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I Was bestowed with tremendous magic at birth. Because of it, I have been abandoned and shunned. When I came to a dead end in my life, it was his His Majesty who saved me. And even if it costs me my life... I, August, the greatest of the Spriggan 12, possess enough power to wipe this entire country off the face of the world!!
~ August activating Ars-Magia


August is part of the Alvarez Empire as the strongest member and General of the Spriggan 12, the protection guard of Emperor Spriggan. He is also the son of Zeref Dragneel, the emperor of Alvarez, and Mavis Vermilion, Fairy Tail's founding master and by extension, the nephew of Natsu Dragneel. His epithets within Alvarez are the "Magic King", due to his mastery of countless magics from all around the world, and the "Disaster" for his superior magical strength.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 6-C | High 6-C, High 6-A with Ars-Magia

Name: August, Magic King, The Disaster

Origin: Fairy Tail

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human, Mage, Alvarez Empire Resident, General of the Spriggan 12

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic (Should be capable of using nearly every single Non-Holder Type Magic in the verse), Empowerment (His emotions directly translate into magic power and his strength grows more powerful as said emotions get stronger), Extrasensory Perception, Power Mimicry, Forcefield Creation, Sleep Inducement (Via Sleep Magic), Fire Manipulation, Energy Manipulation (Via Bullet Magic), Sound Manipulation, Mind Reading (Via Sound Magic), Time Slowdown (Via Slowing Magic), Spatial Distortion (Via Reflector), Attack Reflection (Via Reflector), Illusion Creation (Via Reflector), Explosion Manipulation (Via Blast Magic), Wind Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation (Should be able to use all of the elemental magics within the entire verse), Transformation, Power Nullification (Has the power to nullify all the magic abilities that he copies), Has countless more magic abilities that he has copied and mastered

Attack Potency: At least Island level (Far stronger than Larcade and the Other Spriggans. Comparable to Human Form Irene. Stated to have a magic power way above Brandish's) | Large Island level (Considered himself to be the greatest member of the Spriggan 12. Stronger than or equal to Dragon Form Irene), Multi-Continent level with Ars-Magia (Was going to destroy Fiore by melting the entire country). Ignores conventional durability with Ars-Magia (The spell vaporizes the blood of living beings in addition to melting the land)

Speed: Relativistic (Comparable to Human Form Irene) | Relativistic (Faster than Dragon Irene)

Lifting Strength: At least Class G (Stronger than Base Natsu) | At least Class G (Far stronger than before)

Striking Strength: At least Island Class (Far stronger than Larcade and the Other Spriggans. Comparable to Human Form Irene) | Large Island Class (Comparable to Dragon Form Irene)

Durability: At least Island level (Far more durable than Larcade and the Other Spriggans. Casually blocked an attack from Base Laxus. Comparable to Human Form Irene) | Large Island level (Comparable to his Attack Power. Took a direct attack from Gildarts's strongest attack without any serious injuries). Reflector can divert all incoming attacks as long as he doesn't use it for offense

Stamina: Extremely large (Showed no signs of exhaustion from any of his battles)

Range: Extended melee range. Several hundreds of meters to several kilometers with ranged attacks. Thousands of kilometers with Ars-Magia.

Standard Equipment:

  • Staff: In his right hand, August carries a long and thin, light-colored wooden staff, matching, if not slightly exceeding, its owner's height, with a rather large, oviform, dark-colored orb fixed on its tip, partly overgrown by the wood. It's currently not known if the staff holds some specific purpose.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (He has lived a longer life than most people and has gained plenty of wisdom. Has learned and mastered nearly every Non-Holder Type Magic in the world, which are an extremely diverse and vast set of abilities)

Weaknesses: Reflector can't be used for both offense and defense at the same time; it doesn't work directly on humans nor elastic beings/clothes. Slowing Magic has a limited area of effect. Sound Magic renders the user vulnerable to loud sounds. Presumably can't use different types of magic at once. He can't copy Holder Type Magic.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Copy: August is lauded as the "Wizard King" due to this particular kind of Magic, which he can notably use instantaneously; with it, August can copy, master, and then nullify an opponent's Magic after having given it witness. However, he is unable to copy Holder Magic as one cannot use Holder Magic without physically using the required tools. It has been stated that August has learned and mastered every magic from all across the world, making the amount of possible different magics he can use countless.

  • Fire Magic: August can summon forth a gargantuan amount of heat energy around his being that surges up to incalculable heights at extreme speeds in form of a pillar, such that it can be felt and clearly seen kilometers away, tearing away and, as hinted by the Magic King himself, dissolving into oblivion everything so unfortunate as to lie within the immediate range of effect. Even Natsu, a mighty Fire Dragon Slayer, wasn't able to fully negate this attack.
  • Sleep Magic: He was able to easily put Brandish to sleep in a moment with a little wave of his hand.
  • Bullet Magic: August produces ballistic projectiles of Magical energy out of his hands to launch at foes.
  • Sound Magic: August can hear a person's very soul, allowing him to tell what they are going to do next, and allows him to hear their thoughts. With it, August can foresee all of the attacks performed against him and react accordingly, countering them without effort.
  • Slowing Magic: August can use this time-affecting magic, changing the way its targets perceive time. This kind of Magic makes August formidable at melee and short-range, allowing him to evade most attacks performed against him.
  • Reflector: Reflector give August the ability to reflect, distort and twist all manner of objects, save for living things, such as human beings. August is extremely adept at this Magic, easily reflecting Macbeth's Spiral Pain.
  • Crush: After being broken into pieces from Gildarts Clive as he used this Magic on him, August was shown to be able to not only reform himself but to also direct his body in the same ordinate amount of pieces from the use of this Magic.
  • Sink Magic: August waves his hand and his opponent starts sinking into the ground.
  • Wind Magic: August can shoot a blade of wind that shreds his opponent apart.
  • Blast Magic: August uses this magic to create multiple explosions.
  • Beam Magic: August raises his hand and fires a bunch of energy beams at his opponent.
  • Binding Magic: August stabs his opponent with his staff and spreads black tentacles from it to bind his opponent's body.

Ultimate Magic Form: August can assume a form that greatly increases his power. His skin darkens to red and his hair flares upwards wildly, his main hair, beard, and eyebrows more so than his mustache. On his forehead emerges a thick, golden circle, flanked by three thin, gold-colored lines to its left and right, which diverge slightly before going down under his eyebrows to reach his eyes' top edges, and from their bottom go further down to his jawline, over his neck, and diagonally across his pectorals so as to reach his arms, then stretching across the front of both his arms, presumably connecting with the above-mentioned, normally dark-colored tattoo at least on his left arm, becoming gold in color.

Ars Magia: An Ancient Spell August possesses that, with the massive Magic Power he was born with, has the power to destroy an entire country at least the size of Fiore. By using his body as a catalyst, his Magic Power melts and destroys the environment, breaking down any inorganic substance into pieces, while also evaporating the blood inside living beings. This Magic is also potent enough to disable the use of other Magics during its casting; however, if he so chooses, August can cease his casting of the Magic, but his body remains destroyed.

Key: Base | Ultimate Magic Form

Note: While August has not shown usage of every ability in the verse, he should be able to use most, if not all of the Non-Holder Type Magic abilities within the verse and be able to use them at anytime, as it has been stated that he has learned and mastered every magic from all across the world.



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