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Anna Kushina (櫛名アンナ, Kushina Anna) is a female Strain and the current King of HOMRA, where she is also their only female and youngest member. She is color blind except to the color red however, while using her set of red marbles as a catalyst, she is able to see other colors as well as utilize her abilities.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B | Low 7-C

Name: Anna Kushina

Origin: K Project

Gender: Female

Age: 11 (in K), 12 (in K Return of Kings)

Classification: Red King, Third King, leader of the Red Clan Homra

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation, Flight, Forcefield Creation, Power Bestowal, Mind Reading (With Marbles), Can break the illusion

Attack Potency: Human level | Small Town level (She is the new red king after Mikoto Suoh, and she has all of his powers)

Speed: Normal Human | At least Hypersonic (Scaling from Mikoto Suoh and kept up with Nagare Hisui)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Human Class | Small Town Class

Durability: Human level | Small Town level (She has Mikoto Suoh power. Took hit from Nagare Hisui)

Stamina: Low | High

Range: Melee range | Standard melee range.Tens of meters with Fire Manipulation

Standard Equipment: Marbles

Intelligence: Above Average

Weaknesses: If her powers reaches its maximum limit, her sword will collapse and explode 

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Psychic Navigation: Using four of her marbles on a map of the city, while concentrating Anna is able to locate multiple people

Clairvoyance: Anna has clairvoyance, allowing her to 'see' the world by forcing her will into the marbles then into the subject the marbles were reacting to, which can be a person or location. Her mind, apart from her body, then moves to the place her marbles are pointing at to see everything with her mind rather than her actual eyes

Key: Normal | With Mikoto Power


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