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Bleach is a popular shonen made by Tite Kubo in 2001. It basically follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki who starts off in high school and always had the ability to see ghosts, Shinigami and Hollows. The beginning parts of the story delve around his friends, Rukia and hollows. Eventually once he gains Rukia's powers, he becomes a Shinigami and eventually become more involved with them and their enemies, Hollows.

Like the rest of the Holy Shounen Trinity, Bleach started out relatively modestly powerful but got more impressive feats as the series progressed. As of the last arc, Bleach boasts of High tiers ranging from Town level+ all the way up to Large Island level, Top tiers ranging from Large Country level to Multi-Continent level, and the God Tiers sitting at Planet level. The verse is also known for its speed, with even weaker officers at Gotei 13 and Arrancar numbers being at least Massively Hypersonic, while someone at Captain Shinigami's level or higher is Relativistic for FTL, and the divine layer being FTL and Merged Hollow Form Ichigo's Bankai making him FTL+.

Bleach also has a variety of hax such as: Reality Warping, Illusion Creation, Future Manipulation, Past Manipulation, Restructuring, Name Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Two Hit Kill, Invulnerability, Absolute Zero, Power Absorption, Power Nullification, Power Mimicry, Age Manipulation, Reactive Evolution, Invisibility, Intangibility, Memory Manipulation, Durability Negation, Empathic Manipulation, Sealing, Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, etc.

In addition, most Bleach characters are invisible to those without spiritual powers and can fly. They can also cross into different realms, making conventional BFR hard to use against them. Shinigami are able to use Kidō to seal and bind. Quincy can absorb surrounding energy and can use Blut to enhance their defense or offense capabilities.

Currently, credit for the vast majority of technique descriptions belongs to the Bleach Wiki.

  • Edrad Liones's Attack Potency - 61.698 Kilotons (Town level+)
  • Toshiro's Tenso Jurin - 906.24 Megatons (Mountain level+)
  • Fullbring Shikai Ichigo disperses a rainstorm - 14.68 Gigatons (Island level)
  • Gran Rey Cero - 120.928 Gigatons (Large Island level)
  • Yamamoto destroys Karakura Town - 795.59 Gigatons (Large Island level)
  • Ulquiorra’s Lanza del Relampago - 894 Gigatons (Large Island level+)
  • Cero is an order of magnitude lower than Cero Oscuras - 3.366 Teratons (Small Country level)
  • Urahara's Hado 99 - 2.42 Teratons (Small Country level) to 12.13 Teratons (Country level)
  • Gremmy's Meteor - 10.6 Teratons (Country level)
  • Ulquiorra’s Cero Oscuras - 33.66 Teratons (Country level)
  • Yamamoto destroys Soul Society - 1.63 Petatons (Continent level)
  • Senna Pushing Planets Away - 278.35 Zettatons (Planet level)

  • Soul Society Arc Orihime's Combat Speed - Mach 7.41 (Hypersonic)
  • Post-Bankai Training Ichigo's Combat Speed - Mach 107 (Massively Hypersonic)
  • Ichigo reacting to Kamishini - Mach 2631 (Massively Hypersonic+)
  • True Shikai Ichigo's Combat speed - Mach 4042.15 (Massively Hypersonic+)
  • Uryu's Perception speed - 0.01c (Sub-Relativistic)

  • Attack Potency

    • Characters that are Island level from Arrancar Arc is 22.65 Gigatons
    • Characters that are Large Island level from Arrancar Arc is 566.25 Gigatons
    • Characters that are Country level from Arrancar Arc is 33.66 Teratons.


    • Characters that are Massively Hypersonic from Arrancar Arc is Mach 873.45
    • Characters that are Sub-Relativistic from Arrancar Arc is 0.02c
    • Characters that are Relativistic from Arrancar Arc is 0.12c
    • The Relativistic from Possessed by Zangetsu Ichigo is 0.24c

    Threads Discussing the Multipliers and Scaling

    Blut (血装 (ブルート), Burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise"): A Quincy ability that gives one inhuman defensive and offensive capability by making Reishi flow into their blood vessels.

    Bringer Light (完現光 (ブリンガーライト), Buringā Raito; lit. "Full Manifestation Light"): Fullbringers can induce states of high-speed movement through Fullbring. Such movements are accompanied by the flickering of a green luminescence called which is the preliminary for each high-speed movement. This speed is achieved through a variety of different uses of Fullbring. By pulling on the soul of the ground beneath their feet, Fullbringers can increase its elasticity, greatly enhancing their jumping ability as a result. In addition, by Fullbringing the air around them, they can accelerate their movements. Doing so can consequentially strengthen the force of their blows.

    Dangai: (断界, Parsing World), also known as the Precipice World, is the dimension between Soul Society and the Human World, separated from space and time.

    Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), Garuganta; Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity"): is how Arrancar and Hollows move to and from Hueco Mundo.

    Hakuda (白打, White Hits): is a close-combat style of fighting, in which one is unarmed and uses only one's body, and is one of the four basic fighting styles of the Shinigami. Captain Suì-Fēng of the 2nd Division excels in this style. High-speed Taijutsu (体術, Body Skill) attacks are used to overwhelm the opponent. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class. It seems to be a combination of several martial arts.

    Hirenkyaku (飛廉脚, Flying Screen Step; Viz: "Flying Bamboo-Blind Leg"): is an advanced Quincy movement technique, allowing the user to move at high speed by riding on the flow of Reishi created below their feet. Essentially, it is the Quincy equivalent to the Shinigami's Shunpo and the Arrancar's Sonído.

    Hohō (歩法, Step Method; Viz "Fast Movement"): is a defensive style of fighting which relates to footwork, it is one of the four basic combat skills of the Shinigami. Hohō is an important skill for most Shinigami, which incorporates speed and agility. The skill level of Hohō can be enhanced and improved through concentration, training, and mastery of it.

    • Shunpo (瞬歩, Flash Steps): is a movement technique which allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. The focal point which determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main factor of the technique, the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. Training and skill are what determines how fast a user of Shunpo can move; users of little skill in the technique or those who have not used it for an extended period of time would obviously be out of practice, causing them to be considerably slower, which requires the use of more steps to move the same distance and become winded in a shorter amount of time.

    Kidō (鬼道, Demon/Spirit Way; Viz "Soul Reaper's powers"/"Spells"; sometimes translated as "Demon Arts"): is a form of Shinigami combat based on advanced spells. These spells are produced with strong Reiryoku and fall into two categories: Hadō for direct attacks, and Bakudō for battle support. It is one of the techniques in the Zankensoki, the group of Shinigami primary combat skills. Kidō spells are triggered by an incantation. Experienced users can trigger them without an incantation, though the effectiveness of the spell may be diminished.

    Muken (無間, Avici): is the eighth and final level of the underground prison. Muken is a voided space completely sealed off from the outside world, aside from the main tower that serves as the entrance and exit. The realm stretches on infinitely.

    Reiatsu (霊圧, Spiritual Pressure): is the physical force/pressure that a person’s Reiryoku creates when released. Most Shinigami, Arrancar and Quincy can manipulate the release of their Reiatsu.

    • Reikaku: (霊覚, Spiritual Sense) or "Reiatsu Chikaku" (霊圧知覚, Spiritual Pressure Perception). The senses by which one feels and pick up on Reiatsu. Every person that has Reiatsu subconsciously uses both their sense of vision and their Reikaku at the same time in order to see. When concentrating in the midst of battle, Reikaku takes over an overwhelming amount of perception. In other words, the subconscious begins to stop seeing with “eyes”.

    Reiraku (霊絡, Spirit Coils): are the visualization of Reiryoku into ribbons, which spiritually aware beings can follow.

    Reiryoku (霊力, Spiritual Power): is a power aligned with the spiritual sensitivity and willpower of the user. It is used by Shinigami and other spiritual beings to provide power for their various abilities.

    Reishi (霊子, Spirit Particles): is the main component material of Souls and all spiritual matter.

    Sonído (響転 (ソニード), Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound", Japanese for "Sound Ceremony"): is a high-speed movement technique of the Arrancar. It is equivalent to the Shinigami's Shunpo and the Quincy's Hirenkyaku, which are roughly equal in terms of speed.

    Zanjutsu (斬術, Swordsmanship; Viz "Art of the Sword"; Cutting Technique): is the fighting style for the Zanpakutō (i.e. sword fighting) and is one of the four basic fighting styles of the Shinigami. It is shameful for a Shinigami to not master at least this technique. It is the specialty of Captain Kenpachi Zaraki of the 11th Division.


    Karakura Town Crew

    Karakura Town Crew
    Ichigo Kurosaki (Pre-Timeskip) Ichigo Kurosaki (Post-Timeskip) Orihime Inoue Uryū Ishida
    Ichigo Kurosaki (Pre-TS) Ichigo Kurosaki (Post-TS) Orihime Inoue Ishida Uryū
    Yasutora Sado (Chad) Urahara Kisuke Yoruichi Shihoin Isshin Kurosaki
    Yasutora Sado Urahara Kisuke Shihoin Yoruichi Kurosaki Isshin
    Tsukabishi Tessai
    Tsukabishi Tessai



    Hirako Shinji Kensei Muguruma Love Aikawa Rojiro Otorobashi
    Hirako Shinji Muguruma Kensei Aikawa Love Ōtoribashi Rōjūrō
    Shinji Mask.png Kensei Mask.png Love Mask.png Rojuro Mask.png
    Lisa Yadomaru Kuna Mashiro Ushoda Hachigen Hiyori Sarugaki
    Yadomaru Lisa Kuna Mashiro Ushōda Hachigen Sarugaki Hiyori
    Lisa Mask.png Mashiro Mask 2.png Hachigen Mask.png Hiyori Mask.png



    Yhwach Jugram Haschwalth Pernida Parnkgjas Askin Nakk Le Vaar
    A B C D
    Yhwach Jugram Haschwalth Pernida Parnkgjas Askin Nakk Le Vaar
    The Almighty The Balance The Compulsory The Deathdealing
    Bambietta Basterbine As Nodt Liltotto Lamperd Bazz-B
    E F G H
    Bambietta Basterbine As Nodt Liltotto Lamperd Bazz-B
    The Explode The Fear The Glutton The Heat
    Cang Du Quilge Opie BG9 PePe Waccabrada
    I J K L
    Cang Du Quilge Opie BG9 PePe Waccabrada
    The Iron The Jail The K The Love
    Gerard Valkyrie Robert Accutrone Meninas McAllon Mask De Masculine
    M N P S
    Gerard Valkyrie Robert Accutrone Meninas McAllon Mask De Masculine
    The Miracle The N The Power The Superstar
    Candice Catnipp Gremmy Thoumeaux Guenael Lee Nianzol Weizol
    T V V W
    Candice Catnipp Gremmy Thoumeaux Guenael Lee Nianzol Weizol
    The Thunderbolt The Visionary The Vanishing Point The Wind
    Lille Barro Royd Lloyd Loyd Lloyd Giselle Gewelle
    X Y Y Z
    Lille Barro Royd Lloyd Loyd Lloyd Giselle Gewelle
    The X-Axis The Yourself The Yourself The Zombie


    Kugo Ginjo Shūkurō Tsukishima Yukio Hans Vorarlberna Jackie Tristan
    Kūgo Ginjō Shūkurō Tsukishima Yukio Hans Vorarlberna Jackie Tristan
    Moe Shishigawara
    Moe Shishigawara

    Canon Novel Characters

    Canon Novel Characters
    Azashiro Kenpachi Tokinada Tsunayashiro Aura Michibane Hikone Ubuginu
    The 8th Kenpachi
    Kenpachi Azashiro Tsunayashiro Tokinada Michibane Aura Ubuginu Hikone


    Soul King Mimihagi Zangetsu (Hollow Ichigo) Hikone Ubuginu
    Soul King Mimihagi Zangetsu Ishida Ryūken
    Yūshirō Shihōin Shiba Ganju Kon Arisawa Tatsuki
    Shihōin Yūshirō Shiba Ganju Kon Arisawa Tatsuki
    Kokuto Kageroza Inaba Nozomi Kujo Oko Yushima
    Kokuto Inaba Kageroza Kujo Nozomi Yushima Oko
    Jin Kariya Ururu Tsumugiya Fujimaru Kudo Koga Kuchiki
    Kariya Jin Ururu Tsumugiya Fujimaru Kudo Kuchiki Koga


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