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Baki render 2018.png
This is the path I chose, win or lose. This is the only move I can make right now. After 17 years of doing nothing, this is what I must do with my life.
~ Baki to Kozue

I am just 13, but ever since the day I was born, all I have ever done was to beat my father who is the strongest there is, but even so, this is still just the start of everything... because I have found the answer to help me reach my goals, even if it's a small step... and that is... why I am different from my father.
~ Baki to his mother at the dinner table

Hanma. I've been watching you since the first match. You're a good fighter.
~ Doppo Orochi to Baki before his match with Suedo

A figure which aspires to be strong... is that beautiful!!!
~ The commentator after Baki's victory at the maximum tournament

The smallest amount of strength. It can be cultivated through selfish actions. It can be cultivated through the power of sheer will. I did both of them... and that allowed me to become what I am, but as of today I can no longer be so selfish as to claim to be the strongest creature on this planet.
~ Yujiro after Baki got him to believe in the illusion of the miso soup

Ah... but... even at a time like this, it should be incomprehensible but, I'm yawning. Even though I was expecting this to some extent, for me to become... so bored.
~ Baki


Baki Hanma (範馬 刃牙, Hanma Baki) is the titular protagonist of the Grappler Baki franchise, with the goal of surpassing the strongest creature on Earth, his father, Yujiro Hanma with the blood of Baki's mother on his hand. Through numerous installments, he has settled himself as an incredibly capable combatant with encounters with immensely powerful fighters from a multitude of backgrounds and styles, with Baki himself eventually establishing a clique of these warriors, most notably, men such as Kaoru Hanayama and Doppo Orochi.

With every passing fight he has improved his craft to the point where he has constructed techniques with nothing but the usage of his mind and shadow boxing; once confronting Yujiro in the franchise's third installment, Son of Ogre, Baki puts his strength and will to the test against his father for seemingly the last time but was ultimately incapable of defeating him. Despite this, he was granted the title of 'Strongest' by Yujiro for putting up an intense fight, but as this was a mere bestowal of the title he did not consider this a victory.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-C, 9-B post Ando's training, higher post Gaia | 9-A, higher with Goutaijutsu | At least 9-A, likely higher post-Retsu, far higher with Demon Back | 8-B, likely higher with Demon Back | 8-A, likely higher, higher with Demon Back

Name: Baki Hanma, The World's Strongest Boy, The Strongest, Champion

Origin: Grappler Baki

Gender: Male

Age: 13 | 15 | 17 | 18 | 18

Classification: Human, Martial Artist, Underground Toyko Dome Champion

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Statistics Amplification (Can release endorphins that increase his pain tolerance and durability), Master Martial Artist, Pressure Points, Enhanced Senses (Could sense Hanayama stalking him), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense Hanayama's aura), Afterimage Creation (Dodged around Yuri Chakovsky at blitzing speeds, leaving an afterimage), Analytical Prediction (Predicts and intercepts a bird's movements to prevent it from flying and predicted a Judo master's fake-out), Information Analysis (While fighting a Judo master who was attempting to hide his fighting style, Baki was able to instantly tell he was a Judo master, that he was trying to conceal this fact, and what course of action he was about to attempt), Instinctive Reaction (Fought Gaia without thinking, dodged a sword faster than he could see on instinct, defeated several opponents on instinct alone, dodged Hanayama's attack by accident), Willpower Projection (After dying, Baki projected his willpower to bring himself back to life. Baki also replicated this ability again during his fight with his father), Resistance to Pain (Has always had an extremely high pain tolerance throughout the series, by the climax of Son of Ogre, Baki believes himself to be nearly immune to conventional pain such as muscle fatigue and normal attacks), Resistance to Telepathy via Instinctive Reaction (Gaia, who can read people's minds due to Rumination, cannot read Baki's attacks because he is fighting without thinking)

Same as before but including, Power Mimicry (Baki has copied and adopted countless techniques, including but not limited to the Mach Punch, Aiki, Kiai, and even the personal fighting style of someone who doesn't know martial arts, having achieved a "Black Belt" in it in mere moments and surpassing the original fighter by the end of the fight. He has even stated that he can replicate all of the techniques he's seen/fought, though this remains to be seen), minor Fear Manipulation (When preparing for his fight against Yujiro, Baki's presences while walking around Tokyo caused a storm of hundreds of rats to run from him without him even knowing, when his life was threatened by delinquents with a knife, they felt as though the knife was tiny and they were in a life or death situation, when unconscious in a classroom, his entire class and teacher began to shiver, sweat, and panic, but this subsided after he awoke, created an amalgamation beast of every imaginary creature he's made or shadow boxed that psyched out Sam Pierre Atlas), Statistics Amplification (Via Demon Back, Mach Punch, Cockroach Tackle, Endorphins and others), Limited Durability Negation (Via Cord Cut and Benda Whip), Limited Pain Manipulation (Via Benda Whip), Chi Manipulation and Attack Reflection (Via Aiki)

Same as before, but including, Body Control and Blood Manipulation (Baki can relax his muscles, joints, and even his very cells to a point of "Complete Exhausion" and "Absolute Liquidification". He is also capable of inducing hemostasis with Adrenaline, Baki escaped from thumbcuffs locked behind his back), Status Effect Inducement (Can blind people by severing their optical nerves and can sever the nerves responsible for the use of limbs), Limited Perception Manipulation (Created a triceratops that felt so real that Nomi no Sukune II believe he was actually fighting one, and even asked if Baki was a sorcerer, and when performed on Yujiro, a crowd of several thousand people could all perceive it as though it were real); limited Subjective Reality (Can shadow box against beings he's imagined so intensely that he suffers actual physical damage from their attacks), Sense Manipulation (Could make people perceive sounds, smells, lights, and even impacts with his illusions), Instinctive Reaction (Dodged a surprise attack, is stated by Yujiro to react on instinct), Enhanced Senses (Could tell Yujiro was walking down his street, can hear the heartbeat of Musashi while underground many miles away and differentiate it from everyone else's heartbeat he knows), Extrasensory Perception (Baki can sense this about his opponent, can feel Musashi's presence in another room, and stopped being bored just because of Musashi's heartbeat), Limited Invisibility (With his Instinctive Reaction, Baki is able to dodge someone's line of sight, making him invisible to them), Can move without the need for acceleration, starting already at top speed, Afterimage Creation (Presented this while extremely weakened in his fight against Youou Chou, due to moving with no wasted movement, Baki appears to literally phase through Pickle when dodging), Acrobatics (Seen here), Resistance to Electricity and Poison (Baki has a physiology similar to Yujiro's, where he can resist both electric and poison effects), Resistance to Status Effect Inducement (Baki uses Adrenaline to induce Hemostasis, which counters the bleeding and blinding effects Yujiro's strike induced)

Attack Potency: At least Street level+ (Should be weaker than Reichi Ando who did this feat), Wall level post Ando's training (Bloodied the face of an ape capable of enduring blade strikes from a man who can cut trees in half. Comparable to a young Kaoru Hanayama in strength, who did this), higher post-Gaia (Was stated to be 4 times stronger than Hanayama) | Small Building level (Far superior to high-level Shinshinkai students like Suedo and was capable of defeating both Shinogi brothers, the weaker of the two is capable of injuring Hector Doyle, a death row convict), higher with Goutaijutsu (Could one-shot Kureha on their first encounter) | At least Small Building level, likely higher post-Retsu (Fought on even ground with Jack Hanma), far higher with Demon Back (Comparable to New Grappler Baki Hanayama who easily dominated Spec. With his Demon Back he casually defeated Retsu Kaioh and even Jack Hanma) | City Block level+, likely higher with Demon Back (Even in Base, Yujiro recognized Baki’s power as “strong”. In comparison even by the time of Baki Dou, Jack never received such praise. With the Demon Back activated Baki was capable of overpowering Biscuit Oliva) | Multi-City Block level, likely higher, higher with Demon Back (Matched Nomi no Sukune II in Base; with his Demon Back, Baki managed to fight on par with Yujiro and even make him bleed)

Speed: Subsonic (FTE to regular people many many many times), At least Subsonic, likely higher post-Gaia (Perceived those he was equal with before as slow) | At least Subsonic, likely higher (Casually blitzed Suedo from the other side of a fighting ring before he could react, far faster than before) | At least Supersonic, likely higher (Easily performed the Mach Punch, can blitz convicts like Sikorsky when he’s serious), Hypersonic with Demon Back and Post Power up (With his Demon Back he blitzed Jack and at the end of NGB he easily blitzed Muhammad Ali Jr) | At least High Hypersonic (Stronger and faster than at the end of NGB), higher with Demon Back | High Hypersonic+, likely higher (Scales to Yujiro), higher with techniques, higher with Demon Back

Lifting Strength: At least Class 1 (Hanayama's henchmen couldn't stop him from entering their boss' office and he ended up pushing all of them with little effort), likely Class 5 (Matched Hanayama's strength somewhat and broke several of his bones) | Unknown. At least higher (Can crush small rocks with enough anger, which should yield similar results as this) | At least Class 50, possibly Class 100 (His grip strength is weaker than Musashi’s, but is above Oliva by the time of Baki Dou) higher with demon back

Striking Strength: At least Street Class+, Wall Class post Ando's training, higher post Gaia | Small Building Class, higher with Goutaijutsu | At least Small Building Class, likely higher post-Retsu, far higher with Demon Back | City Block Class+, likely higher with Demon Back | Multi-City Block Class, likely higher, higher with Demon Back

Durability: At least Street level+, Wall level post Ando's training, higher post-Gaia | Small Building level (Took minor damage from Shinogi Kosho’s attacks) | At least Small Building level, likely higher post-Retsu, far higher with Demon Back (Took a devastating kick from Spec while off guard. Even with his incomplete Demon Back he casually blocked attacks from Retsu Kaioh) | City Block level+, likely higher with Demon Back (Took a held back hit and tackle from Oliva. With his mastered Demon Back he took a barrage of hits from Oliva and Pickle, defeating the former) | Multi-City Block level, likely higher, higher with Demon Back (Took hits from Base Yujiro and Nomi; with his Demon Back at its strongest he took many hits from Demon Back Yujiro and Full Power Musashi)

Stamina: Extremely High (Known to go on extended training regimes that last half of a day, and classifies them as warm-ups)

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Immensely high in terms of martial prowess, resourceful and tactful fighter who makes use of multiple styles of combat at once when facing his adversaries. Makes use of savvy and rather pragmatic tactics to gain the advantage over opponents, such as using his own blood to blind them. Knows how to effectively rattle someone's brain by a positioned punch to the chin. Capable of imagining and even outright interact to some degree with mental visualizations of creatures and individuals to develop new stances and techniques without the need of them physically being there. Rather low academically. With a grand portion of his time primarily being focused on training or fighting much of his formal education is spent sleeping in class.

Weaknesses: Will sacrifice victory if he cannot achieve it with his own raw power.


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Endorphin: The skill is a special ability to increase endorphin levels in order to boost ones durability and pain resistance. The user can activate endorphin production within their bodies to inhibit the transmission of pain signals. Baki Hanma has the ability to release more endorphins in his body by twisting his right ear. For the first time, he felt that experience when he was doing murderous training before fighting Yasha-Zaru the first series. He is the only one character in series that uses the endorphins.
  • Death Concentration: The skill is a special ability to boost body reflexes and speed. In the manga, Yujiro Hanma described the skill in this way: "that moment only comes when you are about to meet death, but if you are able to control every moment, you will be able to control death, and that is where true strength hides". Thanks to this ability, Baki Hanma is able to boost his body reflexes. For the first time, he felt that experience when he threw himself off a cliff in the first series. And soon afterwards he used it during his fight with Yasha-Zaru.
  • Ippon Ken: Ippon Ken is a karate striking technique that uses the extended knuckle of the middle finger (or index finger) in order to strike a target. The technique is very effective when a fighter wants to attack a specific point of the opponent's body. Baki Hanma used this technique in his fight against Kaoru Hanayama, when he was about 13 years old.
  • Rear Naked Choke: The Rear Naked Choke is a chokehold in martial arts applied from an opponent's back. The word "naked" in this context was suggests that, unlike other strangulation techniques found in grappling martial arts, this hold does not require the use of a training uniform. If properly done, it will restricts blood flow to the brain via the carotid arteries, leaving the opponent unconscious. It is very used in Judo, Jujutsu and the mixed martial arts, being the most used strangling technique. Baki used it against Yujiro Hanma.
  • Roll Kick: It consists of taking a leap to stand on the enemy, then the body is turned to drop a strong spin kick against the opponent.
  • Bow and Arrow: Bow and Arrow is a pro wrestling fighting move. Baki Hanma used it once against Atsushi Suedo during the Shinshinkai Karate tournament.
  • Seiken: The Seiken is a karate practitioner's straight punch, shot from waist. Punching techniques in the karate are called tsuki or zuki. Seiken is a punch with the first two knuckles. The Seiken punch is a typical technique for all karate fighters in Baki series. It is one of the most versatile and powerful weapons of Okinawan karate. To make a proper fist, the fighter has to start by extending all four fingers and pressing them tightly together. The Seiken is such a useful technique that it can be even a finishing blow. For example, the user can perform it with a rapid succession in a barrage-like attack.
  • Armlock: At first, the user grabs the opponent's arm, and then he slams him into the ground. The fighter puts his right leg on the opponent's neck, and he keeps a balance with the other leg. With this move, the user can easly break his opponent's arm. Baki Hanma used this technique during a battle with Kosho Shinogi for the first time. Then he used this move against Mount Toba, but he failed. Baki also made an improved and stronger version of this move. That improved version is called King Tiger.
  • Kinteki Geri: The Crotch Kick is a powerful blow from the Vale Tudo which is intended to damage man's most vulnerable and sensitive vital organ: the testicles. The Crotch Kick can be performed in different ways. For example, the user can have his back to the opponent. Following this, the user must tilt the upper body forward while lifting the leg up, causing the blow to pick up speed and power. Finally, the user of the technique will strike with the sole of the foot and the heel on the genitals of his opponent. The blow serves to expose the opponent to a next attack or to escape from a grip, in cases in which the user of the technique has great speed and strength as Baki Hanma, one of the rival's testicles may break.
  • Suplex: The user grabs his opponent with both arms from behind. Then he throws him backward and slams him to the ground. The move is generally used by wrestlers and mixed martial artists.
  • Goutaijutsu:To perform it, a fighter has to stiffen his body to it's utmost limits on the moment of impact. When fighter uses it at the right moment during a seiken punch, all of his joints will be fixed. It's very difficult to do, but if he succeeds, his fist will strike with the weight of his whole body. At the first time, Baki used the Gotaijutsu against Kureha Shinogi during their fight at the Tokyo Dome Underground Arena. He almost killed Kureha with this technique. He used it also when he fought Biscuit Oliva during the Prison Battle Saga. Oliva used his Ball technique, then Baki strike him with the Gotaijutsu but did not hurt Oliva.
  • Enzuigiri: The user has to jump and deliver a kick to the back of the opponent's head.
  • New Cobra: As Baki Hanma's original modification and improvement to the "Cobra Twist" technique, this move allows Baki to lock the opponent's arm with one leg and the opponent's other arm with Baki's arm, locking it in place with Baki's other hand.
  • Single-Leg Figure-Four: Another grappling technique Baki has improved upon, the Single-Leg Figure-Four (an improvement on the Figure-Four Leg Lock technique) locks one of an opponent's legs in an extremely painful position, with one of Baki's legs extended between his opponent's calf and thigh, wrapping the foot of that leg between Baki's calf and thigh at the ankle, and the other of Baki's legs pressing down on the locked leg on top of the thigh to maintain the hold, creating a four out of the figure of Baki's legs. From there, Baki can restrain the remaining leg with one of his hands.
  • New Swastika: A Baki improvement of the Swastika Stretch, the New Swastika has Baki lock an opponent's leg by wrapping his leg around their thigh/knee, locking the opponent's neck with his other leg, wrapping it around the back of the neck, and locking the opponent's arm behind his back by wrapping his arm around the opponent's elbow with one arm and holding the opponent's forearm in place with the other hand.
  • Backdrop: When the opponent is distracted, the user of the technique must crouch on the opponent's left side and grab him by the abdomen. Then the opponent must be lifted until he is on his shoulders. Finally, the user must jump back so that the opponent hits the head, neck and shoulders against the ground. This technique is useful to keep the opponent immobile on the ground for a few seconds.
  • Antonio Driver: The user places the opponent in a Guillotine Choke while standing up and falls backward, smashing the opponent's face into the ground.
  • Spinning Lotus: The user latches onto the opponent's shoulders, holding the head between their legs and proceeds to rotate with the head locked to the legs to snap the neck.
  • Soccer Ball Kick: By kicking the opponent (more often than not in the head) with the flat of the top of their foot or their shin, the user can kick with enough force to launch opponents even larger than themselves.
  • Shining Wizard: To perform this offensive move, the opponent must be in the position in which he has his knee exposed. Then the attacker have to step on the opponent's knee and strikes with his own knee. Being lighter and smaller than the opponent can be helpful during performing the Shining Wizard. In the first series, Baki Hanma used this technique when he fought Jack Hanma in the Maximum Tournament.
  • Cord-Cut: The name "Cord-Cut" refers to the countless "cords" that make up the human body with include things such as blood vessels, lymph ducts, tendons and nerves. To use that technique, the fighter must train his fingers to the very limit and study the anatomy of the human body. When the training is completed, the fighter can sever the opponent's cords with a finger. However, this technique had one weakness: before the fighter can cut a cord he needs to pull that cord out which takes a lot of time. This weakness was later rectified by Kosho Kureha's original stance, allowing for the cutting to be done in conjunction with the piercing so that the attack is completed in one movement. Baki Hanma used the improved Cord-Cut on Jack Hanma in their fight during the Grappler Baki Maximum Tournament arc final fight.
  • Mach Punch: The user aligns his joints perfectly to deliver a punch or punches that break the sound barrier. Baki Hanma also used the Mach Punch technique (during fight with Jack Hanma in the Maximum Tournament).
  • Arm Breaker: At first, the user grabs one of the opponent's arm over their shoulder with one or both of their arms. With all of their strength, the user then quickly breaks/snaps the opponent's arm. During the finale of the Maximum Tournament, Baki Hanma used this move in his fight against Jack Hanma, managing to break his older half-brother's arm.
  • Front Neck-Lock: By using a standing Guillotine Choke on someone while standing in front of them, the user can pull upward with their arms and lean back, cutting off blood flow to the opponent's brain while also strangling them due to the pressure applied to the neck.
  • Demon Back: The Demon Back is a "technique" in which the user very forcefully flexes the back muscles to form the face of a demon. The user becomes many times stronger to their level prior to activation in every aspect, experiencing an increase in physical strength, speed, endurance, stamina, etc. The user can virtually absorb any hit, such as when Yujiro Hanma ceased taking damage from Kaku Kaioh's Offensive Shaori strikes, which normally produce enough force to shatter walls. Additionally, the user can dish out massive amounts of damage in return. In truth, the Demon Back is not so much a technique as it is a predetermined advantage such as height or muscle-building capacity, since it is a gift depending on genetics and bloodline. However, it can be treated as a technique since it is only activated when the user decides to use it.
  • Whip Strike: Whip Strike is a technique that involves the user making their body as loose and fluid as possible, allowing the practitioner to use their arms like a whip, enabling them to perform powerful "slaps" which affect the largest human organ, the skin. This technique is powerful enough that it can actually rend the skin off a victim's body and cause enough pain that anyone hit by it will cry out in agony. Since the whole body is covered by skin, the Whip Strike has the same effect, no matter where on the body it hits, and it doesn't even matter how thick or how tough the skin may be. Although this technique is strong, Baki Hanma and Yujiro Hanma rarely use it, because they claim that this technique is good for children and women, not a skill for a man because "real men don't slap".
  • Yawara: A Jujutsu flip done at the wrist, this move can even be effective used by someone with almost no muscle mass. May potentially just be Aiki.
  • 0.5 Second Unconscious: It refers to the book of Tor Nørretranders. In the book, Nørretranders states that people are triggered half a second earlier than the brain orders to move. For example, a knife is flying towards some person. That person is triggered, but still unconscious. 0.5 second later the brain orders to move and the action comes. That means between when the person is triggered and when become conscious, the person is unconscious for 0.5 second and people can beat that person as much as they like for 0.5 second. It's almost an invisible moment, but Baki has achieved that skill. Baki used the 0.5 Second Unconscious skill against Biscuit Oliva in the third series of the manga. He also used it against Yujiro Hanma in the last saga of the third series, but Yujiro was able to counter it with the same technique.
  • Slap: A move that strikes sharply with the open hand, bringing the hand with a sharp blow against something. Using this gently may cause an opponent to get angry, as it can be seen as a form of taunting or humiliation. Baki Hanma was seen using this move during a fight with Pickle.
  • Triceratops Fist: Baki first leans his upper body forward, putting his right leg back and clenches both his fists to make a stance resembling that of a Triceratops. Baki can make another version of this technique that imitates other prehistoric creatures, such as a Pteranodon or a T-rex. Despite the fact that Baki's weight is only about 70 kilos, the weight of that attack exceeds 100 kilos, and the power is strong enough to push over a car. The first time, Baki used this technique was against Pickle in the third manga series. Later, he used the Triceratops Fist during his fight with Yujiro Hanma.
  • Cockroach Tackle/Gokiburi Dash: The origins of the move occurred during Baki Hanma's fight with Biscuit Oliva. When Baki is about to lose consciousness he seems to melt as his muscles relax before snapping back together. Much later, he tries to unlock the secret of the cockroach's ability to run at top speed from the start. Then, on a walk down the alley to his home, he saw a dying cockroach and saw that its legs were liquid on the inside. Using this for reference, he was able to relax to the point of feeling like a liquid before snapping back together and dash forward at incredible speeds. For the first time, he used the Cockroach Dash during a fight with Chiharu Shiba. When used against his father, Yujiro Hanma, it is revealed that the speed is 168 MPH with an acceleration of 00.01 milliseconds.
  • Hand Pocket: At the beginning, the user must to hide his hands in his pockets. Then he makes a surprise attack with a fast and precise movement. In the third series of the manga, Baki Hanma and Yujiro Hanma used that technique in their final fight.
  • Tiger King: At first, the user lets his opponent punch, and then climbs on top him, placing one leg on the opponent's back, and kicking his chin with the other leg. Then the user puts him to the armlock position. The first time, Baki Hanma used the King Tiger technique against Shumei Kano in the first series of the manga. But during that fight, there was no mention about a name for the technique. The next time he used that special move was during his fight with his father, Yujiro Hanma, which revealed the name of the move as "Tiger King". Baki Hanma often uses the Armlock move. The Tiger King skill somewhat looks like an improved version of a common armlock technique.
  • Aiki: Aiki is a Japanese martial arts principle or tactic in which the defender blends (without clashing) with the attacker, then goes on to dominate the assailant through the strength of their application of internal dynamics or Ki energy to affect techniques. Blending with an attacker's movements allows the Aiki practitioner to control the actions of the attacker with minimal effort. One applies Aiki by understanding the rhythm and intent of the attacker to find the optimal position and timing to apply a counter-technique.

Key: 13 Years Old | Beginning of Series | Maximum Tournament to New Grappler Baki | Raitai Tournament to Son of Ogre | End of Son of Ogre to Baki Dou



Notable Victories:

Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza) Kiryu's Profile (Note: Maximum Tournament Baki was used. Kiryu had no equipment)

Legosi (Beastars) Legosi's Profile (New Year Legosi, 17 yo Baki. Speed is equalized, fight happens in a 10x10x10 room that is completely dark.)

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