Bakuzan is the main weapon of Satsuki Kiryūin. It’s a rather mysterious weapon as it is the only thing besides The Scissor Blades that can cut Life Fibers, however it is made of a completely different and unknown material.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-A, likely higher

Name: Bakuzan/Secret Sword Bakuzan

Origin: Kill la Kill

Age: Unknown

Classification: A katana that is later forged into a tanto and wakizashi 

Wielders: Satsuki Kiryūin, Nonon Jakuzure, Uzu Sanageyama, Ira Gamagori

Powers and Abilities: Negating Regeneration Factors (Specifically the Life Fibers)

Attack Potency: At least Mountain level, likely higher (Stalemated the Scissor Blades while being wielded by Synchronized Ryuko. Nui was also somewhat threatened when Satsuki pointed Bakuzan at her) 

Speed: None, depends on wielder (Can go at Massively Hypersonic+ speeds when used by Satsuki)

Durability: At least Mountain level, likely higher (Fought against Synchronized Ryuko with no damage whatsoever, yet got crushed by a casual Ragyo)

Range: Extended melee range. At least dozens of meters via shockwaves

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Bakuzan Gako: After Ragyo snapped Bakuzan the shorter end got wielded into a tanto used by Nonon.
  • Bakuzan Kōryū: Bakuzan Kōryū is the longer half of the two shards forged into a wakizashi. Briefly wielded by Gamagori before he decided Uzu would be more suited to use it. Along with Gako, Bakuzan Kōryū was eventually given back to Satsuki by the Elite Four.
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