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~ Bill Cipher during Weirdmageddon


Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon who exists in the Mind/Dreamscape and the true antagonist of Gravity Falls, secretly being responsible for many of the most important events of and leading up to the show. Years ago, Bill made contact Stanford "Ford" Pines, posing as a muse who revealed himself only once every century to a special individual. Tricking Ford into thinking of him as a friend, Bill promised the answers to all of his questions so long as Ford allowed him access to his mind. Ford eventually built a trans-universal portal that he believed would bring answers to important questions until he discovered the true purpose of the device. The portal would act as a connection between the real world and the realm of nightmares, allowing Bill and his friends to pour through, leaving their realm to claim another universe. Ford shut the portal off and denying Bill access to the universe. Years later, after Bill reveals himself to more members of the Pines family and begins to stir up even more trouble in Gravity Falls, he inches his way closer to his goal. As of "Weirdmageddon Part I", he has managed to finally achieve physical form and enter the real world and is beginning to spread madness and chaos across the globe.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 11-A, Varies via Possession | At least Low 2-C

Name: Unknown (His true name can cause madness in human beings), goes by Bill Cipher (As a dimensional username), Bipper (When possessing Dipper Pines), Creature No. 326, Evil Triangle

Origin: Gravity Falls

Gender: Indefinable (Bill's species has 14 billion different genders), referred to as Male

Age: At least 1 trillion years old (He has been trapped in the Dreamscape for this long)

Classification: Unknown Species from a lower plane of reality (Revealed to be the 2nd Dimension in Weirdmageddon), Dream Demon

Powers and Abilities:

Non-Corporeality (While in his Mindscape/Dreamscape form, exists as a disembodied consciousness made out of pure energy. Ford Pines also stated he was a non-corporeal entity), Social Influencing (Described as being highly charismatic, and often aims to reach his personal gains through deals & deceptions, previously making others believe incorrect notions), Immortality (Types 1 and 6), Quantum Manipulation (By technicalities, Bill is made up by mathematical probability from existing in a state of quantum uncertainty based on the amount of information found about him, since he is implied to contain numbers inside his body & geometrically-shaped as well mathematics form), Dream Manipulation and Nightmare Inducement, Flight/Levitation, Teleportation, Shapeshifting, Body Control, Elasticity, Self-Size Manipulation, Accelerated Development, Berserk Mode, Rage Power, Mind Manipulation, Telepathy (Can read thoughts and know what others are thinking), Memory Manipulation (While possessing Ford, Bill deleted a word from his vocabulary and replaced it with another. Listed "Eating childhood memories" as fun), Sleep Inducement (Put Mabel to sleep with a snap of his fingers), Clairvoyance (Can see through paintings and representations of himself. Can see everything those who summon him see), Precognition (Quickly foresaw Dipper waking up, screaming and acting in a specific way, later in the same episode asked Soos if he wanted to hear the exact time and date of his death. Told Ford to not have a heart attack as he wasn't 92 yet, upon meeting him), Limited Possession (Could possess a puppet without making any deal), Time Travel (Appeared in the dreams of Blendin, who is from the future. Was able to possess him off-screen), Dimensional Travel, Portal Creation, Technology Manipulation, Data Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Resistance to Madness Manipulation (One peek into the Nightmare Realm drove Fiddleford briefly insane and made him poetically describe a future event; Bill lived there for 1 trillion years)

Resurrection (By speaking a special incantation, can return to life after being erased after unknown periods of time and methods). If Bill tricks his target into making a deal with him he gains access to: Soul Removal and Possession

As before, minus his powers inside a mind, Regeneration (Low-Godly. Lacked a physical form and easily created one for himself. Would have been able to form himself in other ways if he wanted to. Repeatedly regenerates damage done to his body), Immortality (Types 2 and 3), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, 4th Wall Awareness (Is aware of the real world and can "see" us, warped the show's intro into featuring him), Magic, Reality Warping, Time Manipulation (When starting Weirdmageddon stated that time was dead while showing a clock and birds slowing down until stopping, it's unknown how others could deal with this, later Blendin described the place as "time dodge". Killing Time Baby gave him improved control over time. Listed "Making time stop forever" as fun), Law Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation and BFR (Created Mabelland and trapped Mabel there), Duplication (Briefly demonstrated in his battle against Shacktron), Madness Manipulation (Can create bubbles that can sometimes induce madness into whatever it touches, his true name can cause ecstasy and frenzy to mortals, and they would disintegrate into vapor), Transmutation (Transformed a person into a chair. Transformed a tree into a tentacle and a utility pole into disembodied leg. Transformed six people into banners with a snap of his fingers), Petrification (Turned multiple people into statues. Turned Stanford into gold, twice), Biological Manipulation (Shuffled "the functions of every hole in" Preston's face), Life Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Summoning, Astral Projection, Forcefield Creation (Demonstrated here), Intangibility (Shown here), Matter Manipulation (Controls matter. Threatened to disassemble Dipper and Mabel's molecules), Energy Projection, Energy Manipulation, Durability Negation (Via Disintegration and many other powers), Weather Manipulation (Created a storm), Electricity Manipulation, Power Bestowal (Bill Cipher displayed this when doing this to his minions and can bestow infinite power and grant wishes by Deals), Animal Manipulation (Mabelland was made out of bugs)

Attack Potency: High Hypoverse level (Originally came from the 2nd dimension, which he described as flat. Burned and destroyed said dimension with every 2-Dimensional being in it. Would describe gaining a 3-Dimensional physical form is "a multi-dimensional makeover"), Varies via Possession (Doesn't exist in the physical world unless he's possessing someone or an inanimate object), able to ignore durability in some ways | At least Universe level+ (Time Baby stated that Bill could destroy the very fabric of existence if his rip into the dimension continued. The 3rd Journal written by Stanford Pines stated that Bill is a threat to the wider multiverse), able to ignore durability in many ways

Speed: None, Varies via Possession | Unknown

Lifting Strength: Inapplicable, Varies via Possession | Unknown

Striking Strength: High Hypoversal, Varies via Possession | Unknown

Durability: High Hypoverse level, Varies via Possession | At least Universe level+ (Would likely have survived the destruction of the very fabric of existence, which is represented as an explosion by Time Baby)

Stamina: Possibly Infinite (Didn't recognize being tired when in Dipper's body, implying it was something new to him), Varies via Possession | Possibly Infinite (As before. Claimed to have infinite power)

Range: 2-dimensional. Varies via possession | Varies physically (Due to changing his own size), Universal+ with some of his powers, Interdimensional with Summoning (Pulled a group of interdimensional monsters into the main Gravity Falls universe), Multiversal+ with Dimensional Travel (Stated to be a threat to the entire multiverse, which contains infinite universes, implying he can at least travel to any of those)

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius, Is said to know "lots of things", such as the truth of many well-known conspiracies as well as future events, like the destruction of Gideon-bot and that Gideon Gleeful would go to prison. Bill is also able to look through the eye of anything that is made in his image, allowing him to know what occurs even when he isn't around. Tricked and terrorized great minds in history "since time began"

Weaknesses: Will do irrational things at times and he is extremely cocky and arrogant. Bound inside of Gravity Falls due to it being an incredibly powerful magnet for weirdness. His regeneration seems to take a bit of time as he complained about how long it took him to regenerate his eye back. While he is in someone's mind, memory erasure can be used to erase him. However, as hinted by clues such as a hidden incantation Bill spoke in reverse, he can eventually return from being erased


  • Originated from the 2nd dimension trillions of years ago before "liberating" it and ascending to a higher dimension.
  • Is both indirectly responsible for and the mastermind behind all of the mysteries surrounding Gravity Falls prior and up to the start of the series.
  • Widely regarded as one of the most dangerous entities in existence, and a threat to the greater multiverse itself.
  • Took over the Nightmare Realm, a plane between all other realms which is completely unbound by physical laws or rules, and is thus fated to eventually destroy itself.
  • Ripped out Dipper's soul and possessed his body by making a deal with him.
  • Rearranged the function of every hole on Preston Northwest's face.
  • Created a wave of weirdness that caused different effects to occur on anyone and anything it hits (Spawned a tentacle in Soos' backyard, turned his grill into a monster, made Soos' grandmother into a chair, made Gompers the goat grow to an immense size, animated the church bell into a living thing, etc.).
  • Created an enormous floating pyramid out of the ground.
  • Turned a normal car into a pimped-out flying muscle car.
  • Turned Ford into a statue with a laser and used him as a backscratcher.
  • Pulled a gang of interdimensional monsters and criminals into the physical universe.
  • Destroyed the Time Police and Time Baby with a single shot.
  • Created bubbles of pure madness that distort whatever enters them in completely unknown, different, and random ways (Ex. Dipper and Wendy were temporarily turned into birds, anime characters, deli meat, and even live-action. Gideon and Ghost Eyes were turned into basic polygonal characters, women, and a silent cartoon.)
  • Turned the moon into his eye.
  • Warped the show's intro so that it featured him.
  • Created numerous monsters, including a giant arm-head version of Louis C.K., a pteranodon, and Cthulhu.
  • Able to view other realities (such as our own), as the message at the end of his version of the intro, when reversed and decrypted, says "I'm watching you, nerds".
  • Created Mabel's prison bubble, an entirely separate realm that is filled with infinite energy, allowing those in it to receive anything they desire even before knowing what they want. It is also Bill's most diabolical creation yet as it requires "a heart made of titanium" to even resist its temptations inside.


He exist in a state of Quantum Uncertainty

Causality Manipulation, Physics Manipulation and Law Manipulation


Key: Mindscape | Physical Form

Note: Although Bill is stated to be a threat to the multiverse, which is also stated to be infinite, this is not enough to warrant a 2-A rating, as it doesn't at all indicate that Bill is able to destroy the entire multiverse. Bill being a threat to the wider multiverse simply means that he isn't a localized threat, as he has the ability to travel to other universes.



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