Black Hole Bomb

Mega Man possesses numerous weapons that can be used to generate black holes on demand.


Black Hole Creation is a subset of Gravity Manipulation that allows the user to generate black holes, regions of space-time with gravity so intense that even light cannot escape them. True black holes are virtually inescapable unless one can move faster-than-light and ignore conventional durability because the incredible tidal forces within the black hole approach infinity in all directions, making it virtually impossible to survive through normal means unless the target is an entire dimensional tier above the user.

It should be noted that characters who have survived black holes but can otherwise be harmed by other, conventional attacks will not be given infinite durability. They will instead be stated to simply have a resistance to black holes.

It should also be noted that, even if the projectile resembles a black hole and shares the same basic function, it does not automatically qualify to be a real black hole. For further information, please see Black Hole Feats in Fiction.


Various incarnations of Mega Man, Sirius (Mega Man)

Apollo (Zero Infinity - Devil of Maxwell)

Agito Makishima (Guyver)

Aurelion Sol (League of Legends)

Suika Ibuki (Touhou Project)

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