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Benio Enmado is the main heroine of Twin Star Exorcists series. She is the next head of the Adashino House, one of 64 most important houses of Tsuchimikado Island. She and Rokuro Enmado are the current Twin Star Exorcists, and is destined to have a child who will be the Miko.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-B, higher with Cold White Fangs, High 7-A in Incomplete Kegare Princess Form | 7-C, higher with Cold White Fangs, High 7-A in Kegare Princess Form

Name: Benio Adashino, Benio Enmado

Origin: Sousei no Onmyouji

Gender: Female

Age: 14, 16 (1st Timeskip), 20 (2nd Timeskip)

Classification: Human, Exorcists, Kegare, Basara

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Extrasensory Perception (She can sense the spiritual power of an opponent), Enhanced Senses, Martial Arts (She is very skilled in Hazy Lotus Flower), Weapon Mastery (Skilled swordsman and dual wielder), Aura (Every exorcists has a spiritual aura), Transformation (She can transform her legs into the Cold White Fangs, into an Incomplete form of the Kegare Princess and then the Kegare Princess), Statistics Amplification (She can increase her offence, defense and speed with enchantments), Stealth Mastery (Capable of hiding her presence and could sneak passed Kegare), Portal Creation and Dimensional Travel (With a talisman she can open a gate to Magano which is a parallel dimension to earth), BFR (She can create the gate to Magano which can only be opened by the talisman), Weapon Creation (She can create spiritual weapons from daggers and a mask), Rage Power, Healing (She can heal a target with a chant and an unnamed item), Precognition (With Eyes That Foresee Tragedy she can see about a minute into the future), Purification (Type 2. She can purify the kegare of the negative emotions), Non-Physical Interaction (She is able to harm Kegare who are unaffected by normal weapons), Energy Manipulation (She can make spiritual energy attacks), Resistance to Mind Manipulation (She could keep her mind from being taken over by the Kegare Princess), Soul Manipulation (She could keep her soul from being consumed by the Kegare Princess), Fear Manipulation (She could endure the fear the Kegare Princess was inducing on her) and limited Curse Manipulation (She can stay in Magano unaffected by the Kegare Curse for a day), Empathic Manipulation (Resisted the negative emotions of the Kegare attempting to take over her body)

All previous abilities, Immortality (Type. 1, 2, 3, Kegare don't physically age, they can survive losing multiple limbs and still live, they will keep regenerating unless killed), Flight, Absorption (Kegare can absorb spiritual power as they fight), Abstract Existence (Type 2. Kegare are born of negative thoughts or emotions), Incorporeality (Stated that ordinary weapons have no effect due to Kegare being born of the evil aura of Magano), Regeneration (Low-Mid; most Basara that she is comparable to have this level of regeneration), Multiple Selves (Type 2; she has the spiritual being of the Kegare Princess inside of her), Curse Manipulation (All attacks from Kegare are curse based), Resistance to Curse Manipulation (Kegare are able survive in Magano which infects living being with a curse that kills them) and Disease Manipulation (Stated that kegare and basara are unable to catch illnesses).

Attack Potency: City Block level (She is comparable to Rokuro who could do this feat), higher with Cold White Fangs, Large Mountain level in Incomplete Kegare Princess Form (Able to shake Magano with her raw power for a short while) | Large Town level (She is able to fight Basaras in her base form and that Shimon has to use his Heavenly Flight Expose Form to fight), higher with Cold White Fangs, Large Mountain level in Kegare Princess Form (She was able to beat Kaguya who is superior Higano who was able to beat Incomplete Kegare Princess Benio)

Speed: Subsonic (She can move faster than the eye can see), likely Transonic with Cold White Fangs (She is capable of making sonic booms), Supersonic+ with Incomplete Kegare Princess | Supersonic+ (Should be at this level as she is comparable to her Incomplete Kegare Princess Form), higher with Cold White Fangs, far higher in Kegare Princess Form

Lifting Strength: Class 10 (Should be comparable to Gabura)

Striking Strength: City Block Class, higher with Cold White Fangs, Large Mountain Class in Incomplete Kegare Princess Form | Large Town Class, Large Mountain Class in Kegare Princess

Durability: City Block level (Could take attacks from Rokuro), higher with Cold White Fangs, Large Mountain level in Incomplete Kegare Princess Form (Could take attacks from Higano who is comparable to Hijirimaru, who took attacks from Shimon) | Town level (Can take attacks on the level of Shimon in his Heavenly Flight Expose Form), higher with Cold White Fangs, Large Mountain level in Kegare Princess Form (Could take attacks from Kaguya who is superior to Higano who was able to fight Incomplete Kegare Princess Benio)

Stamina: High (Should be comparable to Kid Rokuro, was capable of having her legs destroyed then remade and fighting with no noticeable fatigue)

Range: Standard melee range, Extended melee range with swords, Hundreds of meter with spiritual attacks

Standard Equipment: Twin daggers, Fox mask and Talismans

Intelligence: Gifted (Is in the most advanced classes while in school)

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • The Dance of the Hazy Lotus Flowers: She unleashes a continuous high-speed attack on the target.
  • Stone Crushing Lion: Benio increases her strength for combat.
  • Armor Tent Karmic Clothes: Benio increases her defense for combat.
  • Soaring Heavenly Legs of Swiftness: Benio increases her speed in combat.
  • 10,000 Evils Exorcism: Benio enables her swords to harm kegare.

Keys: Pre 2nd Timeskip | Post 2nd Timeskip


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