The BC-304 is the second wave of Earth's deep space carriers and their most advanced warship class. It incorporated advanced Asgard shield and hyperdrive technology from the start and was later retrofitted with up-to-date plasma beam weaponry and a power core containing the entire knowledge of the Asgard civilization.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 7-A, up to High 6-C with nuclear missiles

Name: BC-304, Daedalus-Class warship

Origin: Stargate

Pilot(s): 1-4

Age: Less than 10 years old

Classification: Spaceship

Wielders: US Airforce, various other nations of Earth

Powers and Abilities: Forcefields, Flight, Invisibility (the Odyssey is capable of cloaking with a ZPM), Energy Projection, Teleportation (Asgard Transporters can beam objects as large as skyscrapers into orbit, blocked by many shields), Durability Negation through dematerialization with Asgard Transporters, Creation with modified Asgard Transporter (can create matter, even advanced technology, out of thin air), Time Manipulation (can create a bubble of extremely slowed time around the ship), carries two squadrons of space capable interceptors

Attack Potency: At least Large Mountain level with Asgard plasma beam weapon fire and missiles (Comparable to Ori ship beam weapons which can destroy a Ha'tak-Class ship in a single shot, regular nuclear missiles are in the low gigaton range), up to Large Island level with Mark IX Naquadria-enhanced nuclear missiles (Vaporizes Stargates and destroys anything within a radius of at least 160 kilometres, putting them at around 200 gigatons TNT equivalent)

Speed: Relativistic with Sublight Engines (Up to 0.5c), Massively FTL+ with Asgard Hyperdrive (Usually 60000000c, 274000000c when powered by a Zero Point Module)

Durability: At least Large Mountain level with shields (Much superior to the shields of Ha'tak-Class vessels), Unknown but weaker without shields

Range: Hundreds of kilometers with weapon fire, planetary with Asgard Transporters, interplanetary with sensors, fighter squadrons and Sublight Engines, intergalactic with Hyperdrive

Weaknesses: None notable


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