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Solve the riddle. Escape the workshop. Above all, fear the machine and survive.
~ Description from the Steam page


Bendy and the Ink Machine is an indie survival-horror game that was created by theMeatly, and first premiered on November 10, 2017. Initially being published through individual chapters that were released gradually until October 26, 2018, the story of the game focuses on Henry, an animator that once worked for the successful Joey Drew Studios, which created black and white cartoons akin to the works of the Fleischer Brothers or Walt Disney, and likely the original creator of the Bendy character. After being invited back to the studio by his old friend, Joey Drew, he finds the place in utter disrepair. After finding the titular ink machine and turning it on, things go from bad to worse, as the characters from the old cartoons soon appear to come to life and attack him as he traverses deeper into the studio, most notably Bendy himself, who has become a twisted, evil version of his formerly cute caricature. Since the release of the fifth and final chapter of the game, it has since been released on consoles and on mobile devices.

Another mobile game was released by theMeatly called Bendy in Nightmare Run, an endless runner title developed by Karman Interactive. It features Bendy, Boris and Alice in their original cartoon designs running through an animated world, collecting cans of Bacon Soup and defeating bosses along the way. It is not considered to be canon to the original game.

Bendy and the Dark Revival is the next title in the franchise, originally announced on February 10, 2019. It is slated to be released later in 2020, and it has been confirmed to neither be a sequel nor a prequel to Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Power of the Verse

In terms of overall power and speed, BATIM isn't especially impressive. Topping out at Wall level in terms of attack potency and Normal Human to Subsonic speed. However, BATIM notably makes up for this lack of stats with a decent variety of hax, including Regeneration, Corruption and Life Manipulation.

The strongest character in the verse is Bendy, who is able instantly kill Henry and has easily defeated other characters in the game, such as The Projectionist.

Supporters and Opponents






  • Henry Stein

Ink Creatures

  • Bendy
  • Boris the Wolf
  • Alice Angel
  • Sammy Lawrence
  • The Projectionist
  • Bertrum Piedmont
  • Piper
  • Fisher
  • Striker


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