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Animus has been locked inside an iron maiden for more than 400 years. Back in 1605, by decree of the prince, a troop of soldiers from the other world was sent to capture the iron maiden. The guards retrieved it, from the basement of a huge castle in Transylvania, unaware of its contents. Once in the other world, it was put under strict guard in a prison. But, one day, that iron maiden opened and Animus was released. An inner voice spoke to him/her telling him/her to go to Chaos and find a creature called Final. Animus starts a journey to learn his/her identity and hunts answers to the many questions that have plagued him/her for so long. Why does he/she suffer so much? Why can't he/she die? He/she only wishes to be free after more than 400 years of endless suffering.


Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A

Name: Animus

Origin: The Black Heart

Gender: Varies (Changes at will)

Age: A little over 400

Classification: Half Human, Half Creature born from Chaos

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Teleportation, Summoning of torture devices, Immortality, Regeneration, Doesn't feel pain, Petrification, can change the opponent's gender at will

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Can somewhat damage Final; comparable to the other fighters like Peketo)

Speed: Superhuman, likely higher

Lifting Strength: Class 1 (Can carry a Shar-Makai, who weighs enough to shake the ground)

Striking Strength: Small Building Class

Durability: Small Building level (Can tank Final's lasers which can disintegrate a human almost instantly and takes up the entire area)

Stamina: Has fought and kept up with Peketo, who has infinite stamina due to being a ghost

Range: A couple of meters, anywhere with torture devices

Standard Equipment: Torture devices through summoning

Intelligence: Unknown (Was in an iron maiden since infancy, but when released knew how to speak, so probably basic human intelligence)

Weaknesses: Immortality can be canceled out with a highly powerful magic object, such as the King's Heart does for him, although the power of the King's Heart is unknown; wants to die so he/she may let people get in fatal blows; lacks experience

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Walk of Pain: Animus summons a giant rusty buzzsaw which he/she walks on and sends toward the opponent
  • Nadasdy Spears: He/she summons large metal spears that stab through him and toward the opponent (This doesn't cause harm toward Animus due to regen and feeling no pain)
  • Metal Figure: Animus snaps his/her own neck to fake out the opponent so if they touch him, his/her body is immediately replaced with a metal mannequin as he/she teleports from above and strikes them with a machete
  • Impaler: Animus summons many Nadasdy Spears to combo the opponent with one of them being covered in fire. (Indicating he/she can set any of his torture weapons on fire.)
  • Iron Virgin: Animus summons an iron maiden over his/her body and only takes a few steps forward before sending it away, but if anyone hits him/her during this, Animus will either impale you with spikes coming from the inside of the iron maiden, or gender bend and petrify the opponent, then stab them with a flaming Nadasdy Spear
  • Midnight Bath: Animus impales the opponent with a Nadasdy Spear and tears their legs off, then bathes in the enemy's blood
  • Purification: Animus uses pyrokinesis to surround him/herself in flames. In this form, Animus somehow gains a strength boost and whenever he/she hits someone they catch the fire. (In gameplay, this has a time limit, but it is unknown whether or not that's just a result of gameplay.)


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