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Pre-Retcon Beyonder Render.png
I am from beyond! Slay your enemies and all you desire shall be yours! Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish!
~ Beyonder


The Beyonder is a cosmic entity of immense power. The living embodiment of The Beyond-Realm, a reality outside of the Marvel multiverse, he utilizes his powers over reality, space, and time to observe the neverending battle between good and evil, serving as both an ally and enemy to Earth's greatest heroes.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 1-A

Name: The Beyonder, The One From Beyond, The One Who is All, Frank

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Inapplicable (As the character stated, "he" was made of energy and could assume any gender that "he" wanted)

Age: Unknown

Classification: Embodiment of The Beyond-Realm, a larger separate multiverse from the regular Marvel setting.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Abstract Existence (Type 1), Immortality (Types 1, 3 and 4), Higher-Dimensional Existence (Stated to be an infinite dimensional being[1]), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), True Flight and Spaceflight, Acrobatics (Shown here[2]), Energy Manipulation, Aura, Enhanced Senses (Can perceive levels of activity inaccessible to humans. Heard Tabitha Smith's shouting from Brazil, while she was in New York[3]. Can see through objects[4]), Light Manipulation (Appeared as a rift of light[5]), Teleportation and Dimensional Travel (Teleported away from Captain America[6]. Can freely travel to and from The Beyond-Realm[3]), Regeneration (Low-Godly) and Incorporeality (His true form is that of pure energy[1]), Likely Void Manipulation (One with The Beyond-Realm. Stated to be "white blankness"[7] and can disincorporate to fill the void[3]), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Astral Projection (Can divide his conscience in half[8]. Followed Captain America with a tendril of his godlike conscience[6]), Shapeshifting and Transformation (Can shift into physical bodies[6] and revert to his true energy form whenever he wants[1]), Transmutation (Turned a desk into a bunch of apples[6] and an entire building into gold[1]), Telekinesis (Created Battleword from pieces of other worlds for his Secret Wars[5]), Power Bestowal (Embued Stewart Cadwell with power and transformed him into Thundersword[6]. Gave Dazzler half his power[9]), Soul Manipulation (Peered into Magik's soul and drew out her inner demonic essence[6]), Acausality (At least Types 1 and 2; Exists beyond the Marvel Multiverse. Stated "young" doesn't mean anything as he is the "now", which to him always has been and always will be[4]), Extrasensory Perception (Scanned the entire world in an instant and deduced the actions of many/possibly every human[1]), Invisibility (Turned invisible to hide from Spider-Man's Spider Sense[1]), Intangibility (Phased through a door[10]), Telepathy (Read Spider-Man[1] and Hulk's mind[11]), Cloth Manipulation (Extended the length of his sleeves and trousers. Created shoes from nothing[1]), Healing (Healed himself after getting attacked by a group of thugs[1]. Restored Kurse back to peak condition[9]), Retrocognition (Using his godlike senses, he can look into the past[1]. Witnessed Bruce Banner's past being played out in his subconscious[12]), Time Manipulation (Can take people from various points of the time stream and transport them into the present, as well as return them to the same point[1]. Stated he could reverse time[13]. Transported Johnny Storm to the past[14]), Paralysis Inducement (Held back Iron Fist with "some kind of force"[1]. Paralyzed the Hulk[11]), Portal Creation (Opened a portal to his realm[15]), Creation (Created a block of gold[15]. Manifested a sofa out of thin air[16]), Possession (Took over Dazzler's body[13]), Biological Manipulation (Cured people of the flu, a little boy's dyslexia[15] and can assume any gender[9]. Can cure cancer[4]), Body Manipulation (Burned off excess fat by reducing it to energy[15]), Mind Manipulation and Animal/Plant/Water/Disease/Matter Manipulation (Subjected the whole world to his will with just a thought, including plants, animals, water, rocks, bacteria, viruses, as well as every molecule, atom and substance of particle[15]), Empathic Manipulation (Altered Dazzler's mind to make her love him[2]), Information Analysis and Cosmic Awareness (Scanned the desires of every living creature in the world. Looked into Dazzler's soul to find out more about her[9]. Scanned the whole Marvel Multiverse to understand a few things about its fundamental nature[7]), Stealth Manipulation/Mastery (Turned a plane invisible to radar[9]. Can mask his presence from both human and superhuman senses[11]), Resurrection (Brought Sharon back to life. Revived Dazzler[9]), Image Projection (Projected images of various people in the air. Projected images of his past into Dazzler by looking at her[9]), Weapon Creation (Turned Stewart Cadwell's shazam award into a sword[6]), Size Manipulation (Increased the size of Shaman's pouch before shrinking it down again[9]), Space-Time Manipulation (Released a bolt of pure force which slashed through space and time[9]), Memory Manipulation (Erased Dazzler's memories of being in his control[9]), Explosion Manipulation (Exploded a train piece by piece[3]), Duplication (Stated he could create an exact copy of Dazzler[3]), Plasma Manipulation (Created a star[3]), Danmaku (Blasted the X-Men away with an omni-directional blast of energy[3]), Air Manipulation (Created a breathable, life-supporting environment in space[3]. Can create tornadoes with his energy[11]), Durability Negation (Ignores durability with practically most of his attacks. Can release bolts of force that slice open space-time[9]. Can attack on countless planes of existence other than physical[3]), Age Manipulation (Aged Tabitha Smith into her 20's[3]), Power Nullification (Removed Tabita Smith's mutant powers[3]), Gravity Manipulation (Disrupted gravity with his presence upon his arrival on Earth, causing chunks of rock to begin levitating and disrupting the radiowaves in the area[6]), Deconstruction (Reed Richards stated The Beyonder could atomize everyone with "the flick of an eyelash"[3]. Deconstructed his helicopter), Technological Manipulation (Likely created the Mento-Projector, which he used to show Dave the events he experienced[7]. Created 160 million monitor screens covering 12 people each, capturing 4 billion people on camera[17]), Large Size (Type 10; is bigger than the Marvel Multiverse[7]), Death Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1; erased the concept of Death in the Marvel Multiverse[7]. Later, he brought Death back by sacrifing Dave[7]. He was going to erase all the conceptual beings in the Marvel Multiverse[16]), Reality Warping, Causality Manipulation, Law Manipulation and Physics Manipulation (The Beyonder stated that reality isn't real to him, with everything existing the way it does because he wills it so, with his imagination and reality being virtually indistinguishable. He could change the fundamental flow of existence, make granite into a squeezably soft rock, or make cows have wings and fly[16]. Mephisto said that The Beyonder could make idlest imaginings a reality with a wave of his hand, turning all of existence inside out[18]), Vibration Manipulation (Created an earthquake throughout the city[11]), Attack Reflection (Deflected Magneto's power beam towards the X-Men[11]), Magnetism Manipulation (Repelled Magneto by duplicating his own magnetic field[11]), BFR (Can force beings away from their bodies and into phantom form[11]), Existence Erasure (Capable of erasing the entire Marvel Multiverse. Erased a vast space armada, the coalition of over 30,000 advanced galactic civilizations, with a shrug[19]), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with abstract/conceptual entities[7]), Energy Absorption (Absorbed energy from the sole remains of The New Mutants[16]), Spatial Manipulation (His conflicting inner turmoil caused the very fabric of reality to passively bend around him[19]), Forcefield Creation (Created a barrier around the space-station like constructs he used to trap the heroes and villains[5]), Fusionism and Elemental Manipulation (Embodied an elemental form as he merged his essence with that of every man, woman and child on Earth. Manipulated the elements[4]), Weather Manipulation (Cleared a storm[4]), Life-Force Absorption (Extracted the stolen life-forces of Cindy Adam's parents[4]), Power Mimicry and Darkness Manipulation (Copied Cloak and Dagger's powers to bind them in light and darkness respectively[20]), Homing Attack (Sent an explosive energy force to seek out and exterminate every drug dealer in the area[20]), Earth Manipulation (Caused rocky cave walls to melt[21]), Likely Nigh-Omniscience (Although he claimed to be fully omniscient, he did not know of the Marvel Multiverse beforehand and had to learn everything by experience[12]), Omnipresence (While within The Beyond-Realm)

Attack Potency: Low Outerverse level (He was stated to be an infinite dimensional being, and had thousands to millions of times greater power than that contained within an infinite-dimensional multiverse. He was stated to be larger than the multiverse in size and to be more powerful than all its entities combined)

Speed: Immeasurable, Omnipresent within The Beyond-Realm

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Low Outerversal

Durability: Low Outerverse level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Low Outerversal

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Likely Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: The Beyonder did formerly not know about the regular Marvel multiverse, and had to learn everything by experience. The existence of anything except himself was eventually turning him emotionally unstable, as he wanted to return to the perfection of completeness within himself.


  • Before making any changes to this page, please read and follow the Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics.
  • This profile covers The Beyonder as he was originally portrayed in Secret Wars I and Secret Wars II, not after he was submitted to several retcons by later writers, such as stating that he was in fact an Incomplete Cosmic Cube.
  • Despite claiming to be omnipotent on different occasions, he had to somewhat exert himself to defeat the Molecule Man, he was once emotionally overloaded by the Rachel Summers Phoenix wielding a portion of his power, after which he collapsed on the ground, and he was greatly exerted from destroying Death across the multiverse. His power was also temporarily stolen by Doctor Doom, and he briefly transferred it to a machine, or gave half of it to Dazzler.
  • Although he stated that he would have trouble bringing back Death, this is contradicted by the fact that after he placed much of his power in a cup to destroy the entity, he was still stated to be stronger than every other cosmic being in the room combined, which included The Living Tribunal. Furthermore, he managed to bring Death back with Dave's sacrifice relatively easily.
  • The Puma, when in perfect harmony with the universe, was once claimed by The Beyonder himself to be capable of killing him, but this was left unproven, and seems extremely illogical.


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