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Ban Midou (美堂蛮, Midō Ban) is one of the main protagonists in Getbackers. Known variously as "The Man with the Evil Eye" (邪眼の男) and "The Genius of Battles", he is the "B" in the Get Backers. He is the grandson of The Witch Queen and the son of Der Kaiser. Ban is the strongest character in Get Backers, as such he is far superior to the likes of Raitei Ginji, King of Light Masaki, Kyoji Kagami, Full Power Raitei, The Voodoo King and even Akabane and managed to beat the latter without the use of his Jagan.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-B. At least High 7-A with Asclepius | At least High 6-B, likely 6-A | At least High 6-B, likely 6-A

Name: Ban Mido

Origin: GetBackers

Gender: Male

Age: 16-21

Classification: Retriever

Powers and Abilities: 

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Afterimage CreationEnhanced Senses, Illusion Creation (His Evil Eye can make anyone experience a 1 minute long illusion. It could work on the likes of Ginji who was unaffected by anything The Archiver could do), Dimensional Travel (His Jagan allows him to see through and travel in between dimensions and virtual realities), Reality Warping (Using his Jagan he can create virtual realities that were said to be on par with Makubex' virtual reality. His will is able to shape reality and his desires are forced upon it. This means that as long as someone can't imagine something it cannot happen), Perception Manipulation (His Jagan allows him to control people's perception of time inside the illusion), Fate Manipulation (The Jagan can control fate, with the Demon Arm Ban could cut fate), Dream Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation (Jagan allows him to see someone's entire past), Status Effect Inducement (Can tranquilize and put people in Coma using his Jagan), Empathic Manipulation (Ban can change the will of the people who are under the effects of the Jagan), Non-Physical Interaction (Could physically grab energy, fight ghosts, and could even kill the Immortal Soulless Beltline Monsters with one of being completely Non-Existent), Extrasensory Perception (Was able to sense people's presence who were outside of the reality he was in), Fear Manipulation (He is able to induce fear on someone through his Jagan), Paralysis, Petrification (Could petrify an old man because he believed the fact that he was petrified ), Pocket Reality ManipulationStatistics Amplification with the Asclepius (Can draw upon more Power and Speed from the constellation of Asclepius to an unknown degree), Death Manipulation (Could kill beings via turning their deaths in the Illusion into Reality), Reactive Evolution (Could evolve the curse of the Demon Arm into the Angel Arm, a more potent arm which lacks the disadvantages of the previous form), Power Mimicry, Precognition and Clairvoyance (via Natural Talent and Intuition. Being a genius of battles Ban is capable of predicting future events, what the opponent is going to do and understand an opponent's strength and abilities with a mere glance. His Intuition is far superior to the likes of Paul Wan who could live his life with intuition alone and could beat one of the strongest beings of the beltline while blindfolded. He copied Paul's Intuition skill from a mere glance), Spatial Manipulation (Ignores distance/space as stated by Kagami, Can also cut through Space via his Demon Arm), Summoning (Can Summon Asclepius to attack the enemy), Existence Erasure, Deconstruction and BFR (Verschwinde Geist allows Ban to Erase something from Existence. Disintegrated Help, an Immortal Soulless Beltline Monster who Transcended Life and Death and houses a Powerful Logic as a Soul, and sent it to The Archiver), Magic (Capable of using various forms of magic he learned from The Witch Queen and Maria Noches), Fire Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Biological Manipulation and Forcefield Creation using Magic (Can attack using fire or light balls that cause explosions, can create force fields or even pull out someone's heart), Soul Manipulation (Capable of Erasing souls), Attack Reflection (Using Turning Spell), Information ManipulationMetaphysics Manipulation and Negation (The low cannot stand against the high. A powerful logic user like Ban can create Logic to overpower the Logic of Reality, this applies to magic as well as not even it can escape Logic. Ban is capable of Nullifying Powers, Immortality and even unique traits. His Jagan is also capable of using such effects), Creation (Using Hojutsu one can create Soulless or even Non-Existent beings which use a powerful Logic as a Soul), possibly Law Manipulation (Reality responds to Ban's wishes and beliefs and since he considers himself to be invincible that makes it virtually impossible for him to lose a fight, however he was never stated to have an invincibility belief like Akabane Kuroudo), 

Resistance to Data Manipulation (Got to Makubex even though the place was sealed by logic walls. Due to the fact that he can control "higher Logic" he cannot be affected by any lower Logic), Heat (Isn't bothered by Raitei's passive Aura), Illusion Creation, Mind Manipulation (Could see through Makubex' and The Archivers' Virtual Reality), Soul Manipulation (Fought and won against Raitei at full power), Power Nullification and Power Modification (Won against Akabane without getting affected by him), PrecognitionData Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Magic, Soul Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Void Manipulation, BFR, Teleportation, Probability Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Quantum Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Absorption and everything The Archiver can do and more (He, Ginji and Akabane go against the history written by The Archiver, who stated that if someone were to go against his history they would be put back onto it. It was also stated that The Archiver is unable to predict their future nor the future they changed. Furthermore Ginji and Ban were unaffected by the encroachment of the beltline and the changes and rules The Archiver was imposing on reality), Statistics Reduction (Could engage in combat and defeat the likes of Akabane inside the Beltline which drains someone of his stamina), Time Manipulation (Defeated Kagami while having his own flow of time affected by the Magic Mirror)

Attack Potency: At least Wall level (Can easily kick metal doors down, break through walls. Should be comparable to Akabane). At least Mountain level+ with the power of Asclepius (With asclepius he can match and overpower the Miroku seven, one of which could do this) | At least Large Country level, likely Continent level  (Heavily overpowered Raitei Ginji while holding back) | At least Large Country level, likely Continent level (Much stronger than his previous form. Easily overpowered Der Kaiser. Even after becoming Lord of Creation Ginji stated that he would always be GetBackers' number 2)

Speed: Likely FTLUnknown with the power of Asclepius | At least FTL (Much faster than before), can become even faster by draining more power from Asclepius | At least FTL (Far superior to his Demon Arm). Gets faster and faster untill he becomes faster than his opponent

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman, likely Class P with Asclepius | UnknownUnknown

Striking Strength: At least Street Class. At least Mountain Class with Asclepius | At least Large Country Class, likely Continent Class | At least Large Country Class, likely Continent Class

Durability: At least Wall level. At least Large Mountain level+ with Asclepius | At least Large Country level, likely Continent level (Can tank hits from Akabane) | At least Large Country level, likely Continent level (Superior to his previous form). 

Stamina: Very High using Asclepius (Using the power of Asclepius Ban stops the need to rely on natural senses, strength, agility, stamina, endurance, or speed)

Range: Standard melee range normally. Can cut through dimensions and can distort and ignore space. The Jagan is only limited by the need for eye contact.

Standard Equipment: Divine Design Cards.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Is one of the smartest characters in the series capable of predicting with accuracy future events through sheer intellect and determine a person's strength and a fight's worth with just a "glance").

Weaknesses: His jagan has a limit of 3 times per day and cannot be used twice on the same person on the same day. 

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

The Evil Eye: Firstly, he can utilize the Evil Eye (邪眼, Jagan), a power which allows him to make anyone watch a one-minute long illusion, however, it should only be used three times per day. The Evil Eye cannot be used on the same person again for the next 24 hours. Furthermore, while the illusion only lasts for one minute, should Ban will it, the one affected by the Jagan can be placed inside a time-warp zone via the illusion created by the technique. Ban has also shown the ability to use the Jagan through a TV screen.

Verschwinde Geist (Begone Spirit): It's a spell that allows Ban to erase something from existence or choose to send it back to its point of origin (The Archiver).

The Art of Imagination: If you imagine strong enough it will become reality. With this Ban can turn anything he imagines into reality or turns illusions into reality. Der Kaiser used this to create make Kagami believe a snake bit off his arm though it was just an illusion. Ban then did the same thing to Help, but this time it really bit off Help's arm. Which means the user can choose whether they just want to create an illusion or turn it into reality.

Power Nullification: Ban is capable of nullifying powers by creating logic which can be used to negate immortalties, non-corporeality, magic and more. Since everything is bound by logic, manipulating this allows Ban to nullify any effect desirable. His Jagan was also capable of such effects and was able to use the Jagan on Sariel, whose guardian card was immune to its effects

Turning Circle: Ban and Maria Noches being students of the Witch Queen are able to use Turning Circle which is a circle capable of equalizing every stat to that of an opponent (speed, power, and natural talent), moreover any damage inflicted upon the user will be reflected back to the attacker leaving the user completely unscathed.

Asclepius: Being a descendant of the witch clan Ban was born under the star of Asclepius. He possesses tremendous speed and strength, moreover, he can always rely on the power of Asclepius and increase his speed and strength multiple folds. When using this to a great extent the outline of a snake can be seen.

  • Devil Arm: Ban's born curse. Much like Asclepius this arm will keep on multiplying Ban's speed and strength to an unknown limit though it should be stated that while using the Devil Arm he was able to effortlessly match and outdo Ginji when he was channeling the whole power of Infinity Fortress. While it does drain Ban's lifespan the Devil's Arm allowed Ban to fight against Raitei. He was capable of grounding pure energy from Raitei and even seemingly regenerate from wounds. He is also able to distort space and like Akabane can cut through dimensions to ignore space.
    • Final Devil Arm: In his battle against Der Kaiser due to overusing the Devil Arm, it took over transforming Ban into a berserker. The effects of this form should be equal to that of the previous form if not higher.
      • Angel Arm: Same as the previous versions though the Angel Arm doesn't curse Ban and he gains a much greater boost in power and speed, so much so that he keeps on getting faster and faster until he becomes faster than the opponent such as in his fight against Akabane. 

Key: Base | Demon Arm | Angel Arm


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