I'm not annoying, I'm an Orange!


Orange (also known as the Annoying Orange) is the main character of The Annoying Orange series and in most of the Annoying Orange shorts, as well as the show's lead protagonist. He is portrayed by Dane Boefigheimer, Orange has made  appearances in almost every episode since the start of the series. Episodes are characterized by his taunting and annoying his victims-to-be with his adolescent behavior that frequently include burping, pestering, puns, and play-on-words. These actions often infuriate the other character to the point where they start yelling at him to "shut up", only to have Orange warn them of their impending catastrophe: evisceration with a chef's knife, a blender or other types of death. Boedigheimer describes the character as a composite of people in his life, saying "everyone knows somebody like him: They don't listen, they are annoying, and at the same time they are kind of lovable".

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown

Name: Orange, The Annoying Orange

Origin: The Annoying Orange

Gender: Male 

Age: 10 (Born on October 9 2009)

Classification: Fruit, Orange

Powers and Abilities: Social Influencing and Madness Manipulation (Is so annoying that he can make his targets go insane), Weapon Mastery, Martial Arts, Stealth MasteryTeleportation (is trained in Kung Fruit) Dimensional Storage (Seen here), Natural Weaponry (Can spit seeds and juice), and Small Size (Type 1). Fire Manipulation, Flight, and Time Travel with Hot Sauce (Seen here). | Immortality (Type 2 ) FusionismFourth Wall Awareness

Attack Potency: UnknownUnknown

Speed: Unknown, likely Below Average Human, can reach the Speed of Light with Hot Sauce (Was launched in an orbit around the earth so quickly, he traveled backwards in time) | Unknown

Lifting Strength: UnknownUnknown

Striking Strength: UnknownUnknown

Durability: Unknown (Can survive the kitchen exploding but can be killed by a kitchen knife) | Unknown

Stamina: Very High, (Can keep making noises for hours non-stop)

Range: Varies with Weaponry

Intelligence: Below Average

Standard Equipment: None

  • Optional Equipment: Hot Sauce

Weaknesses: If he catches the hiccups, they will eventually make him explode. Acts dim-witted and childish. If he drinks Hot Sauce and holds in the fire which comes out of his mouth for too long he will go flying in an orbit around the earth until he ends up reversing time, effectively BFR'ing himself.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Spitting Juice

Spitting Seeds

Note: This profile represents the Orange from the Annoying Orange webseries. It's not to be confused with the Orange from High Fructose Adventures.

Key: Normal | Lego'd


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