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Arius is a wealthy, insane businessman who serves as the primary antagonist of Devil May Cry 2. Although he is the president of an international public corporation known as "Uroboros", he focuses his research into the black arts as a modern-day sorcerer, in an effort to raise the demon known as Argosax from the Demon World and use its power to become "an all-powerful immortal". He came to Dumary Island in search of the legendary Arcana, the four mystical artifacts which would allow him to unseal Argosax.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B | At least 7-B | At least 7-B

Name: Arius | Arius-Argosax

Origin: Devil May Cry

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human with Demonic Power | Demon

Powers and Abilities: 

Immortality (Type 1), Self-Sustenance (Type 2), Likely Possession (Scales from the weaker demons, who have all shown multiple times to be able to possess inanimate and living things), Regeneration (Low), Lightning Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Can cause shockwaves

Resistant to the Following: Reality Warping, Transmutation, Size Manipulation, Petrification (Demons are stated to be resistant to the Beastheads assimilation process, which includes those abilities), Soul Manipulation (Scales from other demons, who can handle going through the crust of the demon world, which is stated to turn souls into monsters), and Corruption (Type 3. Can breathe on demonic air, which turns normal people into monsters), Madness Manipulation (Type 3, scales to other demons, who can stay on the Demon World, which causes despair and insanity), Disease Manipulation (Approaching the Demon World, being inside or near a Demon World nexus causes "unearthly illness" which makes it difficult to concentrate and causes intense nausea and dizziness, should scale to other demons while) and Fear Manipulation (Can casually fight against demons, and their presence can cause fear)

Attack Potency: City level (Summoned Nefasturris, who's the entire city of Dumary Island, casually destroyed a massive amount of infrastructure) | At least City level (Stronger than before, casually gouged a 50-foot-deep trench into the street) | At least City level (Even stronger than before, drew on the power of Argosax, is nearly comparable to end-game Lucia)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Scales above Lady and Blitz, capable of fighting a casual Dante and dodge a straight attack from him) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Faster than before) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Fought with Lucia)

Lifting Strength: Likely at least Class 5 | At least Class 5, likely higher | At least Class 5, likely higher

Striking Strength: City Class | At least City Class | At least City Class

Durability: City level | At least City level | At least City level

Stamina: High | Very high | Very high

Range: Standard melee range. Tens of meters with his revolver | Extended melee range. Hundreds of meters with shockwaves | Extended melee range. Hundreds of meters with projectiles.

Standard Equipment: His revolver | His tentacles | None

Intelligence: Above Average | Unknown (Lower than before) | Animalistic.

Weaknesses: Overconfidence | None notable | None notable.

Key: Arius | Possessed Arius | Arius-Argosax


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