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An artist's interpretation of Yog-Sothoth from the Cthulhu Mythos.


Beyond-Dimensional Existence on this wiki refers to the state of being of characters who are superior in one way or another to the concept of dimensions. They are much different than merely zero-dimensional creatures, as rather than simply lacking dimensions at all (and thus are geometrically infinitesimal in every possible direction), they are conceptually superior to the concepts of dimensional physics.


Type 0: Entities whose nature is defined by a lack of the concepts of space and time entirely, normally by preceding both of those constants, and as a result being untied from their effects and consequences, without necessarily exceeding them by virtue of size or some inherently superior nature. As a result, this category does not necessarily imply greater Attack Potency and most often overlaps with Acausality, Resistance to Space-Time Manipulation, Nonexistent Physiology, or all of the above.

  • Examples:

Type 1: Characters whose nature exceeds spatio-temporal dimensions in relation to a limited scope of existence, without automatically standing above further extensions of the concepts and their applications, normally due to some lack of evidence or context.

  • Examples:

Type 2: "Meta-Abstract" entities who trivialize not only the existence of space and time, but any additional extensions which may exist (or potentially exist) in the context of their setting, standing in a state that is inaccessible to any form or application of those two concepts, regardless of complexity or size, normally being beyond the basis upon which such greater levels would be defined in the first place.

Type 3: Creatures whose existence is not only conceptually superior to the concept of space-time dimensions but all hierarchies of size, usually being depicted as meta-beings that completely trivialize entities belonging to the aforementioned types, to the point where they seem infinitesimal in comparision. Although such characters are also normally portrayed as being fully all-encompassing in their verse, they can likewise be simply those that dwarf meta-abstract entities in a similar manner without necessarily having this characteristic.

Possible Uses

  • Irrelevant Strength: Due to the concepts of space and volume not applying to these beings whatsoever, their strength is irrelevant.
  • Irrelevant Speed: As the concept of distance (at least in a spatial-dimension sense) does not apply to them at greater levels, the notion of speed is irrelevant. Most beings of the boundless type are omnipresent.
  • Large Size: The concepts of spatio-temporal size and dimensionality do not apply to them. Meta-Abstracts are of a "size" where even infinite-dimensional creatures would be nonexistent in comparison, and those of Type 3 are of a "size" where they would encompass Meta-Abstracts to a point where they are infinitesimal in comparison as described above.


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