Elixir (Marvel) can use his powers to heal (golden skin) or harm (jet black skin)


Ability to manipulate organic beings. May range from minor body control to matter manipulation at molecular level. In addition, biological manipulation often provides a high level of adaptation (might also lead to reactive evolution), immunity to various influences (such as poisons or diseases), and heal wounds at an accelerated rate (or even regenerate).


  • Body Control - Managing the user's own body, allowing higher functional capacity. It is done at the expense of mental commands, via special techniques (breathing techniques, acupuncture, etc.)
  • Shape Change - A higher level of biological manipulation, allowing to maximize output of the body, and modify it (within a certain limit) in order to achieve greater efficiency in the battle (e.g. lengthening limbs, transforming into animals, increasing or decreasing in size, etc.)
  • Manipulation of cells/Genetic level - Control at the level of organic cells or genes, which makes it possible to initiate various mutations, as well as to protect the user from diseases. Additionally, such ability generally provides a high level of adaptation and regeneration, and evolve very quickly in some cases.
  • Manipulation of atoms/molecules - A form of matter manipulation specialized in organics. This ability gives the user almost unlimited possibilities. The user can easily create any kind of pathogen, carry out the most improbable (and beneficial) mutations, evolve in the blink of an eye, etc.


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