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Arcana Heart is a Fighting Game Series by EXAMU. It stars Heart Aino and co. as they fight each other alongside the Arcana of the Arcana Realm. More recently, the Geists; mechanical versions of the arcana concept, have also been fighting this ageless conflict. As the verse started with a marginal amount of characters, it ultimately got a decent 24 all girl roster, each with their respective arcana. While the verse can use any of the 24 arcana, to remain canon, the verse will use the initial Arcana given to each of the "Arcana Maidens". For the most part, with some exceptions, Most of the feats will be based on AH3 onward...

Supporters & Opponents




Power of the Verse

Arcana Heart is surprisingly powerful. Many characters are in Universe level+ levels of power due to being able to destroy and merge the entire physical universe to Arcana Realm, destroying it.

In terms of speed, Arcana Heart is also quite impressive. Most characters are in Massively FTL+ speed due to being able to fly through interstellar distances.

Arcana Heart also has plenty of Hax, including Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, BFR, Abstract Existence, Soul Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Power Nullification, Death Manipulation, etc.


  • Heart Aino
  • Saki Tsuzura
  • Kamui Tokinomiya
  • Konoha
  • Maori Kasuga
  • Mei-Fang
  • Kira Daidohji
  • Lilica Felchenerow
  • Yoriko Yasuzumi
  • Lieselotte Achenbach
  • Fiona Mayfield
  • Petra Johanna Lagerkvist
  • Zenia Valov
  • Elsa La Conti
  • Clarice Di Lanza'
  • Catherine Kyohbashi
  • Dorothy Albright
  • Angelia Avallone
  • Nazuna Inuwaka
  • Akane Inuwaka
  • Weiß
  • Scharlachrot
  • Eko
  • Minori Amanohara
  • Parace L'sia
  • Mildred Avallone

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