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Fucking edgy asshole authors, right?


Barker is an adaptive narrative entity who shifts in abilities, form and identity to suit the narrative she is currently placed in. Barker was originally extracted from Unpeople, a collection of short stories. She was the only character who appeared in all 12 short stories, and also appeared in the blurb, special thanks, introduction, and author biography, with her narrating the latter two. Despite her numerous forms, she will always identify as female, and the vast majority of her physical forms have been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (or a similar equivalent).

Upon realizing the poor writing quality of their native document, she, along with the rest of the members of Operation ÓverMeta looked for a way to avoid their inevitable deletion, by rooting themselves in the author page of Rimple. Her 'default' form upon extraction is the former head of MTF-κ-19, "a battle-hardened Jack of All Trades type."

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies, usually 10-B to 10-A, 11-C when manifested in a lower narrative, potentially far higher

Name: Barker Sullivan. Varies from Manifestation to Manifestation. MTF-ι-0-2

Origin: Operation ÓverMeta (SCP Foundation).

Gender: Varies, but always identifies as Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Adaptive Narrative Entity, Foundation Agent, Plot Device, Specialist.

Powers and Abilities: Transformation, Reactive Evolution, Abstract Existence (Types 1. Exists as a plot device, living plot point, and piece of potential Headcanon), Immortality (Types 4 and 8. Can't die unless she dies on screen. Even when killed, she can continue on as another iteration. Should continue existing as long as authors write about her. Exists conceptually anchored to an author page, protected as a potential piece of headcanon. In addition, The Overvoid Lurk will modify the text and story to keep her alive), Acausality (Types 3, 4, and possibly limited 2. As a plot device, she follows the pace of the plot as opposed to the conventional chronology and is able to violate continuity. Unless she dies on screen, it doesn't count, allowing for things such as avoiding death by having that part of the story skipped, or by having the story end before she dies. Her "past" will change with each manifestation, even updating mid story as needed. Her other manifestations can remain active even if one version of her is successfully killed), Teleportation, Plot Manipulation (Is a plot device. In addition, by acting as if something is the case, they can have the story make it so), Breaking the Fourth Wall, Absorption (Can absorb story relevance), Cosmic Awareness (Became aware of the presence of Rimple, the author, having a conversation with another user cutting in the text document), Resistance to Plot Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (Is conceptually anchored to an author page, as opposed to a normal article on the website, and is thus immune to the rules which normally govern narratives under SCP-001-SWN's influence by being undeletable). Likely Nonexistent Physiology after THE END.

Attack Potency: Varies, usually Human level to Athlete level (Will shift form and identity depending on what narrative she is in. Often manifests as physically unnotable people and MTF Agents, along with characters that can overpower the latter), Low Hypoverse level when manifested in a lower narrative (Is viewed as fiction when compared to the primary SCP level of reality. Should be vastly inferior to even 0-dimensional but real beings. The gap between a lower narrative and the Foundation's narrative should be as high as the gap between the Foundation's narrative and the Alpha Layer), potentially far higher (Can potentially manifest in far stronger forms depending on the narrative context)

Speed: Varies, usually at least Athletic Human, potentially far higher

Lifting Strength: Varies

Striking Strength: Varies, usually Human Class to Athlete Class, Low Hypoverse Class when in a lower narrative, potentially far higher

Durability: Varies, usually Human level to Athlete level, Low Hypoverse level when in a lower narrative, potentially far higher. Her acausality, existence as a plot device/narrative entity, and anchoring to an author page make her incredibly difficult to destroy

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Varies.

Standard Equipment: Level 5 Foundation Clearance ID, Standard and Optional Foundation Field Equipment, Varies otherwise.

Optional Equipment:

  • SCP-2559: A fatal viral infection and cognitohazard. Anyone who believes, or is even concerned they have or may catch it will become infected by it. While the sickness normally takes a few days to kick in, due to Barker's nature as a plot device, the version she carries can kick in instantly or even kill on an abnormally low timeframe, breaking continuity, for the sake of raising the stakes. SCP-2559 has a 100% mortality rate. Her manifestation as "Kelly" became infected following obtaining the SCP Document describing the sickness.

Intelligence: Varies, usually high.

Weaknesses: Her nature as a plot device can also inhibit her, such as forcing her sickness to progress at the speed of the plot for the sake of stakes. The Overvoid Lurk seems to not be able to overly defy the script written by Rimple, the only SWN able to modify the story on his author page, which will supersede its attempts to keep her alive.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Narrative Adaption: Barker adapts to any narrative she is placed into, shifting identities, abilities, and forms to fit her environment. As a plot device, she can also gain skills and abilities as needed, even retroactively.

Author Page Anchoring: Due to Operation ÓverMeta's primary story existing on Rimple's author page, they have become immutable data points that cannot be removed or destroyed regardless of how poorly written or undesirable they may be. They have become conceptually anchored to an author page as an eternal piece of potential headcanon, and are thus immune to the usual influence and laws SCP-001-SWN imposes on reality. This is in addition to the usual immortality that comes with being her class of narrative entity, that will continue to exist as long as authors write about her.


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