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Bladix, "The Demon/Cursed Sword", is an experimental weapon created 2000 years ago in another galaxy.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C

Name: Bladix, "The Demon/Cursed Sword"

Origin: To Love-Ru Darkness

Age: 2000 years

Classification: Demon Sword

Wielders: Rin Kujou

Powers and Abilities: Body Jack, Blood Manipulation, Possession, Capable of give a regular human "super-human characteristics"

Attack Potency: Large Building level while wielded (Capable of matching Golden Darkness).

Speed: Subsonic via power-scaling (Also, blitzed Momo and Nana)

Durability: Large Building level while wielded (Shrug off multiples attacks from Yami). Unknown naturally (Just one punch from Yami, was enough to destroy it)

Range: Extended Melee Range

Weaknesses: It requires blood as a source of energy.

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