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The Barracks Settlement is the main dwelling place of the Pirori race. It is a shanty village in the middle of the area known as the Wilderness, where the inhabitants live in run-down metallic houses, alongside several unused telephone poles. Despite their settlements looking almost modern, the population itself appears to be very tribal, using paintings on the walls of their houses to communicate their history and worshipping their deities at buildings similar to Mayan temples.

This page uses both the original and -Dream Diary- version of the Barracks Settlement.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 5-A to 4-A 

Civilization Type: Pre-Industrial Civilization (Despite living in a modern-looking settlement which includes telephone poles, the Pirori haven't shown to be able to use it and seems to be mostly pre-historic in their active technology, implying that they weren't responsible for the creation of their settlement)

Name: Barracks Settlement, Ghost Town, the Shanty Village, the Pirori Village

Origin: Yume Nikki

Classification: Settlement

Kardashev Level: Type 0

Age: Unknown

Population: A dozen individuals

Territory: The Pirori mainly lives within their eponymous village, but they are also present in several places of the Dream World, including the FC World, the School and the Sewers

Technology/Abilities: Teleportation (Each individual Pirori can teleport themselves and others with a touch), Spatial Manipulation (Their housing contains houses with a bigger interior than outside and doors that leads to other worlds in a one-way manner), Immortality (Type 8. All the inhabitants are tightly linked to the Dream World itself (And Madotsuki) and will be revived if they are killed or maimed in any way)

Attack Potency: Likely Large Planet level to Multi-Solar System level (Any Pirori can survive the explosion of Madotsuki's midget clones, and individual Pirori can likely harm each other)

Power Source: None (They have not shown the ability to use complex technology and likely requires manual force for most of their work)

Industrial Capacity: Unknown (Hasn't shown the ability to produce the material they use)

Military Prowess: At least 12 Pirori, alongside one caged Mouth Monster

Notable Individuals: Pirori

Weaknesses: The Pirori seems to be pacifistic and prefers not to fight


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