Asha SC
~ Asha, to Iji


A prodigal Komato assassin, Asha's life of splendor went sour when he was abandoned by his unit on account of his overbearing arrogance. Left to his own devices during the invasion of Earth, Asha hunted down and was defeated by the Human Anomaly, Iji Kataiser. Shamed and enraged by his failure, Asha devoted his life to avenging this embarrassment.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A, higher with Resonance Reflector

Name: Asha

Origin: Iji

Age: Unknown, likely young

Gender: Male

Classification: Komato Assassin

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Afterimage Creation, Attack Reflection with Resonance Reflector, Forcefield Creation, Hacking (Can hack into other nanofields to disable weapons and injure opponents), Self-Healing, Teleportation

Attack Potency: Small Building level (He can pierce Iji's nanofield with his weaponry), higher with Resonance Reflector (Iji's can reflect projectiles from General Tor in his Eidolon Armor, and Asha's should be somewhat comparable).

Speed: Peak Human with Hypersonic+ combat speed (Comparable to Iji and other Assassins, if not superior) and High Hypersonic reactions (After training, he can dodge any weapon in the game even at point-blank range and as it's firing, including the Velocithor V2-10, which has a muzzle velocity of Mach 34.98).

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Small Building Class

Durability: Wall level (Basic Tasen weapons like the shotgun can injure and ultimately kill him due to his insistence in taking them head-on).

Stamina: Extremely high. Even after teleporting his arm off during a fight, Asha was still able to continue fighting and eventually escape.

Range: Extended melee range, tens of meters with Plasma Cannon, hundreds of meters with teleportation.

Standard Equipment: Laser daggers and electromines.

  • Plasma Cannon: Fires a high-power laser that can pierce through multiple enemies in a row.
  • Resonance Reflector: Causes a short-ranged shockwave that reflects projectiles.

Intelligence: Should be above average, but usually clouded by his arrogance and questionable sanity.

Weaknesses: Asha is extremely overconfident and less than sane. He would literally rather die than teleport away from small arms fire, as he considers it too harmless to take seriously. In unfamiliar territory, he may teleport into a wall, which can do as little as mildly inconvenience him and as much as kill him instantly.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

  • Megasmash: Asha slams his fist to the ground with enough force to cause a large shockwave.
  • Plasma Rage: Asha rapidly teleports from wall to wall, firing rapid-fire plasma cannon shots as he does so.
  • Plasma Vortex: Asha fires a series of plasma cannon shots all around him.


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