Bambi is the protagonist of Disney's 1942 animated feature film of the same name and its midquel. A deer living in a forest, he's best friends with Thumper (a rabbit) and Flower (a skunk). However, he was closest to his mother, who was shot on his first winter. Raised into a buck by his father, he strongly falls in love with his childhood sweetheart and love interest, Faline, and they end up, later on, having twin fawns, a son and daughter named Geno and Gurri, respectively.

Bambi originated as the main character in Felix Salten's Bambi, A Life in the Woods. He has made cameos in several Disney cartoons. In the Disney films, his species was changed from the roe deer to the white-tailed deer, which would be more familiar to American audiences.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Bambi

Origin: Disney

Species: Odocoileus virginianus, White-tailed deer

Gender: Male

Age: Likely 2 years old

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human Strength, Superhuman Durability and Speed, can use its horns to stab and slash, Enhanced Senses, can kick with his front legs

Attack Potency: Street level (Defeated another deer, a young deer can easily overpower and kill a full grown man)

Speed: Superhuman (Outran hunting dogs as a kid, any deer can run fast enough to keep up with a car)

Lifting Strength: Average Human level

Striking Strength: Street Class

Durability: Street level possibly Wall level (Took a gunshot to the stomach and it was still able to run, survived a fall of several stories)

Intelligence: Average

Stamina: Peak Human

Standard Equipment: None notable

Weaknesses: Nothing notable

Note: This Bambi is not to be confused with the Sternritter, Bambietta Basterbine, who are also nicknamed Bambi.


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