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Beiloune is the main antagonist of Okage: Shadow King and the creator of the world in which the game takes place.

Using his power of "Classification" to separate parts of the world from the main universe, he gave his daughter a place to spend her eternal life without boredom. However, due to unknown reasons, his daughter Marlene disappears from the world he created without a trace, leaving him devastated.

To fill a void in his heart, Beiloune created a life-size doll replica of his daughter and gave it life. But occasionally the doll would disappoint him, not living up to expectations. After his plans are stopped by Ari and his friends, Beiloune becomes enraged, attempting to erase them from his world, however, after a fierce battle he is defeated and leaves to search for his missing daughter.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C, possibly higher with "Classification"

Name: Beiloune

Origin: Okage: Shadow King

Gender: Male

Age: Over 300 years old (Has played roles in the stories he created, of which have lasted over 300 years)

Classification: Human, Chamberlain

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Immortality (Type 1; classified himself with eternal life), Law Manipulation (Controls the rules of his world, classified a kids game as "boxes you can push but can't pull" making them incapable of being pulled, made it so only the Overshadowed are physically incapable of entering a specific part of his world), Fate Manipulation (Controls the fate of everyone in his world), Plot Manipulation (Classified everyone in his world as "actors" who play out the specific "roles" he gives them in his world without them even knowing). BFR, Spatial Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation and Reality Warping (Created his world by splitting it off from the rest of the universe, creating an "inside world" and "outside world" by dividing reality, and brought others into his world), Information Manipulation (Classified everyone's knowledge in his world, giving some people knowledge on what's going on in the world, even though they admit they previously didn't have the information), Mind Manipulation (Classified the intelligence of everyone in his world, making them naive people who don't think intelligently, classified the Highlanders under Vampire Evil Kings' control), Empathic Manipulation (Classified the emotions of everyone in his world, gave a doll the ability to feel happiness and jealousy), Fear Manipulation (Classified a man as scared), Morality Manipulation (Classified the Evil Kings as evil, which compelled them to be evil, classified the Highlanders as "innocent" and having no other function), Memory Manipulation (Beiloune's classification caused everyone in his world to forget who Ari was), Illusion Creation (Created Phantom Evil King, who's just an illusion, created an illusionary appearance for himself, classified the graves in the Highlands as "react as somebody's family", causing anyone that looks at to see and react as if it was their deceased family member) Soul Manipulation (Classified all the Evil Kings with their powers, including Stan and Epros, the former of the two can manipulate the soul and the later can burn the soul his Red Mask ability), Power Bestowal (Classified all the heroes, ghosts, and Evil Kings with their powers, classified himself and his daughter with eternal life, and gave her protection against all dangers in his world and from death), Power Nullification (Reduced the total power of Vampire Evil King), Power Absorption (Classified the other Evil Kings to absorb Stan's power while he was sealed inside a bottle), Teleportation (Able to teleport to different places in his world), Creation (Able to create ghosts), Life Manipulation (Granted a inanimate doll life and was shown capable of removing and destroying said life force), Disease Manipulation (Classified a girl as sick), Existence Erasure ("Erased" the punchline of a joke, but do to it still being "classified" as a "joke", people laugh without knowing it), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Sleep Manipulation (Classified a man to be sleepy), Probability Manipulation (Classified a man as unlucky, causing him to fail at everything he tries), Non-Physical Interaction (Can effect both Phantom Evil King and Stan with his classification effects, the former who's just an illusion and the later is just a shadow), Sealing (Classified Stan to be sealed within a bottle for over 300 years), Transformation (Used the power of classification to transform himself into a giant monster and increased his power), Large Size (Type 0, in his transformed state), Statistics Amplification (Classified Phantom and Vampire Evil King at full power, classified Rosalyn and Stan with the power of the Great Hero and Great Evil King respectively), Size Manipulation (Classified James with the ability to shrink down to the size of a small animal), Self-Destruction (Classified ghosts with the power to self-destruct), Status Effect Inducement (Classified the Ghosts with the ability to induce status effects such as Poison, Lock which negates the ability to use special moves and items, Paralysis, and Sleep), Curse Manipulation (Classified the Ghosts with the ability to induce different curses upon a target such as "Turtle" which slows down the target, "Saint" which causes the target to recive damage when they attack, "LP Drain" consumes more magic energy when to target uses a special move, "Death" causes the Fate Timer appears at the beginning of battle. Each action the victim takes counts down on. the timer. When it reaches zero, the character cannot perform any action, "Sandman" forces the target to fall asleep, "Evil Eye" causes paralysis, "Rust" reduces the targets durability stat, "Confuse" causes confusion), Ice Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, and Electricity Manipulation (Classified the Evil Kings with Ice moves, fire moves, and electric moves), Blood Absorption (Classified Vampire Evil King with the ability to drink blood and greatly increace his power), Summoning (Classified the Evil Kings with the ability to summon Ghosts, Can create and summon Evil Kings to do his bidding), Precognition (Classified Ari's grandmother with the ability to see the future), Elasticity (Classified Stan with a shadow body that he stretch), Possession (Classified Stan with the ability to take possession of a persons shadow), Invulnerability (Classified his daughter Princess Marlene with protection from death and all the dangers of his world, stating even he couldn't kill her by conventional means), Duplication (Classified Ghosts with the ability to duplicate themselves, also classified Rosalyn with the same power).

Law Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Plot Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Power Nullification, Life Absorption, Existence Erasure, Conceptual Manipulation, Reality Warping, Information Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, BFR, Sleep Manipulation, Sealing and Probability Manipulation (Has the "Neutral" Affinity which only Deviants like Ari possesses which is a sign of a Deviant, likely comparable to his own daughter who was also a Deviant and one of his own people couldn't directly defeat him when using the power of "classification" against him)

Attack Potency: At least Town level (More powerful than his daughter Princess Marlene, who casually damaged early game Ari with a simple slap and knocked him out), possibly higher with Classification (Used Classification to boost his power to match that of Evil King Stan's, who at the time was more powerful than Evil King Gohma, who destroyed half the world)

Speed: At least Subsonic (Far faster than that of Big Bull Evil King who moves as a blur), possibly higher with "Classification"

Lifting Strength: Unknown, possibly higher with "Classification"

Striking Strength: At least Town Class, possibly higher with "Classification"

Durability: At least Town level (Far superior to the spotted cat team kids who could tank attacks from Evil King Stan who at this point is superior to Evil King Chairman), possibly higher with "Classification"

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Standard melee range, Stellar/Interdimensional with "Classification" (Separated a small portion of the universe from the rest which included a planet, moon and sun into it's own dimension)

Standard Equipment: The World Library

Intelligence: Above Average (Able to create many stories that last hundreds of years and plans out all the events and fates of everyone in his world), higher with "Classification" (Can classify himself with the knowledge and skill of different areas such as science, smithing, swordsmanship and even knowledge on other beings like ghosts. Classified a man as a know it all which allowed him to know what was happening in the world without leaving his spot)

Weaknesses: If the World Library is destroyed, all of his "Classification" effects will end.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Classification: Beiloune possess the special ability know as "Classification". Through this ability Beiloune has preformed amazing things, He separated an entire country size portion of the world from the main Universe and placing it in its own space and time, creating his own story and placing others inside it, controlling their every action, what they know, feel, and how their entire lives will play out, classifying people as sick, moronic, unlucky, sleepy, afraid and more. He can manipulate the rules of reality by "Classifying" specific aspects of the world. Beiloune can create countless monsters and Non-Corporeal beings such ghosts and Evil Kings like Phantom Evil King who is an illusion, he can also affect Non-Corporeal beings that are no longer apart Reality, with history literally changing everything they've done completely and cannot be seen, heard or even interacted with. He is capable of increasing and decreasing the total power of himself and other individuals, granting them special ability or taking them away. He gave himself and his daughter eternal life and complete protection from death. Lastly, Beiloune can manipulate concepts like "good" and "evil", placing them in the heroes and Evil Kings using "classification" which forced them to battle each other endlessly throughout history.
  • Overshadowed: As an Overshadowed, Beiloune is no longer is apart of reality (Space and Time), existing outside of it completely, unable to be seen, heard or interacted with by those who exist within reality. They remain completely unnoticed, with the world seeing them as though they are not there, as beings who are considered "ineffectual". The longer they stay in this state the stronger it becomes.

Note: Beiloune should be capable of classifying himself with the powers and abilities of things that reside in his world that he classified, as he has already shown the ability to classify himself with powers.


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