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Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!.
~ Auron


Auron [ˈɔː.ɹən] is one of the main party members of Final Fantasy X. A former warrior monk of Yevon, he was cast out by the order after his refusal to marry the daughter of one of their priests, before being enlisted as one of the Guardians of Lord Braska for his pilgrimage, alongside Jecht.

Eventually, they arrived at Zanarkand, where Jecht agreed to become the fayth for Braska's Final Aeon to defeat Sin, an action that would kill them both and only stop Sin temporarily. Outraged that such a cycle of suffering would be allowed to continue, Auron attempted to stop it before being struck down by Lady Yunalesca. He managed to eventually reach Bevelle, where he tasked the newly-disgraced Kimahri with protecting Yuna, before dying of his injuries.

Ten years later, Auron remains an unsent - a spirit who refuses to move on to the Farplane after death - due to the promises he made to Braska and Jecht. He would watch over Jecht's son, Tidus, eventually guiding him to Spira and helping him and Yuna defeat Sin once and for all.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 5-B | 2-C

Name: Auron

Origin: Final Fantasy X

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Classification: Unsent Human, Guardian.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Non-Physical Interaction (Able to kill the lingering Ghosts in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and the Wraiths found Inside Sin), Immortality (Types 1, 3 and 7), Regeneration (Low-Godly. As an unsent, Auron can reform his body from non-physical pyreflies as long as his spirit is not sent to the Farplane), Statistics Reduction (Via Break abilities), Damage Reduction (Via Sentinel), Fear Manipulation (Via Threaten), Necromancy and Transmutation (Via Zombie Attack), Death Manipulation (Via Death and Shin-Zantetsu), BFR (Via Shooting Star), Air Manipulation (Via Tornado), Statistics Amplification (Via Cheer, Aim, Focus, Reflex, Protect and Shell), Time Manipulation (Can accelerate himself or slow down enemies in time with Hastega and Slowga), Healing, Damage Negation (Via NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost), Purification (Type 3 via Esuna and various items), Resurrection (Via Life, Full-Life and Auto-Life), Attack Reflection (Via Reflect), Holy Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Poison Manipulation (Via Bio), Gravity Manipulation (Via Demi), Energy Projection (Via Flare), Radiation Manipulation, Information Analysis (Via Scan and Sensor), Probability Manipulation (Via Jinx and Luck), Social Influencing (Can bribe mindless monsters to leave battle), Power Mimicry (Via Copycat), Durability Negation (Via Piercing and Demi), Enhanced Senses and Stealth Mastery (Via Initiative), Curse Manipulation and Death Manipulation (Via Candles of Life), Resistance to Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Power Nullification, Sleep Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Petrification, Death Manipulation, Necromancy, Transmutation, Time Manipulation (In the form of Time Slow and Stop), Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation, Absolute Zero (Can withstand Shiva's presence and attacks), Curse Manipulation, and Memory Manipulation (Can challenge Sin head-on without being impeded by its toxin)

Attack Potency: Small Planet level (Capable of hurting Sin with his attacks, who is unaffected by the Gravitational Forces created as an effect of his Giga Graviton move. Furthermore, as a legendary Guardian, Auron is the most likely candidate to be considered a peer of Tidus at the time of the final battle with Overdrive Sin) | Low Multiverse level (Is comparable to the other Warriors of Materia and draws power from the gods of the cycle. Participated in the defeat of Shinryu)

Speed: FTL+ (Capable of fighting Braska's Final Aeon) | Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with the other Warriors of Materia.)

Lifting Strength: Class E (Able to endure the high gravity exerted by Sin's Giga Graviton from several kilometers away)

Striking Strength: Small Planet Class (Capable of harming Sin) | Low Multiversal

Durability: Small Planet level (Can withstand the gravitational force exerted by Sin's Giga Graviton, however a direct impact would instantly kill him. Additionally, as one of the best Guardians ever, he should be no less durable than Rikku, a Guardian of lesser note able to survive multiple Meteor spells and an Ultima from Trema [A character stronger than a Final Aeon-level Fiend, Paragon/Lord Zaon], also able to survive being struck by Yunalesca's magic long enough to travel all the way from Zanarkand to Bevelle on his own) | Low Multiverse level

Stamina: Very high

Range: Extended melee range with sword strikes, dozens of meters with energy blasts and magic

Standard Equipment:

Blade: Auron's initial weapon, a generic sword that he uses to fight off enemies.

Masamune: Auron's Celestial Weapon, which he obtains after bringing a Rusty Sword to a statue of Lord Mi'ihen on the Mushroom Rock Road. It naturally ignores enemy defense, harming them regardless of attempts to increase their durability, and allows Auron to instinctually counter attacks. Additionally, his attacks become more powerful depending on how injured he is.

Intelligence: Highly skilled combatant with over two pilgrimages of experience in combat. These amount to global treks throughout Spira in dangerous unpredictable environments where he had to contend with countless enemies with a variety of different abilities and combat styles.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Power Break: Auron strikes his enemy, halving their physical power.

Magic Break: Auron strikes his enemy, halving their magic power.

Armor Break: Auron strikes his enemy, halving their defense and shattering their armored defense.

Mental Break: Auron strikes his enemy, halving their magic defense.

Full Break" Auron strikes his enemy, inflicting Power, Magic, Armor and Mental Break at once.

Guard: Auron defends an ally from damage, taking the attack for them instead.

Sentinel: Auron enters a defensive stance, decreasing the damage he receives from attacks.

Threaten: Auron immobilizes his enemy with fear after threatening them.

Entrust: Auron grants one of his allies the ability to quickly access their Overdrive, at the cost of his own Overdrive gauge.

Zombie Attack: Auron strikes his enemy, transmuting them into a zombie and making them be damaged by healing spells and items.

Shin-Zantetsu: Auron charges energy in his blade and performs a spinning slash, instantly killing enemies in the vicinity.

Bushido: Auron's Overdrive, a collection of techniques using his sword that he obtains by finding Jecht's Spheres all across Spira.

  • Dragon Fang: Auron leaps into the air and stabs his sword into the ground, creating a large explosion underneath his enemy.
  • Shooting Star: Auron dashes towards his enemy and unleashes a swift but powerful blow, throwing them into the air and removing them from the battle.
  • Banishing Blade: Auron takes a drink out of his sake jug and spits it on his sword, enchanting it before creating several dark spheres that home in on his opponent when he swings, inflicting Full Break.
  • Tornado: Auron creates a tornado and launches it at his enemies, before igniting it with his jug of sake and heavily damaging them.

Contrary to popular belief, the party members are not limited to their sections of the Sphere Grid and are capable of branching into the sections of other characters. Key Spheres, which are strictly used for this purpose, are canonically given out at certain points in the story, and character-exclusive abilities like Lulu's Black Magic and Kimahri's Lancet are discussed as if they are common abilities and not completely restricted to the characters in question. As a result, the party is entirely capable of using each others' abilities, as long as they are part of the Sphere Grid.

Tidus' Sphere Grid:

Cheer: Auron enhances his party's attack power and durability.

Hastega: Auron accelerates time for his party, dramatically increasing their speed.

Slowga: Auron distorts time around his enemies, dramatically decreasing their speed.

Delay Buster: Auron strikes his enemy with an incredibly powerful blow, significantly increasing the time they need to take their next action.

Provoke: Auron taunts an enemy, encouraging them to attack him over his allies.

Yuna's Sphere Grid:

Curaga: Auron significantly heals himself or one of his allies.

NulBlaze: Auron nullifies all fire damage for himself and his allies for one attack.

NulShock: Auron nullifies all lightning damage for himself and his allies for one attack.

NulTide: Auron nullifies all water damage for himself and his allies for one attack.

NulFrost: Auron nullifies all ice damage for himself and his allies for one attack.

Esuna: Auron removes all negative status effects on himself or one of his allies.

Life: Auron revives one of his allies if they happen to die, though they are nonetheless still significantly injured.

Full-Life: Auron revives one of his allies at their full strength.

Shell: Auron enhances an ally's magic defense, halving the damage of all spells directed at them. However, this is also inclusive of any healing spells.

Protect: Auron enhances an ally's physical defense, halving any damage they receive from physical attacks.

Reflect: Auron creates a barrier around himself that automatically reflects any spell back at his enemy.

Dispel: Auron removes any sort of buffs his enemy has that would increase their power.

Regen: Auron casts a spell that gradually heals himself or one of his allies over a period of time.

Auto-Life: Auron casts a spell that ensures that, upon death, he will be automatically revived.

Holy: Auron calls down a massive beam of holy-elemental energy to blast his foes.

Wakka's Sphere Grid:

Dark Attack: Auron strikes his enemy, blinding them with darkness for an extended period of time.

Silence Attack: Auron strikes his enemy, silencing them and preventing them from using magic.

Aim: Auron increases his party's accuracy, allowing them to more easily land attacks on evasive foes.

Sleep Attack: Auron strikes his enemy and puts them to sleep.

Dark Buster: An enhanced version of Dark Attack, lasting for a shorter amount of time but bypassing standard resistance to it.

Drain: Auron siphons vitality from his enemy, healing him while damaging them in the process.

Silence Buster: An enhanced version of Silence Attack, lasting for a shorter amount of time but bypassing standard resistance to it.

Sleep Buster: An enhanced version of Sleep Attack, lasting for a shorter amount of time but bypassing standard resistance to it.

Osmose: Auron absorbs his enemy's magic energy to refuel his own supply.

Triple Foul: Auron attacks his enemy, inflicting Dark, Silence and Sleep simultaneously in a combination of Dark Attack, Silence Attack and Sleep Attack.

Lulu's Sphere Grid:

Doublecast: Auron is able to rapidly cast two copies of the same spell simultaneously, effectively doubling his casting speed and firepower.

Focus: Auron increases his allies' magic power and magic defense.

Reflex: Auron increases his party's evasion, making it easier for them to dodge attacks.

Firaga: Auron scorches his target with a massive fireball to deal heavy fire-elemental damage.

Blizzaga: Auron freezes his target with huge ice crystals, dealing heavy ice-elemental damage.

Thundaga: Auron calls down several large lightning bolts to smite his enemies, dealing heavy lightning-elemental damage.

Waterga: Auron generates a spontaneous burst of water that crashes into her opponent like a geyser, dealing heavy water-elemental damage.

Bio: Auron creates a cloud of noxious gas that poisons his enemies.

Demi: Auron creates a condensed sphere of gravity that crushes enemies under its weight.

Death: Auron summons a spectral figure, which drags its talons though his target's chest and instantly kills them. This also works on robotic enemies and ghosts unless they explicitly resist instant death.

Flare: Auron generates a spontaneous nuclear reaction that engulfs the targets in a massive non-elemental burst of energy.

Ultima: The ultimate Black Magic, Auron blasts his foes with an incredible amount of arcane energy, exceeding all other spells in his arsenal in terms of raw power.

Kimahri's Sphere Grid:

Lancet: Auron absorbs energy from his enemy to heal himself and restore his magic reserves. However, as he is not a Ronso, he cannot use this to learn enemy abilities like Kimahri can.

Scan: Auron analyzes his target's vital statistics, determining their strength, elemental weaknesses, and ways to defeat them.

Jinx: Auron lowers all of his enemies' "luck", decreasing their chance of hitting him with their attacks.

Rikku's Sphere Grid:

Steal: Auron secretly grabs items his opponents may possess to use for himself.

Luck: Auron raises his party's "luck", making it easier for them to dodge attacks.

Spare Change: Auron tosses a random amount of gil at his opponents, dealing damage dependent on how much he uses.

Mug: Auron attacks an enemy while simultaneously stealing from them.

Bribe: Auron offers his enemy a large sum of gil, potentially convincing them to leave the battle and leave their possessions behind, regardless of their sentience or comprehension of money.

Pilfer Gil: Auron attacks his enemy while stealing any money they have.

Copycat: Auron mimics the previous action of one ally, using whatever technique they had just used.

Weapon Abilities:

Sensor: Passively analyzes an enemy, though not to the extent of Scan, telling Auron the enemy's strength, elemental weaknesses and general tips to fight them.

Piercing: Makes damage from Auron's weapon bypass natural armor, hitting the enemy directly.

First Strike: Enhances Auron's speed to allow him to more easily land the first attack in combat, even if she's caught off-guard.

Initiative: Enhances Auron's awareness and stealth abilities, allowing him a greater chance of landing a preemptive strike and preventing him from being ambushed.

Firestrike: Applies fire elemental damage to basic attacks.

Lightningstrike: Applies lightning elemental damage to basic attacks.

Waterstrike: Applies water elemental damage to basic attacks.

Icestrike: Applies ice elemental damage to basic attacks.

Darkstrike: Applies the Dark status with regular attacks, blinding enemies with darkness and making it much more difficult for them to land their attacks.

Silencestrike: Applies the Silence status with regular attacks, preventing enemies from using magic.

Sleepstrike: Applies the Sleep status with regular attacks, putting enemies to sleep.

Poisonstrike: Applies the Poison status with regular attacks, poisoning enemies.

Stonestrike: Applies the Stone status with regular attacks, petrifying enemies and allowing him to shatter them afterwards.

Deathstrike: Applies the Death status with regular attacks, instantly killing them.

Zombiestrike: Applies the Zombie status with regular attacks, turning the enemy undead and making them vulnerable to healing items and spells.

Slowstrike: Applies the Slow status with regular attacks, bending time around them to slow their movements.

Counterattack: Allows Auron to instinctually counter physical attacks that hit him.

Evade & Counter: Allows Auron to instinctually dodge attacks and counter them.

Magic Counter: Allows Auron to instinctually counter magic attacks that hit him.

Magic Booster: Significantly increases the power of Auron's spells at the cost of increasing their energy cost.

Alchemy: Significantly increases the power of healing items.

One MP Cost: Dramatically reduces the energy needed to cast spells, allowing Auron to cast many, many more than usual before requiring Ethers.

Armor Abilities:

Fireproof: Completely protects Auron from fire damage from comparable opponents.

Fire Eater: Allows Auron to absorb damage from fire attacks, healing him instead.

Lightningproof: Completely protects Auron from lightning damage from comparable opponents.

Lightning Eater: Allows Auron to absorb damage from lightning attacks, healing him instead.

Waterproof: Completely protects Auron from water damage from comparable opponents.

Water Eater: Allows Auron to absorb damage from water attacks, healing him instead.

Iceproof: Completely protects Auron from ice damage from comparable opponents.

Ice Eater: Allows Auron to absorb damage from ice attacks, healing him instead.

Darkproof: Protects Auron from the Dark status, preventing him from being blinded.

Silenceproof: Protects Auron from the Silence status, allowing him to use magic freely.

Sleepproof: Protects Auron from the Sleep status, allowing him to resist being forcefully put to sleep.

Poisonproof: Protects Auron from the Poison status, blocking out poisons.

Stoneproof: Protects Auron from the Stone status, preventing him from being petrified.

Deathproof: Protects Auron from the Death status, guarding him from instant death abilities.

Zombieproof: Protects Auron from the Zombie status, preventing him from being transmuted into a zombie.

Slowproof: Protects Auron from the Slow status, nullifying attempts to slow him in time.

Confuseproof: Protects Auron from the Confuse status, keeping him cognitive functions instead of being twisted to attack himself.

Berserkproof: Protects Auron from the Berserk status, preventing him from being reduced to a mindless attacker.

Curseproof: Protects Auron from the Curse status, blocking curses and attempts to nullify his abilities.

SOS NulBlaze: When Auron enters critical condition, she is automatically granted the NulBlaze status, nullifying fire damage against him once.

SOS NulShock: When Auron enters critical condition, she is automatically granted the NulShock status, nullifying lightning damage against him once.

SOS NulTide: When Auron enters critical condition, she is automatically granted the NulTide status, nullifying water damage against him once.

SOS NulFrost: When Auron enters critical condition, she is automatically granted the NulFrost status, nullifying fire damage against him once.

Auto-Shell: Passively applies the Shell status, halving damage Auron receives from magic.

Auto-Protect: Passively applies the Protect status, halving damage Auron receives from physical attacks.

Auto-Reflect: Passively applies the Reflect status, automatically reflecting magic attacks back at the caster.

Auto-Haste: Passively applies the Haste status, dramatically increasing Auron's speed by accelerating time around him.

Auto-Regen: Passively applies the Regen status, gradually healing Auron.

HP Stroll: Gradually heals Auron with every step she takes.

MP Stroll: Gradually recovers Auron's magic energy with every step she takes.

Ribbon: Protects Auron from any type of status effect, outside of instant death and Curse.

Curative Items:

X-Potion: Fully heals the target.

Mega-Potion: Significantly heals all allies.

Al Bhed Potion: Heals all allies and cures Poison, Silence and Stone.

Healing Water: Fully heals the entire party.

Tetra Elemental: Applies NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost at once.

Turbo Ether: Recovers a significant portion of the target's magic energy supply.

Phoenix Down: Revives deceased allies from death, though Auron cannot use it on himself unless she uses it right before his death, and when brought back she's still in fairly weak condition.

Mega Phoenix: Revives all allies at full strength. Like with Phoenix Downs, it can't be used on Auron himself unless used right before his death.

Elixir: Fully heals an ally and restores their magic energy.

Megalixir: Fully heals all allies while restoring their magic energy.

Antidote: Cures the Poison status ailment, cleansing the target of poison.

Soft: Cures the Stone status ailment, undoing petrification.

Eye Drops: Cures the Dark status ailment, clearing their eyesight.

Echo Screen: Cures the Silence status ailment, allowing the target to cast magic once again.

Holy Water: Cures the Zombie and Curse status ailments, reverting the target back to a normal human and purging them of statuses that nullify their abilities.

Remedy: Cures all negative status effects, including all of the above in addition to Confuse, Sleep, Slow and Berserk.

Offensive Items:

Ice Gem: Damages all enemies with several blasts of ice magic.

Fire Gem: Damages all enemies with several blasts of fire magic.

Lightning Gem: Damages all enemies with several blasts of lightning magic.

Water Gem: Damages all enemies with several blasts of water magic.

Frag Grenade: Damages all enemies and inflicts Armor Break.

Dream Powder: Damages all enemies and inflicts Sleep.

Silence Grenade: Damages all enemies and inflicts Silence.

Smoke Bomb: Damages all enemies and inflicts Dark.

Shadow Gem: Creates a sphere of intense gravity that halves all enemies' vitality.

Shining Gem: Creates a torrent of fire to damage an enemy.

Blessed Gem: Generates effects comparable to Holy to bombard enemies with holy damage.

Supreme Gem: Generates effects comparable to Ultima to deal immense damage.

Poison Fang: Inflicts damage and casts Poison on one enemy.

Gold Hourglass: Damages all enemies and delays their next action.

Candle of Life: Casts Doom on all enemies, cursing them to die when the timer above their head reaches 0. Much like Death, this even works on robotic enemies and ghosts, and even enemies who resist instant death can still be killed, though the timer is considerably longer as a penalty.

Petrify Grenade: Applies Stone to all enemies.

Farplane Wind: Casts Death on all enemies.

Dark Matter: Creates an extremely powerful gravitational singularity to heavily damage all enemies.

Chocobo Wing: Casts Haste on all allies.

Lunar Curtain: Casts Shell on one ally.

Light Curtain: Casts Protect on one ally.

Star Curtain: Casts Reflect on one ally.

Healing Spring: Casts Regen on one ally.

Soul Spring: Absorbs vitality and magic energy from an enemy.

Purifying Salt: Damages an enemy and dispels their buffs.

Stamina Tonic: Doubles all allies' vitality.

Mana Tonic: Doubles all allies' magic energy.

Three Stars: Sets the magic cost of all allies to 0, allowing them to use spells with impunity.

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