Antoinette, also known by its Legitimacy Kingdom codename Over Cavitation, was a 2nd Generation Capitalist Corporations Object operating in the Hawaii District.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B with main weapon, 8-B with secondary weapons

Name: Antoinette, Over Cavitation

Origin: Heavy Object

Age: Unknown

Classification: Maritime Sweep Weapon, 2nd Generation Object exclusively for naval battles

Powers and Abilities: Flight (Hovers using an air cushion), one cavitation water cannon as main weapon, dozens of laser beams, low-stability plasma cannons, etc as secondary weapons, Advanced Sensors, Resistance to heat, radiation, hacking and EMPs

Attack Potency: City level with main weapon, at least City Block level with secondary cannons (Comparable to other Objects)

Speed: Subsonic+ top speed (630 km/h), likely Hypersonic+ reactions (Comparable to other Objects)

Durability: City level (Comparable to other Objects)

Stamina: Unknown, once fuel is put in the JPlevelMHD reactor it doesn't have to be swapped for 5 years, so the practical limit is on things like ammunition and the like

Range: Over 20km with secondary weapons, at least 10km with its main weapon

Weaknesses: Cannot move on land

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Cavitation Water Cannon: The Antoinette's main cannon fires a water spear and then sends a supersonic wave through that to raise the sound pressure and transform it into a bunch of air bubbles, using cavitation to tear through enemy armor with a 10km long white spear.

Bipod: The legs of the bipod on the Antoinette's main cannon can extend and be used to kick at the water's surface with an air cushion to "hop" to one side as a sudden evasive action.

Steam Engine Antoinette has several metal pipes spread out on either side like wings that suck up the seawater and convert it to vapor with the immense heat produced by its reactor. That steam power is then used to slide the 200,000-ton mass side to side, increasing its mobility.

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