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Long ago, humanity was on the verge of being wiped out by a demon, but was saved by one extremely powerful mage who became known as the first Magic Emperor. In the present day, the story begins with your typical Shounen series protagonist, Asta, a kind-hearted youth with the hot-bloodedness to match, but not the height much to his chagrin. His childhood friend and rival, Yuno, is the exact opposite of him, being tall and stoic along with being carelessly blunt and rude. However, on the day in which the two gained their Grimoires, the spellbooks that would allow them to use magic and sign up for the Magic Knight Exam, it was discovered that Yuno received the legendary Four-Leaf Clover Grimoire, cementing his position and recognition as a genius. Asta, on the other hand, got... absolutely nothing. Frustrated, Asta went back to his usual physical training, where it is revealed that despite their differences, Asta and Yuno were childhood friends. Upon returning to town, he comes upon Yuno being bound by a magic-wielding bandit who sought to steal the Four-Leaf Grimoire to sell it for a high price. Despite Asta's best attempts to stop him, he is soon trounced by the bandit due to his lack of magic, where the bandit reveals that Asta has the strange condition of lacking any mana within him, thus invalidating his dream of becoming the Magic Emperor. Regardless, Asta refused to give up, and Yuno revealed that he still saw Asta as his best friend and rival. Suddenly, a pitch-black grimoire appeared before Asta, summoning a massive black sword for him to wield. Not taking this for granted, Asta took up the sword and pummeled the would-be bandit. After thanking Asta for saving them, they renewed the promise they made as children, vowing to see which one of them became the Magic Emperor!

Power of the Verse

Like most shonen verses, Black Clover starts at a modest level of power before becoming much stronger as the series progresses. Fodder characters are around Multi-City Block level while higher-tier characters range from City level to Large Mountain level. Later on, most lower-tier characters range from Large Mountain level+ to Island level+, along with some Large Island level characters, and the high tiers jump to Large Island level+ destruction. Finally, the god tiers are reached in the Spade War Arc, with multiple Small Country level characters existing.

Black Clover is also a very fast verse due to its incredibly early statements of light speed, with even the slowest characters reaching Relativistic speeds. Faster characters range from Relativistic+ to FTL, with Light Magic generally being Speed of Light and Demon Light Magic being FTL. Lastly, the god tiers reach at least FTL speeds. In terms of lifting strength, the verse is generally unimpressive, mostly housing Unknown to Superhuman level characters. However, a handful reach impressive levels, reaching Class G and Class T.

Like other magic verses, Black Clover has a variety of abilities, including ones that most mages can use such as the durability-boosting Mana Skin - which also provides Resistances to Heat Manipulation and Sleep Manipulation - and the Statistics Amplification provided by Reinforcement Magic. It also has some notable hax at its disposal. Abilities such as Asta’s Anti-Magic, Julius’ Existence Erasure & Time Manipulation, and Yami’s Durability Negation via Spatial Manipulation allow many characters to fight opponents stronger than themselves, making this verse very formidable.


Attack Potency (Main Calculations)

Attack Potency (Supporting Calculations)


Lifting Strength

Additional Scaling

  • The High 7-A+ characters like the base form Third Eye are upscaled far higher than William's Calc (2.65 Gigatons)
  • The 6-C characters like the Third Eye with their Evil Eye forms and the reincarnated elves scale to 10x William's Calc due to being stronger than a Sally - who is normally comparable to characters that are much stronger than beginning of series captains - that was boosted to be 10x stronger than normal (26.5 Gigatons)
  • The lowest 6-C+ characters like Valkyrie Dress Noelle and Royal Knights Arc Spirit Dive Yuno scale to 2x the 6-C characters due to a 6-C base Yuno fusing with Bell, adding her power to his own, which is at least as strong as him (53 Gigatons)
  • The highest 6-C+ characters like Elves' Invasion Arc Black Asta and Post-Timeskip Mimosa are scaled to 1/2 Demon Licht's Calc due to it taking the combined power of two characters to wound Zagred or fight back an explosion comparable to him (84.85 Gigatons)
  • The lowest High 6-C characters like Post-Timeskip Black Asta are upscaled far higher than the highest 6-C+ characters due to having gotten much stronger after training for six months (100 Gigatons)
  • The middle High 6-C characters like Sealed Licht are scaled at least 2x stronger than the lowest 6-C+ characters due to casually overpowering a combined attack from Black Asta and Spirit Dive Yuno (106 Gigatons)
  • The High 6-C+ characters such as Black Divider Asta are scaled to the combined power of the elves whose powers went into Licht's Ultimate Sword Magic (906.6 Gigatons)
  • The lowest Low 6-B characters like the Dark Triad are upscaled far higher than the High 6-C+ characters due to 50% Dante being far stronger than a post-timeskip Black Divider (1 Teraton)
  • The highest Low 6-B characters like Devil Union Asta and Lilith & Naamah's fusion are scaled at least 2x stronger than the lowest Low 6-B characters due to the fusion being stated to be stronger than the sum of its parts, each of whom are scaled to at least 1 teraton (2 Teratons)
  • The FTL characters like Royal Knights Arc Asta are scaled 2x faster than the Relativistic+ characters for intercepting an attack 2x faster than those characters (1.38c)


Mana「マナ Mana: A form of energy that is fundamental and invisible. It exists absolutely everywhere in nature and can make home into a living creature. Elves or Spirit Magic users are known to have the ability to manipulate Mana.

  • Mana Zone: An advanced Mana manipulation technique that allows the user to manipulate the Mana in the surrounding area.
  • Mana Method: Hearth Kingdom's unique magic technique that consists of channelling Mana into regular spells by creating runes out of sheer Mana, increasing their strength and abilities. It can be used to give orders to spells such as <Pursue>, <Cook> or <Get Faster>. Skilled Mana Method users are able to cast spells virtually indefinitely as they use Mana, which exists everywhere instead of Magic Power.

Negative Mana: This Mana boosts the power and capabilities of magic but also carries the risk of corrupting the bodies, minds, souls, and even the magic attribute of both users and victims alike.

Magic Power「魔力 Maryoku: When Mana makes home inside a living creature, it is converted into an energy that can influence other substances called Magic Power. It should be noted that the English translations often translate "Maryoku" as "Mana", which is incorrect as they are treated as being different in the original version.

  • Magic Bullets: A concentration of Magic Power that is launched at the target. It is so simple that mages can do it without the aid of grimoires. It can be shaped into a beam or a bullet.

Magic「魔法 Mahou: The refinement and application of Magic Power to perform a specific function, or spell.

  • Barrier Magic: A form of magic that allows the user to create magical barriers.
  • Binding Magic: A form of magic that allows the user to bind and restrict their opponent's movements. Additionally, this magic also disables the target's ability to use magic
  • Communication Magic: A form of magic that allows the user to transmit and project auditory and visual information.
  • Creation Magic: A form of magic that allows the users to shape various objects and entities from their magic.
  • Curse Magic: A form of magic that allows the user to include additional lasting negative effects to spells. The effects can range from dulled senses to debilitating sickness and even death.
  • Recovery Magic: A form of magic that allows the user to help themselves or others recovering from injuries.
  • Reinforcement Magic: A form of magic that allows the user to increase their physical abilities. Most mages apply this magic in some manner when fighting.
  • Sealing Magic: A form of magic that allows the user to place magical seals on a target. These seals have myriad purposes, including containing magic power and crystallizing mana.
  • Spirit Magic: A rare form of magic that allows the user to summon an elemental spirit. Mages who use this magic are known as Spirit Hosts.
  • Transformation Magic: A form of magic that allows a user to transform themselves into another person. It has been shown that users of this magic are fully capable of transforming into different ages, body types, and genders.
  • Trap Magic: A form of magic that allows the user to create and set magical traps.
  • Union Magic: A combination of two mages' spells into a single, far more powerful spell
    • Compound Magic: A combination of several mages' spells or more into a single, far more powerful spell.
  • Weakening Magic: A form of magic that allows the user to lower and weaken the physical abilities of the opponents.
Devil Power 「悪魔の力 Akuma no chikara: A strange demonic power that increases the Magic Power and the Magic of the user. As the percentage of Devil Power used increases, the boost in power increases as well and the user gains more devil features such as devil horns, devil wings, a devil tail and so on.






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Eye of the Midnight Sun

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