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Black War Greymon New Century.png
BlackWarGreymon is a Virus-species War Greymon feared as the "Jet-black Dragon Warrior". Although its creed and principles are the polar opposite of those of the Virus Busters War Greymon, it exists for the sake of its own peculiar "Justice". It detests cowardice and foul play, and it doesn't consider itself a fellow of vulgar Digimon, even if they are of the same Virus-species. The full details of how it converted to a Virus are a mystery, and the "Brave Shield" equipped to its back is not engraved with the Crest of Courage.
A black, Virus attribute Dragon Man, it pulverizes its enemies with its overwhelming power!
~ St-151

Metalgreymon virus2.png
The strongest Cyborg Digimon, which has mechanized more than half of its body. Going through numerous battles, it was able to survive by mechanizing its body. In order to evolve to Metal Greymon, it must fight its way through and defeat the formidable opponents who come against it. Also, Metal Greymon's offensive power is said to equal that of a single nuclear warhead. It fires missiles from the hatch on part of its chest.

Greymon Blue New Century.png
A Virus attribute Greymon with a bluish-black body. While it has been called a 'feral Greymon', befitting its more violent disposition, it is in no way a lone wolf and possesses enough intelligence to work together with its allies as a team.

Black Agumon New Century.png
An Agumon that has been dyed black due to a virus. Because it is still on the way to adulthood, its power is low, but as its personality is quite ferocious, it doesn't understand fear. It has grown hard, sharp claws on its hands and feet, and demonstrates its power in battle. It is also a being that foretells evolution to a great and powerful Digimon.

Blackwargreymonx crusader.png
Its negative power has been condensed to its maximum, and its cunning for seizing victory by any means necessary has been accelerated. It has imparted the strongest toughness of the "Brave Shield" to the "Dramon Killers", leading to it possessing perfected equipment of unified offense and defense. Due to its fighting style, in which it instantly plunges into the heart of the enemy with the vernier it has equipped to its back, which boast explosive acceleration at the expense of it being able to fly for extended periods, it has certainly become the strongest form of land combat Digimon, a "Land War Hero".

Each of its mechanized portions have been updated; in particular, its "Alteros", the enhanced and remodeled Trident Arm on its left arm, is capable of switching between Blitz Mode and Blast Mode. Also, it has been equipped with an energy booster that, at its maximum output, lets it exceed the speed of sound.

BlackAgumon XRender.png
Similarly to regular Agumon, it became a more ferocious Digimon due to the effects of the X-Antibody. Agumon's violent hunting of prey, in which it relies solely on its high offensive power and acts purely on instinct, can only be called a rampage and is a fearsome sight to behold.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C | At least High 8-C | High 7-A | 6-C | At least High 6-C, far higher for Folder Continent Natives | At least High 6-C | 5-B | At least 5-B

Name: BlackAgumon | Greymon (Blue) | MetalGreymon (Virus) | BlackWarGreymon | BlackWarGreymon X

Origin: Digimon

Gender: Genderless

Age: Varies

Classification: Rookie level Virus Attribute Reptile Digimon | Champion level Virus Attribute Dinosaur Digimon | Ultimate level Virus Attribute Cyborg Digimon | Mega level Virus Attribute Dragon Man Digimon

Powers and Abilities:

All previous abilties amplified.

All previous abilities amplified, Missle Mastery, Earth Manipulation, Flight. Inherited Skills: Probability Manipulation (Those who acquire the power of the Digimental of Miracles, no matter what kind of predicament they fall into, are able to overcome it through that miraculous power. As such this Digimental is called a miracle item), Regeneration Negation (Low-Godly), Durability Negation, Sleep Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Life Manipulation (Can drain life force), Poison Manipulation, Summoning (Can summon Devidramon).

All previous abilities amplified, Chaos Manipulation, Air Manipulation. Inherited Skills: Time Manipulation (Time Stop and Destruction), Atomic Destrution, Information Manipulation via Bloodsucking (Those how have their "blood" sucked have all their information drawn out and have their vital function cease and finally they die), Resurrection, Absolute Zero, Petrification, Transmutation, Spatial Manipulation (Can distort, erase and cut through space).

All previous abilities amplified. Inherited Skills: Dimensional BFR.

Self-Resurrection (The X-Antibody will do anything to keep its holder alive, even resurrect them from death), High Resistance to Existence Erasure (Those with the X-Antibody can resist multiple levels of Program X/Particle Worm which is a mass erasure technique from Yggdrasil) and Power Nullification (Can resist the effects of Particle Worm in which also negates all the abilities of those effected).

Attack Potency: Large Building level+ (Should scale to other Rookie Digimon such as Guilmon who can vaporize large chunks of concrete) | At least Large Building level+ (Far stronger than base) | Large Mountain level+ (Should be comparable to Meramon who could vaporize a lake) | Island level (Equal to if not superior to Folder Continent Meramon) | At least Large Island level (Ultimate level Digimon should be astronomically superior to Devimon who could split File Island apart), far higher for Folder Continent Natives (Even for Ultimates, the natives of File Island cannot even compare in power to the natives of the Folder Continent) | At least Large Island level (Far stronger than before), Bypasses Conventional Durability with Pandemic Destroyer | Planet level (Mega Digimon should be at least comparable to Ebemon who is capable of destroying entire planets) | At least Planet level (Far stronger than base).

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Comparable to Elecmon) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Superior to Rookie Digimon and should be comparable to Wizardmon) with Relativistic reactions (Champion level Digimon should be able to move and react to Aiba) | Relativistic (Should be equal in speed to Takumi Aiba) with FTL Combat and Reaction speed (Should be comparable to Peckmon who could dodge Sunflowmon's Sunshine Beam from a close distance) | Relativistic+ (Should be comparable in speed to Rapidmon) with FTL reactions (Far superior to Ultimate level Digimon).

Lifting Strength: At least Class M+ (Fought evenly and matched WarGreymon in strength who casually kicked a large skyscraper like a soccer ball)

Striking Strength: Large Building Class+ | At least Large Building Class+ | Large Mountain Class+ | Island Class | At least Large Island Class, far higher for Folder Continent Natives | At least Large Island Class | Planet Class | At least Planet Class

Durability: Large Building level+ | At least Large Building level+ | Large Mountain level+ | Island level | At least Large Island level, far higher for Folder Continent Natives | At least Large Island level | Planet level | At least Planet level

Stamina: Very High)

Range: Melee Range, A few Kilometers with projectiles

Standard Equipment: Chrome Digizoid Armor and Dramon Killers

Intelligence: While intellect varies among the species, just like regular WarGreymon BlackWarGreymon is a skilled warrior in combat.

Weaknesses: Vaccine Digimon. Water and Ice based attacks.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Spitfire Blast: Shoots multiple fireballs from its mouth.
  • Dramon Claw: Slashes the foe with claws engulfed with the flames of a dragon.
  • Wolkenapalm I: Causes an explosion of fire to appear from under the opponent.
  • Guard Charge: Boosts durability by 10%. Can stack.
  • Dragon's Wrath: Passively boosts its AP by 15%.
  • Giga Breath: Releases a large fireball at the opponent.

  • Death Cannon: Launches a large ball of darkness at the opponent.
  • Destruction Cannon I: Launches a small ball of darkness at the opponent.
  • Black Blast: Releases an energy ball of darkness at the opponent.
  • Duplication: Can duplicate itself countless times in mere moments.
  • Blood Eye: Releases a power from its eyes that confuses the opponent's mind.

  • BB Burner: Spews out all of the fire stored in its mouth in one shot.

  • Mega Flame: Fires a gigantic ball of flame from its mouth at the opponent.
  • Bit Fire: Breathes out multiple blue fire balls at the opponent.
  • Meteor Fall I: Drops a large meteor on the opponent(s).
  • Hit Charge: Increases its accuracy.

  • Power Energy I: Releases a blast of low level non-elemental magic at the opponent.
  • Burst Flame I: Burns the opponent with low level fire magic.
  • Pummel Whack: Releases energy from its fist in the shape of a beast head.
  • Comet Hammer I: Drops a bunch of large boulders on top of the opponent.
  • Heal: Slightly heals itself or allies.
  • Tiny Twister: Damages the foe with a small typhoon.
  • Wind Claw I: Slashes the foe with blades of wind.
  • Sonic Void I: Blasts the foe with low level wind magic.
  • Magical Fire: Shoots a spiral of ethereal flames.​​​​​​ 10% chance of increasing attack potency by 10%.
  • Phantom Hurricane: Creates a large phantom tornado.
  • Phantom Fire: Fires a phantom blue fireball.
  • Mental Charge: Increases Magical power by 10%.

  • Giga Destroyer: Shoots organic missiles from a hatch in its chest.
  • Revenge Flame: Unleashes a wave of fire from its Trident Arm as well as instantly countering any attack.
  • Metal Slash: It uses its left arm to slash the enemy.
  • Trident Arm: Launches its Trident Arm, which is attached to a cable.
  • Awesome Quake I: Creates a small scale earthquake to damage the opponent.

  • Atomic Burst: Wraps its body in light, like a barrier and then charges into the opponent. Those who suffer this technique are disassembled into digital data composed of "0"s and "1"s, the smallest units of data, and never return to their original state.
  • Miracle Creation: Due to the properties of the Digi-Egg of Miracles, MetalGreymon has a miraculous ability to overcome any predicament placed before it, thus enacting a "miracle" as the origin its power implies. As a result, a series of coincidences will occur that will guarantee MetalGreymon's victory no matter what odds it faces.
  • Touch of Evil: It can stick his arm into the ground and have it appear from behind the opponent, grabbing them and allowing MetalGreymon to brainwash them.
  • Necro Magic: Hurls the souls of the dead at the enemy as a stream of glowing particles, a swarm of bats, darkness, or a monstrous ghostly hand.
  • Hell's Hand: Drags the opponent to the Dark Area.
  • Nightmare Wave: Emits a dark wave that hypnotizes the enemy, amplifying their doubts and driving them mad.
  • Death Charm: Casts an evil spell of darkness that washes over the enemy and saps away its life.
  • Poison Breath: Blows out a poisonous smoke.

  • Pandemic Destroyer: Fires viral energy in its Blast Mode. The virus in this technique is infectious and toxic enough to be designated as a disaster, and is said to completely corrode the configuration data within a Digicore (the equivalent to an essence) even if it is simply scratched.
  • Energy Blitz: Flies at critical velocity, and pierces the enemy in its Blitz Mode.

  • Eroberung: Forms the image of a red moon with its swords and then rushes at its enemy, slicing them and draining their power, or just stabs them and absorbs their energy through its sword.
  • Gedächtnisstörung: Sifts through the memories of someone it has grabbed, causing them pain in the process.
  • Ghost Move: Uses dark powers to disappear and reappear behind the foe, hitting them from behind or escaping an attack.
  • Geist Abend: Shoots laser beams from its eyes, or hypnotizes the foe, or powers up its swords and charges while swinging them.
  • Night of Fire: Shoots flames of darkness from its hand.
  • Summon: Summons spirits of fire and/or ice, sometimes combining them to create a ball of ice and fire or a sphere of darkness to shoot at the enemy.
  • Idle Bubble: A magic water attack that puts the foe to sleep.
  • Nightmare I: Blast the foe with Dark Energy.
  • Night of Blizzard: Attacks the enemy using a dark blizzard or shards of ice.
  • Summon Chaser: Summons flame and ice elementals to chase the opponent persistently.
  • Koyousetsu/Diamond Storm: Fires a barrage of sharpened leaves at the opponent.
  • Kohenkyo: This move has many different applications.
    • Copies the opponent's appearance and all of their abilities.
    • Switches places with them in a whirl of leaves.
    • Teleports to the enemy and kick them before disappearing.
    • Uses a glowing hand to summon two phantom clones of itself to attack the enemy.
  • Touhakken: Ignites its hands and feet in blue fire and attacks the enemy with them. In Another Mission, hits the enemy with a powerful hand strike.
  • Shouda: Attacks with a strong hand strike.
  • Souzan: A swift claw attack.
  • Kokaishū: Attacks with multiple roundhouse kicks.
  • Kuuchuu Koyousetsu: Uses Koyousetsu while in midair.
  • Korenkyaku: Spins about before unleashing several high kicks in rapid succession.
  • Kosengeki: A swift claw attack.
  • Gaia Element I: Blasts the foe with a burst of wood/plant elemental magic.
  • Anti-Panic: A healing technique that not only restores a bit of health, but cures mental based confusion.
  • Small Tornado: Causes a small AoE typhoon to damage the opponent.
  • Grand Cross: Slashes the foe in a cross shape with holy power in order to administer justice. This is a weaker version of the signature move of Lucemon.
  • Light Coat: Uses the power of light to raise it and its ally's resistance to holy and light based powers.
  • Miracle Power: Uses the power of miracles for itself. This can be used to increase its attack power as well.
  • Androit Wisdom: A passive ability that increases the power of its magic and resilience to it by 15%.
  • Trait-Speed 2: Passively boosts its speed.
  • Trait-Quick: Passively boosts its ability to evade attacks.
  • Rain of Pollen: Releases a large amount of pollen that reduces the opponent's attack potency.
  • Holy Cannon: Fires a ball of light at the opponent.
  • Saint Knuckle I: Punches the opponent with a fist enveloped in holy power.
  • Lightning Stinger: Skewers the enemy and injecting energy into them that destroys their data.

  • Dark Gaia Force: Collects negative energy from the world around him and shapes it into a massive sphere of darkness, which he hurls at his opponent.
  • Dragon Crusher: Uses the Dramon Destroyers to slash at enemies. Especially effective against Dramon group Digimon.
  • Black Tornado: He spins very fast, forming a whirlwind, which can rip and tear his opponent apart. This attack pierces through physical defenses.
  • Black Storm Tornado: He spins very fast, forming a whirlwind and sends two smaller ones outward.
  • War Blaster: Charges his arms and then shoots green projectiles outward.
  • Acceleration Boost: Doubles the power of his next attack.
  • Chaos Slash: Slashes the foe with the power of chaos, possibly causing confusion.
  • Mega Meteor Fall: Drops 5 large meteors on the area.

  • Chrono Breaker: Wears away the opponent's bodies by stopping time or destroying it.
  • Poison S-mush: Throws various mushrooms that have the following effects.
    • Poison the opponent for them to take damage until they die.
    • Causes the opponent to become paralyzed.
    • Erases the opponents' memories.
    • Turns the opponent into an 8-bit sprite and nullifies their abilities.
    • Turn resistance into weaknesses and vice versa.
    • Causes the foe to be confused.
    • Puts the foes to sleep.
    • Instantly kills the opponent.
  • Blue Flare Breath: Breathes searing sapphiric flames; can "burn" away the texture map (skin) of Digimon targets, exposing their wire-frame (bones), and even their entire essence is burned away.
  • Green Flare Breath: Breathes searing green-colored flame upon the target, which burns and saturates down to the opponent's entire essence.
  • Petra Fire: Releases energy from its eyes that petrifies the opponent.
  • Night Raid: Unleashes a swarm of bats to attack the opponent. As revealed in the novel, this attack is a move that bypasses conventional durability by deleting the opponent's data from the inside out.
  • Ice Arrow: Discharges a breath of absolute zero-temperatured water, which freezes the enemy solid upon contact.
  • Atomic Blaster: Fires beams that destroy the enemy at the atomic level.
  • Erase Claw: Sends out super-oscillatory waves that destroy configuration data from both its arms, completely erasing the space surrounding the opponent.

  • Hades Force: Rapid-fires Dark Gaia Force at ultra-high speed.
  • Afterburst: Uses its vernier to shoot forward and stab the enemy with its Dramon Killer.

  • Master of Darkness: Freely manipulates it opponent's mind, allowing it to control them as it pleases.
  • Zone Deleter: Banishes the target and the space around them to another dimension, never to return.

  • Key: BlackAgumon | BlackAgumon X | Greymon (Virus) File Island | Greymon (Virus) Folder Continent | MetalGreymon (Virus) | MetalGreymon (Virus) X | BlackWarGreymon | BlackWarGreymon X


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