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Ard Meteor anime.png
“Yeah. I made it happen…only after brainwashing the citizens, getting rid of anyone in my way, and ridding the world of any free will.”

“The irony. After crushing the Evil Gods—my eternal enemies—I ended up doing their job for them.”

“In the ancient days, I would sometimes think I wanted to be defeated… Then maybe everything would end. Maybe I could end a life where I was constantly feared by others. Maybe I could break away the chains that bound me toward this way of life.”

“…I got what I deserved. I knew that, but I couldn’t handle being alone.”

~ Ard to Lizer

Ard Meteor 2nd form.png
“All roads lead to despair.

“That is the way of life for a pitiful man.”

“In complete solitude is he.

“For there are those who follow his lead

“But none to rule together with him.”

“There is not one who understands.

“All are eager to leave his side.”

“Cast away by his one and only friend,

“He sinks into a sea of madness and isolation.”

“Rest without peace. Drown in anguish and despair.”

“That which guides this tale.”

“—Private Kingdom—the Story of a Lonely King!”

~ Ard chanting the incantation of his Original, his greatest and strongest magic

Ard Meteor 3rd form.png
“You’re right. People’s hearts are fickle. All emotions disappear at some point. But…who cares if love isn’t forever? Any nihilist who insists that love has no value because it’s fleeting is a fool.” “Even if a catastrophic future is to follow, the glimmer of love is no less beautiful. Wouldn’t you say that love’s transience makes it more precious and irreplaceable?”

“You excel at reading people’s true nature. Your skill in infiltrating Lizer’s heart and using him for your machinations was impressive…but your words are mere sophistry. Fools are easy to deceive, but know that there are no fools here now.”

~ Ard to Mephisto


Ard Meteor is the protagonist of The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody. He is formerly the Demon Lord Varvatos who defeated the Evil Gods and united the world. He choose to reincarnate due to the loneliness brought about by his overwhelming power.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A, High 7-C with Flash of Babel, 7-B with High level spells | 7-B, High 6-C with Ultimatum Zero | At least 7-B, likely High 6-C

Name: Ard Meteor, Demon Lord Varvatos

Origin: The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Classification: Human, Demon Lord

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Genius Intelligence, Extrasensory Perception (Can use probing spells to find his targets.[1] Can sense magic[2]), Power Nullification, Information Analysis (Magic is his specialty, if its constructed with rune language, he can analyze it in 3 seconds, if its made with some other method, it takes him 10 seconds. By doing this he can make a spell to cancel out what he has analyzed), Explosion Manipulation (Can cause explosion[3]), Teleportation (Can teleport), Transformation, Fire Manipulation (Can use fire spells incinerate his targets[1]), Power Bestowal (Can give attributes to weapons), Water Manipulation, Illusion Creation (Can create illusions[2]), Electricity Manipulation (Can control electricity[4]), Light Manipulation (Can control light[4]), Flight (Can fly[2]), Mind Manipulation (Can brainwash others[4]), Statistics Amplification (Can amp himself[5]), Weapon Mastery (Trained Ireena in swordsmanship, making her as skilled as experts), Resurrection (Can resurrect others[6]), Healing (Can heal others[6]), Attack Reflection (Can reflect attacks back at his targets[7]), Regeneration (Low-Mid; Can heal from his innards being cooked[4]), Matter Manipulation (Can control molecules to convert one thing to another[8]. Reconstructed dried sweet potatoes using the remnants of the original potato which was burnt[9]), Forcefield Creation (Can create barriers[6]), Air Manipulation (Can control wind), Aura (His aura cause others to feel fear[10]), Ice Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Metal Manipulation (Can use ice, dark, and steel magic[10]), Summoning (Can summon others[11]), Clairvoyance (Using mirrors he can see what others far away are doing[12]), Earth Manipulation (Can use earth magic[13]), Existence Erasure (Can erase people from existence[13]), Memory Manipulation (Can erase memories[14]), Sound Manipulation (Can amplify sound by several thousand times[15]), Power Modification (Altered an anti-magic technique to negate all magic except his[16]), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; As part of his Original technique, he can analyze and control spells. In theory, his abilities can analyze and control all concepts, however specialized skills house so much information, it has the potential to overwhelm his brain[17]), Instinctive Reaction (Can instinctively cast spells,[18] and reflexively move[19]), Immortality (Type 8; Has an almost infinite number of astral bodies, thus can't die unless all are destroyed at the same time[19]), BFR (Can warp people to other locations such as the middle of the ocean[20]), Cloth Manipulation (Can create clothes[21]), Law Manipulation (Analyzed and controlled an Eigen Space, becoming its god and dictating its rules[19]), Time Manipulation (Can create an Eigen Space within which time is fixed, and thus every time anyone in it is injured, they will return back to perfect health[22]. The Mirror Shield is capable of returning anything it reflects back to its true form, and thus can be used to regain lost things such as magic[23]), Duplication (The Divine Chains wrap around their target, and multiply[24]), Empowerment (His feelings allow him to transcend the limits of his body[25]), Telepathy (Can read all the information in a person's astral body, such as their memories[26]), Danmaku (Simultaneously casted 84 spells of elemental magic, at the exact same time[27]), Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm thoughtforms, such as the Old Gods[9]), Information Manipulation (Alchemy is a conversion of information, using this Ard can make bodies out of stone wall, rewrite causal data, and convert others into astral spirits of humans[9]), Enhanced Existence Erasure with The Supreme Sword of Destruction (Capable of cleaving anything in two and erasing its existence[23]. Before possessing this item, Ard was unable to kill Mephisto despite already having existence erasure, and was forced to seal him, now with this item Mephisto was finally killed), Unconventional Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Has an almost infinite number of astral bodies[19], thus he can counteract attacks to his astral spirit using his other unaffected astral spirits[9]), Resistance to Paralysis Inducement (Resisted an aura which caused everyone it touched to be paralyzed[28]), Law Manipulation (His Analysis and Control can't be negated even with an Eigen Space, which the creator uses to dictate the rules of what happens within it[19]), Curse Manipulation (Can resist curses[29]), and Sleep Manipulation (Can resist being forced unconscious by Avia[30])

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Comparable to Sylphy Marheaven. Can vaporize a person with Giga Flare, which requires this much energy. Can roast hundreds of people with Mega Flare), Large Town level+ with Flash of Babel (Made a ginourmous hole in the clouds), City level with High level spells (Can create the same destructive energy that fueled Sylphy’s attack[33] which can destroy a city) | City level (Any one of his attacks can destroy a city. Blocked attacks and is comparable to Verda who can pulverize mountains,[13] which is 30 Megatons according to this), Large Island level+ with Ultimatum Zero (Shook the entire world along with Velda's Violent Boom, which requires this much energy) | At least City level, likely Large Island level+ (Even before Varvatos soul became one with Lydia, thus gaining access to transformations, Ard stated he had no chance of winning against Varvatos despite having Ultimatum Zero. It would take both Ard and Rouge who are comparable in strength and have the same abilities, joining forces to possibly equal Varvatos. Ard's third form is a transformation where he becomes what he was before reincarnating, in other words he becomes Varvatos)

Speed: Relativistic+ (Can keep up with Olivia who can unleash a hundred million slashes in a second) | Relativistic+ (Can move at near light speed[10]), Speed of Light with Acceleration (Can accelerate himself to light speed[10]) | At least Relativistic+, Speed of Light with Acceleration (Superior to before)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Small Building Class | City Class | At least City Class, likely Large Island Class+

Durability: Small Building level, City level with Ultima Wall (Blocked Sylphy's attack which is power enough to destroy an entire city. Blocked an attack from the[10] True Form of Elzard who is comparable to his Second Form) | City level (Tanked attacks from True Form Elzard who is comparable to himself) | At least City level, likely Large Island level+

Stamina: Superhuman (Has no problem continuing to fight despite his insides being cooked[4]. Fought with Lydia for hours[34], and can go for three days with no water, food, or sleep[35])

Range: Tens of meters, Hundreds of meters with Mega Flare, Kilometers with Flash of Babel (Can shoot a beam of light shot upward into the sky, puncturing a ginormous hole among the clouds), Interdimensional with Teleportation (Warped people to other locations such as the middle of the ocean[20], would have been able to teleport to Megatholium, if it wasn't for Mephisto's jamming technique preventing it[36]. Brought Carmilla along with his friends to a section of the world of the dead[37]) | Kilometers, Planetary with Ultimate Zero (Can shake the entire world and make multiple laps around the planet), Interdimensional with Teleportation | Kilometers, Planetary with Ultimate Zero, Interdimensional with Teleportation

Standard Equipment:

  • Mirror Shield of Omniscient Reversal: One of the pieces of equipment Ard made before reincarnating. It has the ability to return anything it reflects to its true form.
  • The Divine Chains: One of the pieces of equipment Ard made before reincarnating. It has the ability to bound its target and multiply.
  • The Supreme Sword of Destruction: One of the pieces of equipment Ard made before reincarnating. It has the ability to cut anything into 2, erasing it from existence.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Ard is a genius at magic, when given an exam which is infamous for having the most challenging questions worldwide, he scored a zero but his answers when far beyond the correct answers. They would rock the entire world if presented to academic circles with the potential to alter history. Even the principal of the school wouldn't be capable of achieving what Ard can in hundreds of years.[1] Created the system of magic which uses the language of runes to unleash spells. Has mastered all magical subjects and can create clones.[11] Locke stole his ideas to become known as the Father of Convenience and a great inventor.[13] Created a spell that let him reincarnate 3000 years into the future.[1] His 2nd form boosts his processing capacity by 10x[17])

Weaknesses: Specialized skills house so much information, it has the potential to overwhelm his brain, however this can be offset by his transformations.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Analysis and Control: Ard's original technique, it allows him to analyze his enemy’s moves. And when that’s complete, it’s possible for him to take control of them. He can also unlock any and all methods they’ve employed to conceal their magical techniques. Once he looks at their arsenal of secret skills in there, he can copy and make them his.
  • Search: A probing spell which pinpoints his target and teleports him.
  • Dimension Walk: A teleportation spell which transports his body to his desired location.
  • Wall: An elementary spell of which calls forth a magic circle to allow a translucent barrier to envelop his immediate surroundings.
  • Giga Flare: A mid level spell which has a attack range that is small and concentrated, making it one of the strongest single-target combat spells.
  • Heal: An elementary spell which heals his target.
  • Mega Flare: A mid-level fire spell capable of engulfing hundreds of people.
  • Script Magic: By using broken fragments of ancient runes, Ard first projected a simple magic circle in the air and cast a spell very quickly causing the area to explode.
  • Skywalker: A spell which allows Ard to fly.
  • Reflect Wall A spell in which Ard uses the modified version of the mid-level Mega Wall to return the force of his opponents attack back at them.
  • Lightning Field: A mid-level attack spell which is a derivation of Lightning Blast. It summons a rain of lightning over a wide area to conquer and annihilate.
  • Flash of Babel: A spell which unleashes a flood of golden light that quickly seeks out and washes over its target in an instant. The destructive beam of light shots upward into the sky, puncturing a ginormous hole among the clouds, where it finally reaches its zenith and died out.
  • Hydra Blast: A mid-level lightning magic which creates bolts of black lightning snakes.
  • Rock Impact: A entry-level earth magic that rains down clods of earth and stone on the enemy.
  • Eternity Snake: A spell that creates a small black dot that rises before his target. It is a sort of gravity prison under which the victim is locked away with its crushing weight.
  • Ultima Wall: A special-class defense which envelops him in a semi-translucent protective orb.
  • Ultimatum Zero: A spell which manifest 7 titanic magic circles and charges magical energy which is then fired at his target. It has enough energy to lap around the planet a few times.

Key: First Form | Second Form | Third Form


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