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If Death comes for me I’ll shred him with my power, I beat him once, and I hardly expect to kneel before him now.


Ashley Stillons II is a clone of the original Damsel of Distress, a small time villain who got recruited into the Slaughterhouse Nine and was unceremoniously killed by Defiant. Her personality was cobbled together out of Bonesaw's impressions of the original alongside phantom memories provided by her shard, resulting in her personality being a fragmented version of the original, while also being shaped by her own experiences. After surviving the end of the world, she's joined the therapy group and hero team Breakthrough, forming new friendships and going down a different and more heroic path.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Ashley Stillons II, Damsel of Distress, Swansong

Origin: Parahumans

Gender: Female

Age: 3-4 chronologically, 24 biologically and mentally

Classification: Parahuman (Mover/Shaker)

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human, Cyborgization, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Existence Erasure (With the Chaos shard, Damsel can produce blasts that tear through reality[1], allowing her to distort space, time, gravity,[2][3] and erase matter[4][5]), Sound Manipulation (Her power is incredibly loud[6]), Acrobatics (Uses the large recoil on her power to throw herself around, and is able to scale[7] large structures[8][9] through repeated usage), Resistance to Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, and Existence Erasure (Immune to her own power [10] and would be unable to hurt her fellow clones with it[11])

Attack Potency: Street level (Able to hurt herself with the recoil of her power[12], and can use her recoil to ram and tackle people. Capable of damaging and tearing off her own prosthetics.) Ignores conventional durability via her power.

Speed: Athletic Human normally, Superhuman with the recoil of her power

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Street Class

Durability: At least Street level (Despite Bonesaw removing most of the modifications she had as a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine, is still more durable than a regular human[13])

Stamina: High. Ashley is extremely energetic in action, with her every action being compared to the explosive start of a sprinter. Can endure far worse injury than a normal person could[14] due to her enhancements. Persisted in fighting against Spawner even as she was being torn apart by her own power when her resistance to it was removed.

Range: Melee range with kicks, fifteen feet with blasts and individual jumps

Standard Equipment:

  • Prosthetic Hands: Ashley's hands are prosthetics created by Bonesaw, which allow her to better control her power and avoid the problems that her predecessor had with misfires. Need to be looked at every so often by Bonesaw for upkeep, and also boost her range.

Intelligence: Ashley may be abrasive, but is actually quite intelligent under her exterior. She learned how to use a computer for the first time in less than an hour and is very perceptive, able to draw accurate conclusions about people based on her observation of their actions and words. She was able to infiltrate a villain group without eliciting any suspicion, and frequently uses the mobility aspect of her power in creative enough ways that let her keep up with the rest of Breakthrough despite being unable to use her power directly on most foes.

Weaknesses: Her hands need to be maintained by Bonesaw, or else they will start to degrade. This results in loss of motor function and her power misfiring. Her power will also begin to misfire if her hands are damaged, and use of her power can be impeded by completely removing her forearms. Won't punch people, as she doesn't want to risk damage to her hands. Has emotional problems, though not to as severe a degree as her predecessor. Doesn't generally open up going for a kill, and her power has no middle ground in that regard. Her power is very loud.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Chaos: Ashley's Shard allows her to fire blasts that tear through reality, erasing her targets while warping space, time, and gravity. This is an example of an "All or Nothing" power, a rare classification that denotes a power that supersedes almost any other ability that would attempt to obstruct it. In Ashley's case, her power is the type of power that could theoretically kill Endbringers and capes with powerful invulnerability effects, such as Alexandria and Gavel. Ashley's power likely works on an interdimensional scale, as it is compared to others that do[15] such as Scrub and Flechette, would be able to harm Alexandria who is unprotected from such effects, and its true usage seems to be for Entities to use to destroy planets.[16] When Entities destroy planets, they do so in every reality across the multiverse.[17] Her blasts have a lot of recoil to them, which Ashley uses for fast and unpredictable movement. This earned her a Mover rating.


Notable Victories:

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