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Tell me, do you find strange things seem to happen around you?
~ The Headmaster
... On occasion.
~ Antimony Carver


Antimony "Annie" Carver is the protagonist and primary narrator for the Webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court and a student at the Court of the same name. She also functions as the Medium between the Gillitie Wood and The Court.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 10-A physically, possibly 9-A with Fire Manipulation

Name: Antimony Carver, Annie, Fire-Head Girl

Origin: Gunnerkrigg Court

Gender: Female

Age: 12 (BoS) 15 (Currently)

Classification: Human, Fire Elemental, Forest Medium, Afterlife Guide

Powers and Abilities: Etheric Manipulation (The Ether is a non-physical realm that overlaps the physical one and is the source of all Annie's abilities), Fire Manipulation (She has complete control overthe fire she creates), Astral Projection (She can extend her consciousness into the Ether to view her surroundings), Light Manipulation (Created a blinding flash of light), Limited Telekinesis (Can only move small objects), Summoning (Has a beacon that can summon James Eglamore), Statistics Amplification (She can buff others with fire), Her touch can dispel Illusions, Can guide ghosts into the afterlife, Can possibly harm intangible beings and see through Invisibility via the Ether

Attack Potency: Likely Athlete level physically, possibly Small Building level with Fire Manipulation (Burned creatures that were beating Ysengrin to the bone)

Speed: Likely Athletic Human

Lifting Strength: Likely Average Human

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Likely Athlete level physically, possibly Small Building level with Fire Manipulation

Stamina: She's athletic and spends a lot of time in Gilitie Wood

Range: Possibly dozens of meters with Fire Manipulation

Standard Equipment: Blinker Stone, Beacon

Intelligence: Very clever and resourceful, but had to cheat off her friend Kat to get good grades in class. She is fluent in Polish and Spanish and apparently learned some Ancient Egyptian from a Psychopomp

Weaknesses: Without her Etheric abilities, she's just a normal, if athletic human girl. She has no formal combat training. Cannot manipulate natural fire


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

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