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Animal Kaiser is a trading card arcade game that was released in September 2007. Animals are used in slot battles, where the higher the slot number will win the round. The Hero animals protect the earth throughout each new volume from villains who progressively get stronger. Each hero and some villain animals have one goal. To become the strongest animal of their generation and gain the title, Animal Kaiser.

Power of the Verse

Animal Kaiser is an arcade game with very powerful characters. In the very first Animal Kaiser volume, even the weakest of characters are capable of performing Moon to Planet level feats. By the time volume four came into play, the verse reached upwards of Large Star level by casually manipulating the power of the sun, creating black holes and busting stars. By the end of the original Animal Kaiser, characters such as Scorch could shake and destroy entire Solar Systems, with Galleon being even stronger than him.

The verse saw a massive spike in Animal Kaiser Evolution. Even in version 1, we saw that Star level and Solar System level feats became the norm. With the rise of the galactic invaders, the verse reached Galaxy level, and Vertus, the leader of the galactic invaders being able to destroy the Universe over a short time span, and causally create an extra-dimensional space. The Animal Kaisers of the past such as Kaiser Coral, and the Mammoth Priest were shown to be a threat to Vertus and his army, and even the younger generation could fight on par with the invaders. By the time of Strong Animal Kaiser, the verse has reached solid Universe levels of power with the Universal Destroyer: The End.

Speed is something the verse is surprisingly adapt at. Even from the original Animal Kaiser, characters could perform MFTL+ speed feats, and this would scale all the way up to the God Tiers of today. Vertus managed to kick the earth out of the galaxy in a few seconds being the most recognized speed feat in the game.







Animal Kaisers



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