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The AppSir universe is a universe based in the real world, but with far more deadly secrets. A company known as the Rotschstein Institute, and their secret cult known as The Family, has secretly performed many dangerous experiments, one of which included the development of the artificial humanoid race known as Yanderes, biologically-engineered weapons given the form of young women, and other which included the development of the TriNemesis, a weapon created from an amalgamation of human and alien technology.

Power of the Verse

While the majority of the verse is likely as powerful as regular humans, Doctor Rotschstein has shown to be stronger than the average human. Meanwhile, the Yanderes are also designed to be far more powerful than any human.

Where the characters of AppSir truly shine is when it comes to computers. Like many of the other experiments performed by the Institute, Rotschstein's experiments in saving the mind of humans to computers have lead to many of the timeline's major events, such as Kara taking control of Lilith's Brother and destroying a city with the TriNemesis, many characters finding themselves trapped within the DERE games, and the creation of several self-aware AI based off those downloaded minds. Within the DERE games, the characters possessing said games have shown to gain great control of the entire game itself, despite their obvious lack of strength.









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