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Bat is a young thief who, after bearing witness to Kenshiro's great strength, follows him in his travels across the wasteland for protection and safety. Following the timeskip, as an adult, he becomes the leader of the Hokuto Army, alongside Lin.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C | At least 9-C

Name: Bat

Origin: Fist of The North Star (Hokuto no Ken)

Age: Unknown; a child pre-timeskip, and an adult afterwards

Gender: Male

Classification: Human, thief | Leader of the Hokuto Army

Powers and Abilities: Stealthy, skilled thief | Peak Human Physical Abilities, Some knowledge of Hokuto Shinken, which allows him to target and hit someone's pressure points for various purposes (Ranging from causing them to explode to manipulating their movements to healing them), Memory Manipulation (Using Hokuto Shinken, he can wipe people's memories)

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level (Only a child) | At least Street level (Fought off many soldiers with Ein)

Speed: Normal Human | At least Peak Human (Fought off many trained soldiers with Ein)

Lifting Strength: Below Average | At least Peak Human

Striking Strength: Below Average Class | At least Street Class

Durability: Below Average Human level | At least Street level

Stamina: Average | High

Range: Standard melee range.

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable

Intelligence: Above Average (Bat is a clever thief with the knowledge to survive in the wasteland. After the timeskip, given that he is the leader of the Hokuto Army, he has likely become much more intelligent and skilled in combat)

Weaknesses: Bat is cowardly and weak | None notable.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

  • Hokuto Shinken: Hokuto Shinken is a 1,800 year old Chinese martial art based around assassination and passed on only from teacher to student. Its power is based around targeting and hitting the 708 Keiraku Hikō (or pressure points) in an opponent's body, channeling energy into them, and through that, manipulating their movements. These pressure points can be used to control an enemy's body, in ways such as forcing them to move or destroying them from the inside with an explosion, or they can be used for healing, such as in the restoration of someone's memories, eyesight, or voice. Bat has some knowledge of Hokuto Shinken, likely picked up from observation of Kenshiro during their travels together.

Key: Child | Adult


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