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Merry Christmas, my amnesiac enemy. You looked good out there today.
~ Anna Sprengel to Kamijou Touma


Anna Sprengel (アンナ=シュプレンゲル An'na Shupurengeru) is a magician of the Rosicrucian Order, the master of its No. 1 temple in Germany, who was said to have played a role in the foundation of the Golden Dawn and supposedly acted as a point of contact for the Secret Chiefs, though her existence has been considered a dubious one.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B, possibly far higher

Name: Anna Sprengel

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Female

Age: At least 2000 years old. Appears 10 physically.

Classification: Rosicrucian Magician, Master of the Rosicrucian Order’s No. 1 Temple, Point of Contact for the Secret Chiefs

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), Genius Intelligence, Magic, Analytic Prediction (Predicted events that would happen many years in advance with only small rooms of error), Invisibility, Matter Manipulation (Aiwass said that she could manipulate atoms like it was normal to her), Miracle Manipulation (Her blood can apparently create miracles), Limited Age Manipulation (Can grow her size from a 10 year old girl to an adult form), Social Influencing, Summoning, Thread Manipulation, BFR, Mind and Soul Attacks, Explosion Manipulation, Limited Heat Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Power Nullification, Spatial Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, limited Telekinesis, Ice Manipulation, Acid Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Carbon Manipulation, Enhanced Senses (Can aim in the dark without a problem), Stealth Mastery, Clairvoyance, Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Disease Manipulation and Possession

Attack Potency: Planet level, possibly far higher (Even while having lost most of her power due to it being sapped by Madam Horos for over a century, she still had enough power to stab her hand into Aiwass' gut when he did not have a vessel. At full power, she was certain she could easily kill him. Can tap into the power of the Secret Chiefs, including Aiwass himself. Othinus fears her power, saying that she has powers similar to a Magic God. Stated to have crossed the Ungrund, which Aleister had failed to do. Madame Horos, with a portion of her powers, boasted that she could fight the weakened Nephthys and Niang-Niang)

Speed: Human level, likely higher

Lifting Strength: At least Average Human

Striking Strength: Planet Class, possibly far higher (Can magically boost her strength to that level)

Durability: At least Multi-City Block level (Completly immune to all of Misaka Mikoto's attacks), likely Planet level, possibly far higher (Can physically attack with Planet level power, but this involves supernatural effects)

Stamina: At least Average, can possibly increase her stamina due to her ability to use external power sources for her attacks such as Aiwass

Range: Varies depending on the technique. Up to at least hundreds of meters.

Standard Equipment: A common knife for non-supernatural combat, the Pneuma-less Shell

  • Optional Eqipment: Black Pills containing St. Germain, A jumping rope that can be used for clairvoyance

Intelligence: Very High, is a magical expert of the Rosicrucian Order and master of its No. 1 Temple. Skilled in blending in with her surroundings. Is a master strategist that can easily predict things accurately far in advance. Could easily talk a large amount of random normal people into attacking with superpowers, by using the information her IT cooperation had gathered and she had memorized.

Weaknesses: Currently has lost a significant portion of her powers due to Madame Horos' negligent use of it. Fools around in combat and even purposfully creates disadvantages and limitations for herself to make the result less predictable and more exiting.

Feats: See Here

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Pneuma-less Shell (GT2 Design).png
  • The Pneuma-less Shell: Anna carries with herself a small bottle about the size of an eyedrop container. When she gives the signal "Incubate" said bottle instantly expands into an approximately 2 meter big floating metal orb. Said expansion happens so fast that it causes a shockwave which in itself can already serve as an attack against those around Anna. By turning the giant ship wheel in the center of the orb, the orb will open and produce one original out of human history at random. Said original is always an object that was the first at archieving a certain purpose. By drawing upon the essence of these objects Anna can produce effects matching their use. Up to now the following objects were used:
    • Whip: The world's oldest whip comes in the form of a simple tree branch. By swining this branch Anna can produce powerful shockwaves.
    • Bondage: The world's oldest bondage comes in the form of some worn out rope. Anna can throw thise rope at a target and the rope will bind it. Despite how worn out it looks, the rope is actually strong enough to catch and bind an asteroid mid-air. By lightly tugging on the rope, Anna can produce an immense pressure to crush anything bound by it.
    • Orbital Launch: The world's oldest orbital launch comes in the form of Sputnik. By pointing her hand at a target Anna can produce a strong upwards force that would launch the target all the way into orbit.
    • Writing Tool: The world's oldest writing tool comes in the form of a stone with an indetation which contains a mixture of charcoal, blood and fat. By using this paint to write unto objects Anna can create Original Grimoire's that follow her orders. Those grimoires have a limited intelligence and gain the ability to freely move around. In order to do so they draw their power from the ley lines and as long as they do so they are nearly indestructible, due to durability and regeneration. Like all Grimoires Anna's employ a special defense mechanism to protect the knowledge contained in them. Anyone that so much as looks upon the writing on them would recieve an attack on their mind and soul. As these are only makeshift Grimoires they will melt and be destroyed a short time after their creation, due to not establishing a proper power circulation with the ley lines.
  • Landmines: By distorting ley lines Anna can create invisible landmines that explode when anyone approaches them.
  • Scorching Beams: Anna can fire heat beams.
  • Air Manipulation: Anna can grab the air itself to manipulate it. That way she can for instance create whirlwinds to attack. Furthermore she can manipulate the air pressure and use that to prevent flight via wings.
  • Blocking Power Circulation: By hitting or kicking a target Anna can block the flow of lifeforce through their bodies. For a magician this would likely prevent them from using magic, but even for someone that doesn't use magic having the circulation disrupted this will cause problems with breathing and make their blood vessels throb.
  • Breaker Powers: Anna used a variety of powers designed in imitation of Imagine Breaker. In truth the powers work completly different than it and aren't restricted to her right hand either. Anna channels Aiwass' power for these techniques. She controls this power through the symbol of a rose with 22 petals each with one of 22 characters on it. Instead of using a physical rose she uses her hand as substitute and specifies which symbols she uses by bending her fingers in various ways. By combining these symbols and interpreting how they are red in various ways Anna can create countless different things.
    • Structure Breaker: Enables Anna to slice through even distant buildings just by slightly swinging her hand.
    • Space Breaker: Anna swings her hand and break through the dimension and space itself, while destroying every material in its path. Given that this attack is said to have 'no regard for distance' it is likely ranged.
    • Fire Breaker: Makes Anna's hand produce fire. She can furthermore make this fire spread. When she doe sthe fire gets a sticky consistence like napalm.
    • Item Breaker: With a snap of her fingers she makes her hand bluish-white sparks. Once these sparks grow as bright as a blowtorch they all electrical devices in her surroundings explode.
    • Gravity Breaker: Allows Anna to control a gravity like force. By lightly swinging her finger around she created an invisible field that collected all kinds of objects around her and flung them at her opponent.
    • Scissor Breaker: By moving her middle and index finger in a scirssor gesture Anna can create a telekinetic force that ruptured the gas bag on an airship.
    • Ice Breaker: Using this Anna can freeze targets.
    • Acid Breaker: Anna can launch caustic acid.
    • Wind Breaker: Anna can cause powerful wind through a breaker technique.
    • Light Breaker: Anna can create bright flashing light from her hand.
    • Explosion Breaker: With a swing of her hand Anna could create three explosions.
    • Electrcicity Breaker: Anna can shoot lightning from her hand.
    • Maw Breaker: By closing two fingers Anna creates a giant invisible maw that bites at her target.
    • Carbon Breaker: Anna demonstrated the ability to gather all surrounding carbon into her hand.


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