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Assassin's Creed
Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
~ Ezio Auditore da Firenze


Assassin's Creed takes place during the present and past, with an on-going battle between two main factions (The Assassins and The Templars). The main focus of the plot is to recover the pieces of Eden (Powerful artifacts created by the Isu). Watch Dogs is canonically confirmed to be a part of the Assassin's Creed universe.

Powers of the Verse

Those that share lineage to Adam and Eve have enhanced senses (Eagle Vision) which allows them to see the world differently and grants them superhuman physical characteristics far beyond that of the strongest humans and animals. Most of the verse's characters also have an incredibly high innate resistance to pain, surviving being shot multiple times or being stabbed multiple times and simply walking it off as if nothing happened to them. Most of the Isu-Hybrids in the game who have awakened their full potential via the Bleeding Effect gain a number of resistances to the powers that affect their minds, senses and whatnot.

The present-day technology has some futuristic technology (Like the Animus) that allows them to not only hone their ancestors' skills, but their entire skillsets, decades worth of experience and even their overall power levels, capable of awakening Eagle Vision within them, including the ability to perform death-defying parkour moves which would be impossible even for the finest peak-level freerunner.

The past primarily focuses on Assassins who are highly skilled and have access to gadgets, weapons, and vehicles from each respective era too advanced even for the modern age. Cannons and many other weapons make an appearance in the late 12th century several centuries before their debut in real-life, even possessing vastly superior range, mobility and destructive power, while bombs make an early appearance in the 5th century BCE, during the Pelopponesian Wars.

Most of the characters sit incredibly high into the Tier 9 range, with several characters of different countries, beliefs and goals with little-to-no change in their power sets, with their speeds hitting the high-end Supersonic+ ranges even for just ordinary peak-level humans who have not awakened Eagle Vision (With many of the characters being able to outpace highly-advanced handgun bullets, with the top tiers being able to move fast enough to appear as if they're teleporting in those characters' eyes), with most awakened Isu-Hybrids trumping them by a considerable degree. Most of the verse's hybrids have incredibly good clairvoyant and precognitive abilities that allow them to react to attacks several moments before their occurrence, thus allowing them to keep up with enemies considerably faster than them and can easily see through any kind of object to locate points of interest, uncover their secrets, deduce weakspots and many more. Many of the verse's 16th-century vehicles and weapons alone easily surpass the Tier 9 range and sit pretty well into Tier 8, being able to level entire militarized cities with a few volleys of artillery being fired upon them, with most of the cannons proving to have exceptional range, speed and precision at any given moment.

The Olympos Project consists of many famous monsters taken straight from Greek myth and legend, involving minotaurs, sphinxes, medusas and the cyclopes.

The verse's god-tier, the Isu, are capable of making technology powerful enough to protect planets and even possibly unravel the universe itself.

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