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Anthy manga.jpg
In the end, all girls are like the Rose Bride.
~ Anthy Himemiya


Anthy Himemiya (姫宮 アンシー, Himemiya Anshī) is a mysterious girl who is said to have no thoughts or desires besides what her current master expects of her. Because of her "doormat" behavior, other characters tend to project their wants or desires onto her, and she's always the target of their eventual rage. Her past and current personality are simultaneously tragic and vengeful, and her personality shifts between selfless love, passive-aggressive revenge and learned helplessness.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | At least High 4-C, likely 4-B

Name: Anthy Himemiya

Origin: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Rose Bride, living sheath to the Sword of Dios

Powers and Abilities:

Magic, Sealing (Can place you in coffins to sleep, sealed Dios and his power in a castle), Plant Manipulation, Cloth Manipulation, Transformation, Light Manipulation, Summoning (the Sword of Dios can be summoned from her bosom, brought down the upside down castle), Immortality (Type 1), possible Dream Walking (subconsciously appeared in Utena's dream), Can take in and amp up swords (such that giving the Sword of Dios more strength), Heat Manipulation, minor Miracle Performing, Energy Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Can manifest the power of Dios, Resistance to Memory Manipulation, Personality Swapping (with curry powder, although requires cooking a meal), Healing

All previous to a far higher degree, Force Field Manipulation, Creation, Telekinesis, Teleportation (including object teleportation), Flight, Power Bestowal, probable Clairvoyance (can allow one to see everything in the world), Can save someone from fading away to non-existence, Transmutation, Matter Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation (can also do things like time suspension), Pocket Reality Manipulation (the Duelers' Field happens to be another dimension), Astral Projection, Holy Manipulation (mankind thought of her kind as gods, can possess and empower those of nobility), Duplication, Shapeshifting, Memory Manipulation, possible Darkness Manipulation (Dios of dark aka Akio merged back with Dios of light), likely Reality Warping (can grant mankind's every whim)

Attack Potency: Unknown (Sealed Dios into an upside down castle and has a portion of his power within her) | At least Large Star level, likely Solar System level (Stated to have the power to change the course of stars and celestial bodies, and the Rose Seal contains the Power of Dios)

Speed: Average Human | Unknown

Lifting Strength: Average Human | Unknown

Striking Strength: Human Class | Unknown

Durability: Unknown | Unknown

Stamina: High

Range: Unknown

Standard Equipment: Sword of Dios, Rose Signet

Intelligence: Underneath the veil of introvertedness and docility she can be quite manipulative and deceitful

Weaknesses: As the Rose Bride chooses to portray herself as remarkably passive, wholly submissive, absent of a distinct will or selfhood, probably stricken with guilt | Unknown

Key: Rose Bride | With the full Power of Dios



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