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Characters like Captain Marvel/Shazam were given their powers by some sort of blessing.


Blessed refers to a state in which the character in question is provided a boon by another being.

The character who is giving the blessing does not necessarily need to be a higher tier than the character who has been blessed. It's also important to note that in many cases a granted blessing is dependent upon the one who gave the blessing to maintain or continue to approve of the blessing, and they could decide to revoke it if they wanted to.


Blessings can take many forms. Here are just some examples:

  • Movement - A character may be blessed with movement beyond what they would normally be able to accomplish on their own, such as Flight or walking on surfaces like water, clouds, or lava.
  • Protection - A character may be blessed with protections such as Resistance to certain types of attacks and abilities or it may be harder than usual to successfully strike at the character due to Probability Manipulation or other means.
  • Resurrection - A character may be blessed with the ability to come back to life after being killed via automatic Resurrection or by granting them control of their reincarnation process or via some artifact imbued with Soul Manipulation properties.
  • Power - A character may be blessed with access to a much larger pool of power/mana/chi/energy/etc. than they would have on their own, or granted the ability to use magic that would otherwise be impossible or draw negative attention from higher beings.


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