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According to the legends of Sinnoh, this Pokémon emerged from an egg and shaped all there is in this world.
~ Arceus' Pokédex entry in Pokémon Soulsilver
It is described in mythology as the Pokémon that shaped the universe with its 1,000 arms.
~ Arceus' Pokédex entry in Pokémon Diamond


Arceus is a Mythical Pokémon who is the leader and creator of the "Creation Trio" formed by Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, as well as the "Lake Trio" formed by Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf, making it a Trio Master, and the only one who is that of two different trios.

By bringing the trios into existence, Arceus created and shaped the fabric of reality in the Pokémon multiverse, making it the single most powerful known entity in the franchise.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 2-B, likely 2-A | At least 2-B, likely 2-A, possibly Low 1-C

Name: Arceus

Origin: Pokémon

Gender: Genderless

Age: Predates existence itself

Classification: Mythical Pokémon, Alpha Pokémon, The Original One, The Original Spirit

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9), Dimensional Travel, Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Social Influencing, Acrobatics, Cosmic Awareness, Nigh-Omniscience, Accelerated Development, Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Incorporeality, Empowerment, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Reality Warping, Elemental Manipulation (Can use all the powers of the 18 Pokémon Types throught its Plates, which include Fire, Water, Dark, Flying, Normal, Fighting, Grass, Dragon, Ground, Rock, Steel, Ghost, Fairy, Poison, Psychic, Electric, Ice and Bug), Creation (Can create things out of nothing, such as creating one of the members of the Creation Trio), Life Manipulation (Created the Jewel of Life from its Plates), Radiation Manipulation, Duplication and Afterimage Creation (Upscales from the move Double Team), Invulnerability and Forcefield Creation (Protected by a constant shield that protects it from invasive abilities such as Mind Attacks as well as ordinary attacks, can actively create them itself. Upscaled from Protect), Acausality (Types 1, 3 and possibly 4), Non-Physical Interaction (Attacks Incorporeals: His Omnipotent ability lets him hit all types, including Ghost), Body Control (Can separate the Plates from its body and re-absorb them back), Power Bestowal (Its Plates are the origin of all the Pokémon powers), Power Nullification (Can nullify virtually any attack, power and ability that falls under a Plate. Its Metal Barrier can negate any effect [within reason] period), Power Absorption (Can take the powers of its enemies and infuse them with the Plates), Photographic Memory, Bodily Weaponry, Precognition (Its Pokémon Conquest ability, Omnipotent, allows it to foresee and dodge incoming attacks), Can hit Selectibly intangible entities (Due to the aforementioned Omnipotent ability), Sound Manipulation (Via Hyper Voice), Vector Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, True Flight, Spaceflight, Organic Manipulation (Upscales from Snorlax), Statistics Amplification (Upscaled from Cosmic Power, Darkness Manipulation (Via Punishment), Danmaku (Judgment is depicted as a rapid downpour of dozens of bolts of energy in the games, and most of its attacks in Guardian Signs fall under this), Durability Negation (Upscaled from Perish Song), Gravity Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Healing (Via Recover), Martial Arts (Via Seismic Toss), Time Manipulation (Future Sight allows the user to observe and attack the target in the future, bypassing Force fields and Precognition in the process), Purification (Type 3 via Refresh)

Arceus has access to every power showcased in the Pokémon series due of its Plates being the origin of all the Pokémon powers, which would include: Energy Projection (Upscaled from Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast and many other moves), Life Manipulation (The Jewel of Life contained the Draco Plate and the Meadow Plate and was able to restore the life in an barren land. Upscales from Dialga, who returned life to the destroyed future, and Grass Types such as Calyrex), Age Manipulation, Breath Attack, Subjective Reality, Portal Creation, Dimensional Travel, Time Manipulation, Time Travel, Spatial Manipulation and Resurrection (Upscales from Dialga and Palkia. Could repair the time distortion caused from the destruction of the Time Tower, which even Dialga itself couldn't repair. Future Sight allows the user to observe and attack the target in the future, bypassing Forcefields and Precognition in the process), Telekinesis, Rage Power, Berserk Mode, Fusionism (Upscales from Kyurem), Durability Negation, Reality Warping (Upscaled from the Creation Trio, Mew and Galarian Articuno), Technology Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 2), Power Bestowal (Upscales from Eternatus and Xerneas), BFR (Upscaled from the Creation Trio, Necrozma and others), Statistics Amplification (Upscaled from Dragon Dance, Cosmic Power and much more. Can passively boost its speed with Speed Boost), Camouflage (Upscaled from Zygarde and Muk), Stealth Mastery, Invisibility (Upscaled from Palkia and Mew), Statistics Reduction, Weather Manipulation (Upscaled from Dragonite, Primal Groudon/Kyogre, Rayquaza, Sand Stream and many more), Void Manipulation (Upscaled from Dialga, Palkia and Dusknoir), Darkness Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation and Summoning (Upscaled from Hoopa), Power Mimicry, Abstract Existence (Type 2) and Regeneration (Mid-High. Mid-Godly overtime. Upscaled from Marshadow, Yveltal, Cryogonal and Dark Matter. Mimicry allows to change the user's Type based on the environment), Reactive Power Level and Rage Power (Upscaled from Galarian Moltres and Defiant), Damage Boost (Upscaled from Eternatus, Wake-Up Slap, Grass Knot and other moves), Sleep Manipulation (Upscaled from Darkrai, G-Max Snooze and many other moves), Shapeshifting (Upscaled from Zoroark), Unconventional Resistance to Poison Manipulation (Thanks to Poison Heal toxins have an healing effect on the user instead of harming it), Purification (Types 1, 2 and 3: Upscaled from Suicune, Celebi, Calyrex and many more), Body Puppetry (Upscaled from Spiritomb), Energy Manipulation (Upscaled from Eternatus, Night Daze and Psyshock), Earth Manipulation, Unconventional Resistance to Statistics Amplification and Reduction (Unaware allows the user to completely ignore the statistics changes of the opponent), Power Modification (Can change the opponent's abilities and Type with Mummy, Soak and much more), Martial Arts, Pressure Points, Aura (Upscaled from Lucario, Ice Rider Calyrex and many more), Absorption (Of Water, Fire, Electricity, Life-Force, Grass and Souls. Upscaled from Zacian, Zamazenta and Eternatus), Status Effect Inducement (Burn, Paralysis, Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Freeze. Can also trap the opponent, inflicting to them constant damage with various moves), Curse Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1. Upscaled from the Creation Trio members, who were about to entirely reshape the world in a new one from destroying the concept of spirit, and the Lake Trio), Sound Manipulation (Upscaled from Snarl, Bug Buzz and more), Weapon Mastery, Forcefield Negation (Upscaled from Infiltrator and Urshifu), Death Manipulation (Upscaled from Gigantamax Rapid Strike Style Urshifu and Yveltal), Information Analysis, Fire Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Damage Reduction, Plant Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Supernatural Willpower, Empathic Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (Upscaled from the Lake Trio), Teleportation, Black Hole Creation and Instinctive Reaction (Upscales from Gardevoir), Broadway Force and Smoke Manipulation (Upscaled from Mr. Mime), Healing (Upscaled from Healing Pulse, Synthesis, Regenerator and many more), Disease Manipulation (Upscaled from Mirage Mewtwo), Soul Manipulation (Upscaled from the Lake Trio, Shadow Rider Calyrex, Dusknoir and others), Dream Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Body Control (Upscaled from Zacian, Deoxys and others), Telepathy, Water Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Magic, Ectoplasm Manipulation, Shadow Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Antimatter Manipulation, Sealing, Clairvoyance, Resurrection and Dimensional BFR (Upscaled from Giratina), Precognition and Retrocognition (Upscaled from Calyrex), Gravity Manipulation, All the powers of abilities of the Poké Balls (Due of Voltorb being apparentely generated from a Poké Ball), Homing Attack, Mind Manipulation (Upscaled from Hoopa and the Lake Trio. Can be used also for mind attacks), Possession (Upscaled from Calyrex and Uxie), Poison Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Passive Aura, Power Nullification and Resistance Negation (Upscaled from Eternamax Eternatus, who has an aura which passively prevents the other Pokémon from using their moves and can release a shockwave which negates the current effects of the opponents' abilities, healing itself from damage and status conditions. Upscaled from Mold Breaker, which negates abilities and effects that would reduce the damage taken, reflect status effects, grant resistances and prevent the user's attacks from causing damage and many more abilities and moves), Probability Manipulation, Accuracy Amplification and Supernatural Luck (Upscales from Victini)

Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Telepathy (Resisted the combined telepathic technique of Sheena and her ancestor which was able to effect the Creation Trio; Significantly superior to Ghris, a man with only a small facet of it's power, who resisted Hoopa's mind control, which was able to effect the entire Creation Trio and other Mythical Pokémon at once), Space-Time Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Reality Warping, Petrification, Madness Manipulation (Type 2), Power Modification (Arceus and Silvally, who's built with an RKS [Arceus] System, are immune to Soak, which changes the type of the user), Sound Manipulation (Via Soundproof), Weather Manipulation (Upscaled from Overcoat), Fear Inducement (Via Inner Focus), Empathic Manipulation (Via Oblivious), Confusion Inducement (Via Own Tempo), Statistics Reduction (Upscaled from Clear Body), Sleep Manipulation and Dream Manipulation (Can act in its sleep, upscaled from Dialga, who could use its time abilities while unconscious, and can override Darkrai's control of the dream, Vital Spirit and Gengar), Immunity to Absolute Zero and certain status effects (The Icicle Plate turns him into an ice type, making him immune to Sheer Cold, and is immune to paralysis, poison, burns, freezing, binding, powders, and being seeded with the Zap, Toxic, Flame, Icicle, Spooky, and Meadow plate respectively), Extreme Cold and Cosmic Radiations (Completely immune to the effects of outer space)

All the powers and abilities of its avatars, including Higher-Dimensional Existence, Avatar Creation, Large Size (Type 9, possibly 10), Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 2. Arceus predates and created the Concepts of time and space. His True Form Exists beyond space and time, with the concepts of Space and Time being a mere extension of his being), Conceptual Creation (Type 1: Created the very concepts of Time, Space, Matter, Antimatter, Emotion, Knowledge and Willpower that shape the Pokémon World directly from its own being), Omnipresence, Abstract Existence (Type 1: Embodies the Reality that shapes all the Pokémon World), Sealing (Sealed True Form Giratina in the Distortion World), Limited Power Nullification and Immortality (Type 8: Upscales from True Form Giratina due to the nature of the Distortion World, which has the role of maintaining the balance between time and space and corrects all imbalances in the cosmology that could threaten it, which also applies to attacks), Immunity to Soul Manipulation

Attack Potency: At least Multiverse level, likely Multiverse level+ (Easily overpowered the combined might of Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina. Effortlessly recreated a Creation Trio member without any plate just to satisfy/astound Ethan and Cynthia) | At least Multiverse level, likely Multiverse level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level (Is the origin of the creation of everything in Pokémon, including the realms of The Creation Trio, including Giratina's which lacks both time and directions, and Palkia's which has domain over both the parallel dimensions and the directions, with the Creation Trio members also being their own realms themselves. Arceus is the "God who transcends everything" whose realm is beyond both time and space and that treats the Pokémon reality, which is made of countless to likely infinite universes, as a mere aspect of its true being, as also showcased from its consciousness extending across both space and time and Hoopa being able to forcefully summon the Creation Trio out of their realms with the "infinite power" of its rings, but being unable to do the same with Arceus', as it's the only one who could seal said power)

Speed: At least Massively FTL+, likely Infinite (Should at least be faster than Pokémon like Necrozma) | Omnipresent (Exists beyond traditional space, time and matter. Its consciousness exists all across space and time. All the Pokémon World, including the concepts that shape it like Time, Space and the Distortion World are merely aspects of Arceus)

Lifting Strength: At least Class Z, likely far higher (Immensely superior than the likes of Necrozma) | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: At least Multiversal, likely Multiversal+ | At least Multiversal, likely Multiversal+, possibly Low Complex Multiversal

Durability: At least Multiverse level, likely Multiverse level+ (Can tank attacks from the Creation Trio without even flinching. Withstood its own attack, due to which two dimensions collided. Its ability to negate attacks using its Plates makes it extremely difficult to damage or defeat) | At least Multiverse level, likely Multiverse level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level (Due to the Pokémon Reality being just an aspect of its being, Arceus is very difficult to kill)

Stamina: Limitless | Limitless

Range: Extended melee range, at least Multiversal, likely Multiversal+ with attacks and abilities | At least Multiversal, likely Multiversal+, possibly Low Complex Multiversal

Standard Equipment: Its Plates, which represent each of the 17 Pokémon types (Arceus does not possess a Plate representing Normal-type, as it is a Normal-type naturally) (Interestingly enough, Arceus used to possess a form [albeit an unobtainable one, likely only existing as a precaution for hacking] for the old "???" type exclusive to Curse pre Gen V, eggs pre Gen IV, and Weather Ball under the effects of Shadow Sky in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness). Arceus also can use the 18 Z-Crystals as they function the same way as the Plates

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient (Created the very concept of knowledge, in the form of Uxie, from itself. Could inform Lucas/Dawn about Darkrai during its endless sleep, while he/she was in Darkrai's nightmare). Hasn't been shown to be used to its fullest capacity, but it's highly likely the precognitive aspect of its ability "Omnipotent" is a derivative of this characteristic

Weaknesses: Depending on which Plates it is missing, it can be hindered or damaged by specific types of attacks (while missing the Earth, Meadow, Draco, Zap, and Splash Plates, Ash's Pikachu was able to momentarily hinder it with Thunderbolt) | None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Multitype: Arceus is able to switch types based on the plates it holds, gaining new powers and resistances.
  • Omnipotent: A series of abilities that appeared in Pokémon Conquest, it grants Arceus the ability to heal minor wounds between trades, strike incorporeal targets, see the immediate future, and ignore defensive bonuses and resistances.
  • Spatial/Temporal Warp: As the creator of Palkia and Dialga, Arceus is capable of wiping things from space-time.

  • Judgement: Arceus can fire powerful beams of energy and light at the sky that fall down and hit its opponents. This attack changes type depending on what type Arceus currently is and is powerful enough to cause the likes of Dialga and Palkia to stagger with a single direct hit.
  • Flamethrower: Arceus can shoot a stream of pure flames from its face.
  • Blizzard: Arceus can shoot ice storms of very low temperatures at its targets.
  • Twister: Arceus can blow one or two powerful Dragon-type twisters from its face at opponents.
  • Time Stop: Arceus can stop time itself.
  • Extreme Speed: Arceus immediately strikes the foes with great force, which is virtually impossible to properly react to.
  • Gravity: Arceus pins its foe down by rapidly increasing gravity around its target.
  • Refresh: Arceus cleanses itself, removing any inhibitory status effects such as paralysis, burns, and poison.
  • Perish Song: Arceus lets out a melody that instantly incapacitates all who hear it (including Arceus itself) after a set amount of time.
  • Earth Power: Arceus shifts the earth under its target to release a massive upheaval of energy.
  • Recover: Arceus concentrates its internal energies, quickly healing most wounds.
  • Future Sight: Arceus prepares a powerful psychic attack which strikes the opponent later on. It ignores moves like Protect and Detect, meaning barriers and precog don't help against it. Future Sight has a second ability that allows the user to see into the future.
  • Cosmic Power: Arceus absorbs a cosmic power to boost its defense and special defense.
  • Punishment: Arceus physically strikes the opponent with a dark attack that increases in power the more the opponent boosts their stats.
  • Hyper Voice: Arceus lets off an extremely loud roar that damages the opponent. It also bypasses moves like Substitute.
  • Natural Gift: Arceus attacks by drawing power from its held berry. The Type and power are dependent on the berry in question. This also consumes the berry.
  • Seismic Toss: The target is thrown using the power of gravity. It inflicts damage equal to the user's level.
  • Hyper Beam: Arceus fires off a destructive beam of energy. Unlike most Pokémon it doesn't appear to need to recharge afterwards.
  • Outrage: Arceus rampages and attacks for a while. If there are multiple opponents each series of attacks will be directed at a random one. This leaves Arceus confused afterwards.
  • Shadow Claw: Arceus slashes at its opponent with a sharp claw made from shadows.

  • Key: Avatars | True Form

    Note 1: The entity Arceus is the physical manifestation of the Original Spirit used to interact with the Pokémon Multiverse.

    Note 2: The personifications of Universal laws, Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina are stated to be, though entirely separate entities, parts of it as stated in the games and manga as are the Lake guardians.

    Note 3: There has been rampant confusion over whether or not Arceus was the one who actively created the Pokémon multiverse due to a statement in the movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life. In the games, the primary canon, it is insisted that Arceus established the fundamental laws of the Multiverse, but the Creation Trio are the ones who actively formed it.

    Note 4: A frequently brought up topic is the fact that Arceus was incapacitated by a simple meteor in the movie, Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life. Given his status in the series, the power of the Creation Trio, and his own feats, this scene has been dismissed as a case of PIS and should not be brought up on any thread in an attempt to downplay Arceus or downgrade its statistics.

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