Summary of the Plot

Welcome to Naraka High School, where every graduate is guaranteed a bright future. Seriously. Just by graduating, your status will be greatly raised, and can even become a bureaucrat without ever needing to go to college. Entry requirements? If you can see the floating island, you’re accepted.

Rokudou Momiji is accepted.

Rokudou Momiji is a kid who does not matter, an absolute nobody. He has never been smart enough, or fast enough, or even tall enough, and he wants to change that, since he’s going to high school, and especially since he’s met a girl he wants to impress. So on the first day of high school, when the students are tasked with writing down “a character (kanji) that they will need for the future”, he writes down the kanji for “change”.

And then everything goes to hell...

Power of the Verse

Aphorism is a very broken verse with various hax such as reality warping, mind control, soul manipulation, text manipulation, invisibility, durability negation, resurrection and many more abilities. However the series severely lacks in speed, attack potency and durability. There is one god who is multi-continental, a large building level and a peak human. Besides that everyone else is average human level in terms of physical AP and dura. And everyone has either unknown or average human speeds.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series







Yama1 Krishna2

Class 1:

Rokudo4 Aira1 Hinata111 Hakamada1 Sie1

Aya1 Eko1 Saeki2 Saeki4 Kato2


Class 2:

Noa1 Rudi

Class 3:


Class 4:

Tomonaga2 Mukai1 Tobari1 Mikotogava1 Tatsumi222

Oosawa2 Koda Uruma4

Class 5:


Top Tiers


High Tiers


Mid Tiers

Izuru Tomonaga

Haruomi Uruma

Shie Sakasaki

Ryou Mukai

Momiji Rokudou

Low Tiers

Aira Hirasaka

Mitsuki Katou

Shizuna Mikotogawa

Hideto Tobari

Eko Shouda

Noa Shinohara

Hokuto Saeki

Chisato Oosawa

Bairi Ono

Aya Saotome


Nanto Saeki

Rudi F. Kisaragi

Sanjuurou Hinata

Shin Hakamada

Tougo Ootaka

Yuuri Mino

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