147.064480441m

Tube radius (r): 32px = (32/121)*58.5355333333 = 15.4804716253m

Volume (Torus): 695674m³

Mass (1.003kg/m³) = 697761.022kg

Inner edge of the ring to the edge of the screen: …

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Chariot190 Chariot190 1 day ago

JoJo - Part 8 SHA

  • 1 Context
  • 2 Morioh Scaling
  • 3 Area
  • 4 Mass
  • 5 Shift
  • 6 Result
  • 7 Inverse Square Law

SHA (A Mobile Tank Bomb that explodes (2-3) goes boom, the shockwave/blast whatever causes an earthquake (JMA wikipedia article). Which we're told was a 3 on the JMA scale, it effected central Morioh, the blast happened on Morioh Pier, and there was also a tsunami but we never see that, just told it's gonna happen.

But anyway what matters is that it was a 3 and it effected central Morioh.

Also it was pretty fucking violent, splitting the earth, destroying land, etc, near the coast.

As seen here, even referenced and shown again as late as the end of WoU, aka, literally a few months ago.

Ok so, in the very first chapter of Part 8, we're told that Central Morioh is 3km wide, now, …

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Cider621 Cider621 1 day ago

Mr Beast Clip dump

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Mr Beast
  • 3 Karl
  • 4 Chandler
  • 5 Chris

Both feats and weakness clips will be shown, comment clips that I should add

Also, they all scale in AP and Durability to each other, as they can hurt each other :)

  • Casually threw a Pool Noodle so hard it pierced through Karl's abdomen
  • Used a samurai sword to cut Chandler's arm off before he could react
  • Was lucky enough to find a perfect SpongeBob popsicle first try
  • Was outsped, caught and, overpowered by Chris (Though he claimed he could've broke free)
  • Claimed the events of this video were fake ONLY because he " -would have asked if he wanted to do double or nothing with that Tesla for a private jet!" (Though it is only a claim and might not hold viability)
  • Was lucky enough to make a backwards half-court shot
  • Ca…

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Peridot's Pod Crashes

So in this scene, Peridot's pod crashes into the Earth at high speeds. It was calced here but used an inaccurate angsize formula. I'll be placing the size and mass calcs here and recalcing the distance the pod traveled.

According to them, Peridot's head is about 60.0000001 cm or 0.600000001 m. Peridot's head in the scene is 80 px and the pod is about 254 px tall.

(0.600000001/80)*254=1.90500000318 m or a radius of 0.95250000159 m

They don't list the exact scene they used to compare Pearl's height to the pod's thickness so I'm just going to assume it's this scene based on memory. According to them, Pearl is about 1.7 m. Pearl was 324 px tall and the thickness of the pod was 12 px.

(1.7/324)*12=0.06296296296 m


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Monkey Dunno Monkey Dunno 1 day ago

Miraculous' Calcs: Toreto

Paris overage population makes up to 1823263 individuals as of 2016

Average weight in Europe it’s 70.8 kg

  • 1823263*70.8 = 129087020.4 kg

The Kármán line (boundary between the outer space and the atmosphere) begins at 100 km

  • PE = mgh
  • PE = 129087020.4*9.8*100000
  • PE= 1.2650528e+14 joules, 30235.4875717017203 tons of tnt or Town level

It took 208 frames, so:

  • 208/25 = 8.32 seconds
  • 93818112.9031/8.32 = 11276215.4932 m/s, 0.03761340618248642 c or Sub-Relativistic
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TheRustyOne TheRustyOne 1 day ago

Two Heroes: Double Detroit Smash

I'm sure we're all tired of this movie calc, but I swear I have a good reason to do this.

I've found that the movie itself actually labels the height of the tower, which we can us to find the actual size of the top platform.

This will be a redo of this calculation.

Scan 1

Tower Height = 865 m (365 px)

Top Platform Diameter = 146.931506849 m (62 px)

Scan 2

Top Platform Diameter = 146.931506849 m (382 px)

Wolfram Tower = 6.15419923975 m (16 px)

Scan 3

Wolfram Tower = 6.15419923975 m (142 px)

Cube Size = 64.0123399797 m (1477 px)

Volume = 262295.66290925 m^3

Steel Density = 8050 kg/m^3

Cube Weight = 262295.66290925 x 8050 = 2111480086.42 kg

Scan 4/5

These scans are 1 frame apart.

Cube Size = 64.0123399797 m (348 px)

Cube Distance = 59.9655828545 m (326 px)


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Aguywhodoesthings Aguywhodoesthings 1 day ago

Sony's MU: Some Carnage speed feats

so basically carnage jumps between prison platforms during his escape by using his tendrils

Man: 311 pixels

177cm : 311 = 0.5691cm

Distance between platforms: 1012 pixels

1012 x 0.5691 = 575.92cm or 5.7592m

but carnage also jumped vertically and not just horizontally

Carnage appears to jump 1 level up so i'll calc the distance between levels

Man: 43 pixels

177cm : 43 = 4.116cm

Distance between levels: 162 pixels

162 x 4.116cm = 666.792cm or 6.66792m

total distance = 5.7592m + 6.66792m = 12.42712m

carnage appears to reach one platform from the other in around 6 frames or 0.25s

12.42712m : 0.25s = 49.70m/s (Subsonic)

i'll go off the trailer for this one, feat here

Cletus: 184 pixels

Screen height: 1034 pixels

Cletus' actor is 1.77m

Distance between Cletus and …

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DragonGamerZ913 DragonGamerZ913 1 day ago

Darker Than Black: Tokyo Explosion

In Darker Than Black, a chunk of a giant wall gets violently fragmented. I'll be calculating the yield of this feat.

Note: The anime is actually the source material for this feat so I'll be using the anime.

This appears to be a skyscraper, which has to be at least 150 meters tall, so I'll use 150 meters as a lowball. In addition, only about half of it is shown in this shot so I'll chop that in half to 75 meters.

Half of Skyscraper Height = 75 meters = 71 px

75 / 71 = 1.05633 meters per px

Crater(?) Diameter = 67 px = 70.77 meters

Crater(?) Radius = 70.77 / 2 = 35.39 meters

Crater(?) Height = 78.19 meters

I'll use a quarter-ellipsoid for the volume of this thing.

Quarter-Ellipsoid Volume = ((4/3) * pi * 35.39^2 * 78.19) / 4 = 102551.25 meters^3 = 1.0…

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HalilAssassino HalilAssassino 1 day ago

Mortal Blade/Sandbox

The Mortal Blade Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is also an obtainable item. It is the twin blade of the Black Mortal Blade. It is a blade that has been stored for a long time inside the Senpou Temple. Like it's black counterpart, the Mortal Blade has a real name and it is Gracious Tears.

Tier: 7-C

Name: Fushigiri, Undying Slayer, Mortal Blade, Hairui, Gracious Tears

Origin: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 

Age: Likely centuries old

Classification: Great Odachi, Anti-Immortality Weapon

Powers and Abilities: Immortality and Regeneration Negation (Which negate types 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8), Death Manipulation (the Mortal Blade will kill anyone who tries to unsheath it.) 

Attack Potency: Town level (Can injure and permanently kill the Divine Dragon)

Speed: None 

Striking S…

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Yar R ağı 7k Yar R ağı 7k 2 days ago

Ultimate Elementor moves the clouds (Recalc)

This calculation was done before by demonicdude, but there was a problem with the speed of the clouds, so it needs to be recalculated.


To determine the extent of the clouds we can calculate at least to the distance the aircraft are traveling, I will assume the drones are at top speed because they are facing enemy troops.

Drones are the best speed is supersonic.

In this video, we see the distance the drones go until the time interval of 18:17:77-18:55:66, we can get the extension of the clouds at least from this distance with a low value. (Even though the drones have maneuvers, they seem to be moving straight)

37.89 (Second)*377.3 m/s (Supersonic speed) = 14.295897 km

3.16 seconds.

14.295897/3.16 = 4524.01804 m/s


Calculated on the blog I …

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GodlyCharmander GodlyCharmander 2 days ago

Killua's Speed

All credits go to ChaosTheory123 (I just redid the pixelscaling)

Killua's arm moves at the same time as his own lightning (It happened in the same panel). Killua's Electricity is accepted as being lightning speed.

  • Killua = 755px/158cm (Official height)
  • Killua's arm = 197px = (197/755)*158 = 41.23cm

  • Killua's arm = 20px/41.23cm
  • Lightning = 644px = (644/20)*41.23 = 13.27606m

While Killua DID move his arm 180°, the lightning didn't start traveling until more than halfway through, so, I will use 60°.

60 ° = 1.0472 rad

Movement: 41.23 × 1.0472 = 43.176056cm, or 0.43176056m

13.27606/0.43176056 = 30.7486631016x slower than lightning.

• Speed: 440000/30.7486631016 = 14309.5652174m/s, or Mach 41.72 (High Hypersonic)

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Maverick Zero X Maverick Zero X 2 days ago

Knuckles punches the moon


Knuckles creates a light ball from his fist impact.


Angsize formula = 2atan(tan(70deg/2)*[object length/panel height])

Solving for distance to the moon's middle from the screen = 2atan(tan(70deg/2)*[858/753]) = 77.16895470951 degrees

Moon diameter = 3,474,800 meters


Solving for distance, size is 3,474,800 and angle is 77.16895470951, distance is 2.1776E6 meters

Moon radius = 1,737,400 meters

Distance to the screen from the moon's frontal surface to the camera is therefore = 2.1776E6 - 1,737,400 = 440200 meters

Solving for the size of the light ball now:

2atan(tan(70deg/2)*[26/753]) = 2.76995799187333 degrees


Solving for size;…

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Weapon Master OC

Raphael is a minor character in the Ragnarok RP. A hotheaded man, he seeks to prove himself the strongest martial artist in the dream world.


Name: Raphael

Origin: Ragnarök RP

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Classification: Human, Dreamer, self proclaimed prodigy.

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: Low Complex Multiversal to High Complex Multiversal (Can somewhat keep up with Rory in combat, nearly killed King Tiger in the past)

Speed: Immeasurable (Can react to attacks from Rory, swifter then King Tiger by a noticeable amount. Far higher using certain Weaponless style techniques)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (Can grapple with King Tiger)

Striking Strength: Low Complex Multiversal to High Complex Multiversal

Durability: Low Complex Multiversal to High Complex Multiversal…

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Yar R ağı 7k Yar R ağı 7k 2 days ago

Granblue Fantasy Calculation

I'm doing these calculations at the request of TheGreatJedi13 (to the Calculations Requests Thread)

I will use condensation method.

Gales are usually cumulonimbus type clouds.

5.101e+14 m^2 (Surface area of the entire Earth)*8000 m = 4.0808e+21 m^3

2 g/m^3 (Liquid Water Content)

8.1616e+18 kg.

2264705 J/kg * 8.1616e+18 = 1.8483616e+25 Joule, 4417.690248566 Teratons Of TNT or 6-A/Continent Level.

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Sir Ovens Sir Ovens 2 days ago

Scissor Seven: Monk's Balls Drop On A Girl's Face

Feat happens here.

Now I will calculate two things. The crater caused by the dropped ball and the KE of the dropped ball.

The average height of a Chinese woman is 158 cm.

Thirteen is 226 px.

158 / 226 = 0.69911504424 cm/px

Red line is 1714 px.

Teal line is 1398 px.

Pink line is 235 px.

0.69911504424 x 1714 = 1198.28318583 cm

0.69911504424 x 1398 = 977.362831848 cm

0.69911504424 x 235 = 164.292035396 cm

I will use this calculator to find the volume of the crater.

Volume: 612876479.51285 cm^3

Pulv of rock is 214 j/cc

214 x 612876479.51285 = 131155566616 j (8-B)

The average height of a Chinese woman is 158 cm.

Thirteen is 27 px.

158 / 27 = 5.85185185185 cm/px

Light Blue line is 296 px.

5.85185185185 x 296 = 1732.14814815 cm

I will use Jasper for the material of …

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Sir Ovens Sir Ovens 2 days ago

Scissor Seven: Muscle Man Breaks Walls

Feat happens here.

For context, the guy was breaking through walls made of wood, stone, copper, and iron. I will calc frag and violent frag values. All the walls are of equal width, but increase in thickness so I will be an extreme lowball using the volume of the stone wall.

The average Chinese man's height is 169.7cm

Seven is 344px in height.

169.7 / 344 = 0.49331395348 cm/px

Stone wall is 679px by 87px.

0.49331395348 x 679 = 334.960174413 cm (Height)

0.49331395348 x 87 = 42.9183139528 cm (Breadth)

The average man's face length is 25.5cm

Seven's face is 369px.

25.5 / 369 = 0.06910569105 cm/px

Wooden wall is 898px wide.

0.06910569105 x 898 = 62.0569105691 cm (Length)

62.0569105691 x 42.9183139528 x 334.960174413 = 892125.549609 cm^3

Fragmentation of iro…

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I have sand ground I have sand ground 2 days ago

Surturr speed via sheer size

Hello there.Today to decided to do an speed calc for mcu surturr large key type 3 using speed via sheer size formula . https://www.fxguide.com/fxfeatured/building-character-with-thor-part2/?cn-reloaded=1 as confirmated here surturr grew to like 4k meters tall.To find surturr speed we need to do the formula " difference in height×speed in the small form" So first we divide surturr height by average american height which is 1.77 m tall. …

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ByAsura ByAsura 2 days ago

Gunbuster Recalculations

  • 1 Dual Flank Attack
    • 1.1 Low-End
    • 1.2 High-End
  • 2 Exelion Firepower
  • 3 Black Hole Exelio
    • 3.1 Effects on Pluto
  • 4 Final Tally

Gunbuster = 978 px / 240 m

Pylon = 219 px / 53.7423312883 m

Pylon = 11.2 px / 53.7423312883 m

Width = 576.1 px / 2764.37116564 m

Length = 571.73 px / 2743.40205959 m

Formula is πr^2 h/3, where r is the radius of the circular face, and h is the height of the cone.

π * 1382.18558282^2 (2743.40205959 / 3) = 5488463693.01 m³

Using human density, which is 985 kg/m3

5488463693.01 * 985 = 5.4061367e+12 kg

Cruiser Types are actually capable of moving at 0.4 C.

  • Relative velocity of the enemy group is 40% lightspeed. 40 minutes remaining until we make contact.

Using the RKE calculator gets 2.4477703e+27 at 0.1 C and 4.4258482e+28 J at 0.4 C.

Extended media portray it as larger …

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TimmyTurnero TimmyTurnero 2 days ago

Gran Torino blitz Deku

In My hero Academia Chapter 47 Gran Torino blitz Deku and he possibly does this before the sound of his statement could reach Deku. I'll just go with the assumption of this happening, if it's agreed that it doesn't happen then I won't use it.


Heads are said to be 13% of the bodies height so I'll use this to find the height of Deku's head. 1.66m is Deku's height so his head height is 1.66x.13=0.2158m.

  • Deku's head is .36
  • Total distance Gran Torino traveled is 19.34
  • Panel height is 5

Using this the distance Gran Torino traveled is 11.59m and using angular distancing, the distance from POV (where sound would have traveled from) is 3.16m.

Speed of Gran Torino woul…

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CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 2 days ago

Dragon Burns Down A Stone Wall

Pointed out by Anomalous_N_I_W_D_E here dragon is capable of burning down this large section of rock so I'll treat it like a cylinder then apply pulv values since nothing is left

Shrek 106 px = 213.36 cm

Stone Diameter 512 px = 1030.5690566 cm

radius for that 515.2845283 cm

Stone Thickness 66 px = 132.846792453 cm

now the volume π*515.2845283^2*132.846792453 = 110814132.537 cc

the pulverization value of rock is 214 j/cc so

214 * 110814132.537 = 23714224362.9 joules or 5.667835650788719 tons of tnt Large Building Level pretty neat!

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GruntsMan889 GruntsMan889 2 days ago

Killer Bean: Killer Bean Tanks an Explosion

In the Killer Bean Forever Movie, Killer Bean tanks and survives the impact of an motorcycle exploding

First, according to here Killer Bean is 12'5" or 3.78 meters tall

Killer Bean Height: 608px/3.78 m

Killer Bean's Arm: 292px/1.81539 m

Bean's Arm: 150px/1.81539 m

Explosion Diameter: 788px/9.53687 m

Explosion Radius: 9.53687/2 = 4.76843 m or 0.00476843 km

Air Explosion Formula: Yield: Y = ((x/0.28)^3)/1000 with Y in megatons of TNT and x the radius in km.

((0.00476843/0.28)^3)/1000 = 4.93914915e-9 Megatons or 20665.4000436 Kilojoules

We divide by two since this is non-nuclear

20665.4000436/2 = 10332.7000218 Kilojoules, Wall level+

But we are not done yet

Formula to know distance = object size * panel height in pixels/[object height in pixels*2*tan(70deg/…

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Jackythejack Jackythejack 2 days ago

Mad Father Calc: Doll smashes through stone


Aya is 81 pixels

Average 11 year old girl height is 1.44 meters. That’s .0178 meters per pixel.

The hole is 133 pixels tall. That’s 2.3674 meters. It’s also 43 pixels wide. About .76 meters. I’m gonna assume it’s about half a meter wide. I’m gonna assume it’s a foot thick. About .3 meters.

Using it as a triangle shape, this would be 71,022 cm3 in volume. I think I did the calculation right not entirely sure

Plug in the numbers for violent frag and pulverization for two separate ends (there’s no debris left behind so I’ll let the calc guys decide) and you get

V. Frag: 4,900518 joules

Pulv: 15,198,708

Both wall level, but one considerably bigger than the other. This should at least scale to Aya's durability, since she can take hits from these dol…

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Earthyboy Earthyboy 2 days ago

Two Heroes: Deku Bullet Dodging

In My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Deku manages to gunfire from the gunman hired by Wolfram. I will be calculating how fast Deku moved here along with his acceleration and the force in his leap.

Firstly, we'll need something to compare the distance Deku traveled, and the distance the bullet traveled. This will be the height of the gunman.

  • Gunman height = 561.33 pixels | I'll assume the gunman is of the average height for Japanese males, which comes out to be 170.7 centimeters.

Then we can compare the distance between the bullet and the bullet hole it created in the next frame.

  • Distance from the bullet to Deku's heard = 113.32 pixels | 34 centimeters.

Now we need to measure the distance Deku must've crossed in order for him to evade the bullet in s…

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ShivaShakti ShivaShakti 2 days ago

Carmilla (Sheridan Le Fanu)

Carmilla is the titular character, originating from the Novel of the same name. When Laura was merely 6 years old, she dreamt of a beautiful woman approaching her in the dark of night and biting into her neck. 12 years later, by chance she meets a woman named Carmilla, who bares the exact countenance she beheld in her dream. After an accident occurs that leaves the lady in a state of injury and languor, Carmilla is left to stay with Laura and her Father in their Schloss. Over the course of her temporary residence, she begins enticing and courting Laura, with the aim of feeding off her, and attaining her love.

Tier: At least 10-A

Name: Mircalla Karnstein, "Carmilla", "Mirllaca"

Origin: Carmilla (Sheridan Le Fanu)

Gender: Female

Age: Atleast 100 years …

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Amelia Lonelyheart Amelia Lonelyheart 2 days ago

DC: Street tier recalcs (speed)

These calcs seem very poorly done and were mostly disagreed with. Iunno why we use them.

Not calcing "Katana reacts to bullets" because it almost certaintly comes from Pre-Crisis and "Katana and Batman react to bullets" for the same reason. That just leaves the baseball (actually cricket smh) and the uzi feats.

Also calcing other noteworthy speed feats I find.

Feat here. Shadow of the Bat Vol 1 22.

Speed of a cricketball when pitched is about 100 km/h. I'll assume that a ball after being hit is roughly comparable because I can't find any other figure. That is 27.7 m/s


Batman is 1.87m

2atan(tan(35deg)*(253/496)) = 0.68608239 rad
2atan(tan(35deg)*(269/496)) = 0.72585646 rad
0.68608239×180°/π = 39.30962534°
0.72585646×180°/π = 41.58851169°

Using human p…

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Katana Zero - Explosions

Some bombs pulverize the floor

I will calculate only the steel part, because it will simplify everything

Headhunter = 68pxl | 1.905 (Comparable to Fifteen)

Red Line = 86pxl | 2.40926470588

Orange Line = 53pxl | 1.17401162791

Lenght = 1.727

Volume = 2.40926470588*1.17401162791*1.727

Volume = 4.88482775405m^3 or 4884827.75405cm^3

The pulverization value of the steel is 655J/cm^3

Energy = 3199562178.9 Joules or 0.76471371388 tons (8-C)

It took 3.5 bomb to pulverize this part

Energy per bomb = 0.21848963253 tons (9-A+)

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TimmyTurnero TimmyTurnero 2 days ago

Bakugo destroys some cubes

  • 1 Context
  • 2 Measurements
  • 3 Strength of the explosion
  • 4 Conclusion

In My Hero Academia: Two heroes, Bakugo goes beyond his limits and unleashes a colossal explosion which destroys several steel cubes. I'll calculate the energy of this attack.

The size of the cubes have already been found by Vs Wiki at 11.88m so I'll use that for reference.

  • .22 is the height of the cube
  • 9.56 is the diameter of the explosion

Using this the explosion's diameter comes out to 516.24 meters/2 for radius 258.12m.

The volume of a single cube is [[1]] cubic centimeters. This times 7 as thats how many he destroyed. [[2]] CC.

Since this is a air explosion, I'll use the air burst formula.

Y = ((x/0…

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Yar R ağı 7k Yar R ağı 7k 2 days ago

Inaba reacting a shoot gun

I'm doing these calculations at the request of Muuuuh (to the Calculations Requests Thread)

Guy Head = 47 px

Inaba head = 33 px = 0.239 m (For average head height)

Panel = 345 px

(0.239)*(345)/[(33)*2tan(70/2 deg)] = 1.78421127115 m

Thompson Submachine Gun is around 600 rpm, and that means 10 revolutions per second.

Thompson Submachine Gun is 285 m/s.


T = 1.78421127115/285

T = 0.00626039042 s


Head = 57 px = 0.239 m

Arm = 133 px = 0.55766666666666666666 m

Using 60 degree.

M = (0.55766666666666666666) * (60) * (Pi) /180

M' = 0.58398716771 m

10 (swings per second)

M = 5.8398716771 m


V = 5.8398716771/0.00626039042

V = 932.828671267 m/s, or Supersonic+

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Revan Laha Revan Laha 2 days ago

Eternals: Power Scaling explained

Eternals release is two weeks away. But fortunately and unfortunately, the plot details got leaked before the release because of the movie premiere. However, it's enough to understand the power scaling of the team. It's a bit complicated. Not your usual MCU power scaling. If you want to continue reading, please remember, there are SPOILERS AHEAD.

In the final act of the movie, Sersi is amplified by the energy of 5 other Eternals- Thena, Kingo, Phastos, Druig and Makkari- with the Uni-Mind. After getting amped, Sersi decimates the Celestial Tiamut by turning him into marble. She still had some energy left to turn Sprite into a human. Tiamut is able to perform a feat of this level.

Something big splashes into water.

The feat has the energy equiva…

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LazyHunter LazyHunter 3 days ago

TWoB Blog - Beatrice

This blog page is a compilation of feats and quotes for Beatrice, the protagonist and main heroine of The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman That Made Being the Strongest Even More Trouble – His Name? Boo Boo, a light novel from Kamachi Kazuma.

Like all human adventurers, Beatrice uses Magic to empower her own body with various boosts, such as 300% STR or 500% AGI, which increase their physical abilities to superhuman levels. As a highly experienced Level Capper, Beatrice is fast enough even other humans have trouble following her movements and strong enough to put up a fight against some of the strongest creatures in Ground's Nir.

Beatrice's single-minded focus on the Fire element has left her with 100% Fire Resistance. This…

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ArkhamDC06 ArkhamDC06 3 days ago

Gilgamesh (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Gilgamesh is the strongest and kindest member of the community of genetically-engineered Eternals who came to Earth from Olympia. He was exiled alongside his de-facto partner, Thena

Tier: 6-A

Name: Gilgamesh

Origin: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Gender: Male

Age: At least 7000 years old (Eternals came to Earth around 5000 BCE. in Ancient Mesopotamia)

Classification: Eternal

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1, Eternals are genetically able to live forever, without dying due to old age or illnesses), Cosmic Energy Manipulation, Creation (Can create an exosqueletton made of cosmic energy), Statistics Amplification (His exosqueletton amplifies his strength and his durability), Master Combattant, Resistance to Diseas…

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