Animator vs. Animation is a flash video series created by Alan Becker and first released on Newgrounds June 3, 2006, and released on YouTube on May 14, 2007. The series is about an animator named Alan Becker pitted up against his animations. After creating a stick figure named the Victim/Chosen One/Second Coming, things start to go out of hand. Refusing the animator's commands, the Victim/Chosen One/Second Coming goes on a rampage, wreaking havoc onto Alan's programs and potentially destroying his computer. To liberate his hardware's security, Alan has to finish what he started by putting an end to the Victim/Chosen One/Second Coming's existence once and for all.

Power of the Verse

For most of the part, the Animator vs Animation verse isn't all that powerful. A majority of the characters are rather weak, comprised of stick figures and a mouse cursor tiered at Plane level and the animator at likely Normal level. However, the verse makes up for it with its plethora of powers and abilities. For starters, the Animator and The Chosen One have creation, flight, and data manipulation, along with low- and high-Godly regeneration that grants them type 3 immortality as 2-dimensional entities. The animator can erase his animation's existence via the Task Manager program, while the Second Coming can resist this power. The Second Coming's accelerated development allows it to skillfully master CQC much like its predecessor the Chosen One, who could manipulate gravity, ice, fire, energy, and air. In conclusion, even though the verse isn't strong, its powers and abilities make it a formidable force to be reckoned with.






The Animator

The Chosen One

The Second Coming


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