Black Alice
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Black Alice is an anti-hero who can temporarily take the magical powers of any being, gaining all their skills and power to protect her hometown of Dayton OH, but leaves the individual powerless in turn.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies

Name: Lori Zechlin, Black Alice 

Origin: DC Comics

Gender: Female

Age: 16 years old 

Classification: Magic User, Homo Magi

Powers and Abilities: Power Absorption, Can smell magic, has stolen the powers of ZatannaDoctor Fate, The Phantom Stranger, The SpectreAlan Scott, Raven, Captain Marvel, Etrigan, Lobo, Doctor Occult, Silver Banshee, Nightshade, Circe, Traci Thirteen, Enchantress, Wonder Woman, Misfit, Thunderbolt, Giganta, Kid Devil, and Felix Faust

Attack Potency: Varies depending on whose power she is using. Capable of stealing the powers of and depowering beings such as The Spectre and The Phantom Stranger. Defeated Eclipso with the Spectre's power. Stole the power of Thunderbolt, a djinn from the 5th dimension.

Speed: Varies 

Lifting Strength: Varies

Striking Strength: Varies

Durability: Varies

Stamina: Unknown (The more powerful magic she takes, the briefer time she can hold on to it)

Range: Varies

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: Average 

Weaknesses: The more powerful magic she takes control of, be it from one or multiple sources, the briefer time she can hold on to it, and she doesn't know exactly how long powers will stay before they go away. Power sufficiently beyond her comprehension can render her catatonic. Her power used to be limited to those within her line of sight, but her powers have since grown and she no longer has this limitation

Feats: Black Alice Respect Thread

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Magic Usurpation: The ability to temporarily usurp the magical powers of any being, even ones as powerful as the Spectre, gaining all its skills and power and leaving it powerless in turn. The limit to the distance at which she can steal the power of a target being is limitless. She has even shown the ability to steal the powers of two beings simultaneously.

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