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Fanart by NeoWorm

It’s the politics. I’m good at this. Better than most, if you don’t mind me boasting. Everything I bring to the table, I worked my ass off for. But when it comes to shaking hands, managing people, navigating the bureaucracy… I’m not good at it, won’t ever be. Because of that, I’m getting demoted, and I can probably give up on ever being in charge of another team.


Colin Wallis, better known Armsmaster is the leader of the Brockton Bay Protectorate team. A perfectionist and a glory hound, his bond with Dragon leads to him shedding his old identity and becoming Defiant.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C physically, 9-B via Tinkertech | 9-B

Name: Colin Wallis, Armsmaster / Defiant

Origin: Parahumans

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Classification: Parahuman (Tinker), Leader of The Brockton Bay Protectorate | Cyborg, Member of The Guild

Powers and Abilities: Genius Intelligence, Hacking[1], Skilled Halberd Wielder, His suit has Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses[2][3], Analytical Prediction[4], Tranquilizers[5], and Resistance to Mind Manipulation[6]. His halberd can release smoke, fire[7]plasma[8], electricity/EMPs[9], can teleport to his hand[10], stop localized time[11], and has nano-thorn technology that can sever molecular bonds[12] | Most previous abilities/tech with various enhancements, Cyborgization, Due to being air-tight his suit blocks out biohazards[13] and maintains a stable temperature[14]

Attack Potency: Street level physically (Fought on par with Taylor Hebert and the Undersiders), Wall level with Tinkertech (Was able to incapacitate Rachel Lindt's dogs via his Halberd[15]). Nano-thorn and time-locked technology can ignore conventional durability (They sever molecular bonds to effectively disintegrate matter) | Wall level (Tore down a dead-bolted steel door through sheer physical force.[16] Nearly cut Bonesaw in half, breaking through her body's reinforcements[17])

Speed: Superhuman (He can keep up with Rachel's dogs and his armor enhances his speed to allow him to keep up with minor Mover-class Parahumans), Subsonic reactions with predictive software (With prior information, he was able to keep up with Leviathan and put up a good fight) | Superhuman with Subsonic combat speed (Moved and attacked faster than Rey's eyes could track[18])

Lifting Strength: At least Athletic Human (Repeatedly lifted and slammed Taylor Hebert and his halberd with a single arm[19]) | Superhuman

Striking Strength: Street Class, Wall Class with Tinkertech | Wall Class

Durability: Street level physically, Wall level with armor (Endured being repeatedly smashed into a car with enough force to damage the vehicle[20]) | Wall level (Tanked projectiles more powerful than bullets.[21] Withstood the force of slamming hard enough against a deadbolted steel door in order to break it down)

Stamina: Peak Human | Superhuman. His extensive cybernetic enhancements reduced the time he needed to eat, sleep, and waste to only 12 minutes per day[22]

Range: Extended melee range, tens of meters with other technology.

Standard Equipment: His power armor and Halberd.

  • Halberd: Armsmaster's signature weapon, his Halberd, which contains much of his other technology. It can rearrange itself into various shapes, launch grappling hooks, weld metal shut, and will teleport into his hand when dropped. It has a temporal stasis trigger that he can use to freeze others in time, can emit a short-ranged EMP, can and can wreathe itself in a special Nano-thorn field that can slice through molecular bonds and disintegrate matter.
  • Helmet: Armsmaster's helmet provides echolocation, protection against psychic attack, lie detection software and combat prediction software that he can use to accurately analyze and predict the actions of opponents that he's studied on.

Intelligence: As with any Tinker, Armsmaster is a technological genius capable of creating scientific marvels far beyond the reach of modern science. His power armor and weaponry is a clear example of this, with his specialty being miniaturization and efficiency; his halberd has a number of different functions built into, making it incredibly useful and versatile, while his helmet provides mental protection, lie detection software, and predictive software he can use to analyze and predict his opponents' movements and attacks. When working with Dragon, he was able to hack into her software and remove many of her restrictions, and helped her improve on her technology with his abilities, going on to make himself into a cyborg using a combination of her and his own technology.

Weaknesses: Overly ambitious, and deals poorly with personal relationships. Can be occasionally overconfident. Nanothorn technology is weak to forcefields, fire, and other intense energy | Due to being connected to the internet and hosting computers, cybernetic parts of his body can potentially be hacked into by other Tinkers

Key: Armsmaster | Defiant


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