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Anri is the main protagonist of the light novel Jashin Average (Evil God Average).

Anri was a japanese student described as a bishoujo. The only downsides of her appearance was her eyes, that were enough to make people around her be wary of her, her aura that was intimidating and her flat chest. Because of this, she had almost 0 relations with others and hated that part of herself. So, when she was forced to reincarnate to an unknown world and she could wish about something, she immediately asked for her eyes and aura to be average.

Her wish was granted and she reincarnated to the world with the average eyes and aura of an Evil God, instead of a regular person.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C | Low 7-B, possibly 7-B

Name: Anri

Origin: Jashin Average

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Classification: Child of the Evil God | Evil God of Fearful Trembling

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Blessed, Fear Manipulation (On a scale of 10000 people. Passively induces crippling fear on those who looks at her eyes), Madness Manipulation (Type 3; On a scale of 10000 people. Her Mystic Eyes can induce fear to the point of making people turn into a state of madness and hallucination), Paralysis Inducement (Her Mystic Eyes can scare people to the point of paralyzing them, or even outright stopping them from breathing due to sheer terror), Aura (With Evil God Aura. Has a passive aura that induces terror on monsters), Non-Physical Interaction, Magic, Darkness Manipulation (Capable of controlling the darkness element. Can shoot darkness bullets), Absorption (Passively absorbs other darkness elements), Dimensional Storage (With Item Box), Curse Manipulation (With Divine Enchantment, things touched by Anri gets cursed in a way that benefits her, such as a dagger becoming a dark blade/tantou with special effects and clothes changing its appearence and stats to suit her Evil God Class), Power Bestowal (With Divine Enchantment. Can grant divine protection to desired targets, but the target must accept it beforehand), Healing (Allies blessed by Divine Enchantment gets instantly healed), Cloth Manipulation (Her clothes seems to undergo a status restoration after a certain amount of time, so filth and tear doesn’t remain. The same applies to people who were granted divine protection by her), Forcefield Negation (A silk touch of her is capable of easily destroying barries), Creation (Created her own dungeon). Her Tantou and Fan induces Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, Confusion, Muteness and Instant Death

Resistance to Fear Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Unnafected by Jashin's Mystic Eyes), Status Effect Inducement, Poison Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Sleep Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Death Manipulation (Unnafected by the effects of her own tantou), Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Light Manipulation (Her clothes grants resistance to elemental attacks), Sealing (Resisted Orlaine's sealing spell) and Physical Attacks

All previous powers, Energy Projection, Telepathy, Self-Sustenance (Types 2 and 3), Immortality (Type 1), Law Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2) (Can manipulate the laws and concepts of the world with her Authorities), Teleportation, BFR, Heat Manipulation (Can freeze air), Death Manipulation (Can end the whole human / demon race with the Epidemic Authority)

All previous resistances plus Resistance to Curse Manipulation and Heat Manipulation

Reality Warping (Can shape her dungeon at will), Portal Creation, Teleportation (Can freely teleportate herself and others once inside her dungeon), Summoning (Can summon/create a variety of monsters to protect her dungeon), BFR (With One-Man Teleportation Cycle), Law Manipulation (Can impose her own laws once inside her dungeon. Such as automatically teleportating an invader to the beggining of the floor if they misses a puzzle, not letting people fly when reaching a certain floor, etc), Sleep Manipulation (With sleeping gas traps), Paralysis Inducement (With paralysis gas traps), Mind Manipulation and Perception Manipulation (With Miasma)

Attack Potency: Large Building level (With her mana source, created a dungeon with 31 floors that could abridge 3000+ people, and so big that its height could reach the skyes and was compared to a castle. Can easily crush boulders with her casual attacks. Stronger than most adventurers, heroes and heavenly kings that could fight Dragon Vneel, a 20 meters dragon who could cause massive shockwaves with its attacks) | Small City level, possibly City level (Completely destroyed half of a mountain with a casual attack that was considered "harmless fireworks" for her. It was implied that she could destroy a whole capital)

Speed: Subsonic (Her movements couldn't be perceived by the heroes) | At least Subsonic (Faster than before), likely Supersonic (Can cross a whole country in a day)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human (Carried Tena without much effort) | At least Athletic Human (Superior than before)

Striking Strength: Large Bulding Class | Small City Class, possibly City Class

Durability: Large Bulding level | Small Town level, possibly City level

Stamina: Very High (Has a mana stock of 3,000,000 and can maintain her dungeon for several months) | Physically tireless

Range: Hundreds of Meters. Kilometers with Mystic Eyes | Kilometers. Planetary with Authority powers (Gods can manipulate the laws and concepts of the world on a planetary scale)

Standard Equipment: Tantou of the Wicked Demon, Black Clothes of the Evil God, Fan of Calamity

Intelligence: Gifted (Instantly learned how to control her mana and how to use advanced darkness magic, a process that could take hours or days normally. Can adapt to new circunstances and think of countermeasures even under stressful situations. Managed to create and develop her own country in less than a year). Nigh-Omniscience with Intelligence Perusal (Can get knowledge from everything that has happened in the past and everything that is happening in the present)

Weaknesses: Can only acess and use her dungeon powers if she is inside her own dungeon

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Evil God Aura: The repulsive passive aura emitted by the Evil God. Emitting this aura alone has no physical effects, but those within the area of effect will experience terror. Additionally, because humans have a weaker sense than monsters, the effect on humans is lower.
  • Mystic Eyes of Wicked Authority: Mystic eyes that confer terror upon those that meet its gaze. Unlike the Evil God Aura, this passive skill is extremely effective on humans and a mere glance at those eyes can cause crippling fear.
  • Divine Enchantment: Things touched will be granted the divine protection/curse of the Evil God in a way that benefits the user. It’s a high level ‘mana bestowal’ skill, and though the mana bestowal is temporary, the divine protection is eternal. The target can be both organic or inorganic, but in the case of enchanting a living being, the target is required to accept. The skill can also be used to grant divine protection to allies, who in turn instantly heals them and changes their clothes to suit the evil god class.
  • Darkness Magic: A system of magic that uses the great power of the darkness. A system exceptional at reducing the power of the opponent and attacking. The effectiveness will fluctuate based on time of day, and displays its maximum power at night..
  • Abnormal Status Resistance:Grants high resistance to poisons, confusion and other such abnormal statuses
  • Item Box: A storage space with enormous capacity. Only non-living things can be placed inside. Additionally, things stored in the item box will not be bestowed divine protection.
  • Dungeon Create: The elementary skill for a dungeon master. Used by the ruler to create, expand or maintain the dungeon. As a dungeon master, she can freely control the monsters of her dungeon and shape the dungeon at will.

  • Tantou of the Wicked Demon: A tantou that possesses such terrifying cutting ability that it can tear through even steel armour like paper. Has additional effects of poison, paralysis, confusion, sleep, muteness and instant death. Is a cursed equipment that can not be removed.
    • Black Clothes of the Evil God: The robe granted to a high level priest of the Evil God. "Immune" to the four elements, absorbs dark element, and on top of having resistance against the light element, the physical defence is also high. However, while equipped, user takes damange from healing magic. Is a cursed equipment that can not be removed.
    • Babydoll of Depravity
    • Scanties of the Succubus
    • Pumps of Darkness

    • Wraith: A wraith that levitates and fires clumps of shadow at the enemies.
    • Black Steel Golem: A golem with skin made of steel that can punch with enough force to send enemies flying 5 meters away.
    • Skeleton Lords: Undead creatures that attacks with their swords.
    • Chaos Elements: Spirits of the dead that are not only impervious to physical attacks, but use powerful magic.
    • No Life King: A high level undead and a boss that protects the 10th floor (currently the 30th floor) of Anri's dungeon. He is strong enough to match Leonora (Anri's subordinate) in combat. He can summon hordes of monsters like zombies, skeletons, dullahans, etc.

  • Bear Traps
  • Pitfalls
  • Paralysis gas trap
  • Sleeping gas trap
  • One-man teleportation cycle: It’s a small sized magic circle so it’s function is limited to the one floor, but it’ll suddenly send only one person in a party somewhere else, leaving said member alone while a group of monsters take opportunity.

  • Miasma: A thick misma that exists throughout the dungeon. It amplifies your feeling towards fear and increases your mental strain right away.

  • The powers that Anri received after becoming a goddess.

    • Authority Activation: Anri's skill that allows her to manipulate the laws and concepts of the world.
      • Fear Authority: Imposes her law over the concept of Fear. Causes the whole world and every living being to shake in fear.
      • Epidemic Authority: Imposes her law over the concept of Epidemic. Causes the whole human and demon race to be whiped out from Earth.
    • Intelligence Perusal: Allows her to get knowledge from everything that happened in the past and everything that is happening in the present.
    • Divine Enchantment: Can grant blessings for people, monsters, summons, weapons, etc.
    • Divine Revelation: Can grant revelations (mostly used for telepathy) to her followers or any other person on a planetary scale.


    Mystic Eyes Respect Thread

    Scares a bunch of bandits away

    I quietly began moving back into the forest so that the bandits and the person in the carriage wouldn’t notice. Going by novel cliches, right now would be the moment that I step on a branch and draw attention to myself due to the sound, but I’m not going to make such a mistake. Even while keeping my eyes in their direction, I’m paying attention to my feet… Geh-, our eyes met.


    The bandit furthest back; in other words, the man closest to me, looked in my direction and let out a shriek. Hey-, oi.

    “W-, What is it?”

    “A-, A woman? No…”

    Like a chain effect, the other men who looked in my direction backed away.

    “No…”, you say? You know, I am technically a woman you know? Biologically speaking.

    At about 30 metres in between, the bandits and I wordlessly faced each other. A strained silence filled the area.

    Unable to bear the silence, I unconsciously thought ‘anything is fine, just say something‘ so I opened my mouth. But that instant, the strained tension erupted.


    “S-, SAAAVE MEEEEEEEEE―――――!!!”


    At that moment, the bandits fled in all directions. Completely dumbfounded, I just gazed at their retreating figures.

    Terrorizes a salesman

    ──────!? W-, What the heck was that!? Her face was more beautiful than expected, but more importantly what was with those eyes!? Anger, hatred, disgust, disdain, bloodthirst, resentment, anguish, grief, despair; those black eyes were filled with every negative emotion imaginable. In my years working here I’ve seen the eyes of all sorts of customers, but this was the first time in my life that I’d seen eyes like those. No, those aren’t eyes that a human would make. They’re the eyes of something much more sinister and terrifying. The moment I saw them, it was like my heart was in a vice-grip. Aahh, how terrifying…

    Scares the whole Church

    And because the crack was now gone, the face under the robe was now visible to me. The moment our eyes met, it felt like I was being strangled by some feeling of oppression, and I found myself unable to breathe. It wasn’t only me. Reverend-sama and everybody else behind me stood frozen, unable to even speak. The thing that looked like a girl glared at everybody in the church in silence────

    ────Before curving its lips into a sneer, and turning to leave after muttering something

    Because the thing that looked like a girl had walked away, we could finally breathe again. The emotional strain on everybody was huge, and everybody sank to the ground in exhaustion. Because there was no way to continue the mass like this, we stopped it and instead immediately made warm soup for everyone. Honestly speaking, I felt like I was going to collapse myself, but I needed to prepare the soup

    Scares a random guy so hard that he starts to cry and hallucinate

    The moment I saw her face, I spontaneously stiffened. The moment our eyes met, I thought I was gunna die. Her eyes were so dark and stagnant that I’m pretty sure even demons couldn’t compare. The next moment, just as I seemed to feel a prickling pain on my arm, the girl was fucking holding a sinister black tantou.

    Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! She’s gunna kill me!


    I reflexively let out a pathetic cry as I fell on my arse. Before I knew it, the thing in front of me wasn’t a human woman anymore. It was a monster spurting out some black sludge from its whole body. I backed away, trying to put even a little distance between us.


    And when I did, I heard a somewhat incomprehensible cry. Turning around, I found that the same fucking monsters were reaching out their tentacles to me.


    “@#、*? #$&$&%!”

    I tried my best to hit the thing, but there didn’t seem to be any effect. Far from it, before I knew it all the monsters had fucking surrounded me and were charging in at me at once.

    I somehow managed to shake them off and got myself outside, but even there the place was filled with the things.

    “What the fuck is going on with this town!?”

    I don’t even know who I was screaming at, but I started to run to escape this town of monsters.

    Terrorizes the Demon Princess

    On the throne sat the one who was likely the ruler of this place; a girl with black hair. Clad in a black robe, that girl gazed straight at me as I stood by the entrance, and even from a distance, I could clearly feel her gaze. The moment that our eyes met, the instincts in my body screamed at me to run. Sweat suddenly began to drip, and I could feel myself grow pale. I’m sure that right now I’ve gone beyond pale, into pure white. My arms and legs began to tremble on their own, and as my teeth chattered, I could hear the sounds making as though it were happening to somebody else. And by the time that I noticed all this, I finally understood what this feeling was.

    ──Fear. No, since I was feeling this because of an absolutely unopposable being, perhaps I should call it terror and awe. In the face of this weight of presence that exceeded even my father, His Majesty, I could do nothing but atrophy like a powerless rabbit.

    This is bad this is bad this is bad… I’ve disrespected an unfathomable person.

    This is a being who is powerful enough to make the daughter of the Demon King feel awe; I can’t even imagine what a disaster it would be if this power turned towards our country.

    Terrorizes a whole army

    With a relatively small figure with jet black hair and a jet black robe, they slowly descended the staircase with two girls in tow. Everybody had forgotten how to speak, and held their breath as they looked up at that figure.

    Finally, when that figure had reached a landing halfway down, we could see the face that had been invisible until now. A face with features beautiful like a doll, and a turbid gaze that seemed not of this world… Glared at by those eyes, I felt goosebumps all across my body. In the midst of this silence, devoid even of the sound of breathing, I unconsciously muttered,

    “… … … … … …Evil God.”

    In that moment, the word ‘Evil God’ seemed to spread like wildfire through the soldiers.


    The moment that somebody shouted that, our formation collapsed. Both the soldiers and the knights ran away in chaos. Given our positions, the General or I would normally have needed to stop that. But, we couldn’t. And the reason was because both the General and I as well, had lost all thought of remaining there from the sheer terror. Together with the soldiers, we turned our backs to that temple as we ran towards town as fast as we could.

    Scares the Demon Race

    The Demon King, Renarve, Vikuto, Ijido, everybody without exception looked at the girl. Or rather, they were forced to see her.

    Glossy black hair, and a bewitching black rose dress. Light armour at her chest, and noble features on her face. Yet, what made far more of an impression were her eyes. Those black, murky eyes, so ominous that they caused hallucinations, were now overlooking everybody on scene, and gripping their hearts with terror. It was because these troops were the elites of their race that they so deeply sensed her power. The Demon King had always been the strongest existence in their hearts. The mastodonian Black Dragon emitted an unbelievable sense of pressure. And yet the despair that the girl’s eyes elicited easily surpassed them both.

    And the Demon King and his adjutants were no exception. Leaving Ijido aside, all the other members knew that this girl would be coming, and they knew from Leonora’s reports about the girl’s mystic eyes. But although they knew, they still found themselves unable to suppress the instinctual horror that their bodies felt.

    Given the circumstances, anybody faint of heart would have immediately fled in panic. The fact that they were not a single soldier less was worthy of praise. But their strength of heart instead cornered them. Their minds were telling them not to run, but their instincts were telling them to flee. The contradictory born from this wore away at their minds.

    And eventually, unable to bear with the terror any longer, all of them naturally took the same pose. It was a pose where they placed both hands and knees on the ground, and lowered their head to match; the posture of greatest apology, passed down since ancient times.

    Key: Human | Divine


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