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I’ve applied everything you taught me these long years and now I’m out. I hope you’ll respect that. And I hope you’re proud of me.
~ Anna's recorded message to Olga.


Anna is the titular protagonist of the 2019 English-language French action thriller film Anna

A beautiful Russian woman victim of domestic abuse, she is recruited by KGB officer Alex and accepts to make a deal with him to escape her life: after a year of training she is to work as a KGB assassin for five years, after which she will be free to continue her life as she pleases and finally gain the freedom she never had.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Anna Poliatova, Anna M. (pseudonym)

Origin: Anna (2019 Movie)

Gender: Female

Age: In her 20s

Classification: Human, Russian Spy, KGB Agent

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts (Advanced), Weapon Mastery (Any kind of melee weapon and firearms. Is also proefficient at using mundane objects around her, such as plates, cutlery or a bar-railling, as deadly weapons), Manipulation Mastery, Stealth Mastery, Assassination, Master of Diguise, Acrobatics, High Pain Tolerance, Multilinguism (Can understand and speak Russian, English, French, Japanese and other languages), Preparation, Expert Tactician and Strategist, HackingSleep Manipulation (Via syringes), Poison Manipulation (Possesses high knowledge about various kind of poisons)

Attack Potency: Street level (Can take down several guards and trained enemies at the same time. Managed to kill multiple bodyguards in a restaurant, using her martial skills, firearms, and improvised weapons. Easily defeated numerous KGB guards when she escaped from the KGB headquarters)

Speed: Peak Human speed with Supersonic+ combat speed and reactions (Can dodge bullets and react to gunshots. Shot several bodyguards nearly at the same time before they could react)

Lifting Strength: At least Athletic Human (Capable of grappling with much heavier trained opponents)

Striking Strength: Street Class (Can harm and kill trained spies and bodyguards without much difficulties.)

Durability: Street level (Endured multiple strikes from well-trained bodyguards who were able to punch her multiple times with their fists and batons and made her bleed)

Stamina: Extremely High (Can endure multiple punches and physical damages from very dangerous opponents and fight for an extended period of time while heavily wounded)

Range: Standard melee range, dozens of meters with firearms

Standard Equipment: Guns, Knives, Wigs, Various Clothes depending on her mission

Intelligence: Very High. She's been training for one year to become a KGB agent and is extremely good at improvising, being capable of adapting herself to whatever situation she's in. She's very proficient at manipulating people and hiding her true colors while playing different roles. Regularly and easily tricks her targets and other experienced agents and spies, including CIA operatives and other members of the KGB, into getting secret information or luring them into death traps without them being able to notice it.

Weaknesses: Standard human weaknesses but has survived situations that would have killed normal human beings. Tends to be emotional due to her complicated life and can make some mistakes although this is limited.


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