Manipulation of animals - the ability to allow to summon, manage, and if necessary, to withdraw back different animals. Control can be carried out at the expense of empathy, or effects on the mind, and with a special magic.

In some cases, it allows manipulation of animals to adopt their individual traits. For example, you can take a sharp sense of smell in dogs and night vision - the owl. In the most advanced cases, can completely transform into a selected living being (or turn other people into animals).


  • Manipulation of conventional animals - management of various kinds of living beings, which can be found in the real world. Usually it carried out at the expense of empathy or impact on the consciousness of the animal. Also here can be included all sorts of manipulation primitive living organisms.
  • Manipulation of mythical creatures - summoning, control and, if necessary, neutralize animals that are either extremely rare or only exist in the tales, legends and myths. The most commonly used dragons, griffins and unicorns, but the list of such legendary creatures is far from exhausted. Usually the call and control is carried out at the expense of a special magic, but there are other options (for example, the creation of a mythical creature by manipulating matter, soul and / or information).
  • Manipulation of insect - allows its user to control insects, with many showing the ability to gather swarms of them for use in combat. Advanced users may share their senses with these insects, and, due to their small size, they are useful for espionage purposes. A variation is the more general Bug Manipulation, which allows a user to control "bugs" in general, a term which may include many animals besides just insects, such as arachnids and crustaceans.


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